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Bloggers Unite: A Fundraising Giveaway Event


Organized and hosted by Life’s Cheap Thrills, Diva Fabulosa, My Charmed Mom, Bay Area Mommy, Hot Fun Stuff. And co-hosted by Two Little Cavaliers, Bunny’s Review, Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog, A.k.a. Chymecindy.

As if a 7.2 magnitude earthquake last October wasn’t enough, the central region of the Philippines was hit by another disaster — a 295 kph typhoon on November 8, 2013. Supertyphoon Yolanda (International name: Haiyan), one of the most powerful storms ever recorded, smashed the central part of the Philippines and left hundreds of millions of destroyed of properties, death toll at around 4000, and over 650,000 displaced survivors desperate for food and shelter among others.

As bloggers, we thought we could help these people by throwing this huge fundraising giveaway — a way we are all very familiar with. We have already raised $515 from all the bloggers participating in this event and we continue to receive more donations through GoGetFunding.com. There will be a turnover of funds to a legitimate organization that buys, repacks, and hands out relief goods directly to the victims. You can visit one of the host blogs for updates on the fund transfer in about a week or two.

If you wish to donate, you may do so by clicking this link.

Grand Prize: Coach Legacy Swingpack Purse (RV$128)

BU grand prize




Seven (7) winners will receive any of the prizes below worth over $700 in total! Special thanks to the amazing sponsors of this event: Newman’s Own Organics, Staples Canada, Guylian Chocolates, SmartSilk, Aroma Delights, FragranceNet, UNILAB Philippines, Oloves, and all participating bloggers!

Runner-up Prizes

1. Foodie Prize Pack (Open to US)

  • $75 worth of organic snacks from Newman’s Own Organics
  • A package from Guylian Chocolates
  • 30 mixed bags of Oloves snacks

2. Home Improvement Prize Pack (Open to US)

  • Two standard size pillows from SmartSilk
  • Oil Warmer package from Aroma Delights

3. Fashion & Beauty Prize Pack (Open to US)

  • $50 FragranceNet Gift Certificate
  • $50 Romwe voucher
  • 4 sets of hair care products from Conceived by Nature

4. $100 Paypal Cash (Open Worldwide)

5. $50 Amazon Gift Card (Open Worldwide)

6. $25 Amazon Gift Card (Open Worldwide)

7. Apple TV (Open to Canada)

8. 1500php worth of products from UNILAB Philippines (Open to the Philippines)


This giveaway is open Worldwide (see which prize above could be sent to your location), 18+, void where prohibited by law. It will run from November 21st at 12:01am EST to December 5th at 11:59pm EST.

Winners announced! See fund updates here.


Disclosure: This blog was not compensated for this post. The prizes will be fulfilled and shipped to the winners by the sponsors. For questions regarding this giveaway, you may contact Life’s Cheap Thrills.


#BloggersUnite Fundraising Giveaway — 64 Comments

  1. I am disabled so I sometimes can not do certain activities, but my mom who is an Angel goes out of her way to help me with housework or helping with my kids when my husband is not around due to being in the military. I couldn’t live without her.

  2. There have been many, some very large. But one thing that touched me recently was when a Facebook friend whom I have never met in person saw a post I made about a beautiful bracelet I saw on Etsy, and I mentioned that I loved the work but couldn’t afford to buy new jewelry. She bought it for me. Not a “need,” but because of that, a real blessing.
    Diana Ward recently posted..Watch for fire hazards in your kitchen!My Profile

  3. I found a kitten recently that appeared to have been hit by a car. I took her to my vet, expecting that I would need to have her put to sleep. He gave her a thorough check up & some medication, said she would be fine, and refused to let me pay him. She has completely recovered and has found a forever home with my family.

  4. When I was down for three months with a really bad back that led to another eight weeks recuperation from spine surgery, I was SO sad because I could not shave my legs. My husband brought a tub of warm water to the bedside and shaved my legs for me. I cried the whole time. It was very sweet but also very humbling.

  5. When I was 21, I was single and pregnant. My boss came up to me one day at work, and asked me if I had any money. I said no. He put in $20 on my desk and said you shouldn’t walk around without any money. Smiled and walked away. That really warmed my heart. It was fatherly.

  6. When My family was going through a very rough time, the elementary school bought Christmas presents, food and a tree for us.

  7. When we took foster placement of our three daughters, my sister went out of her way to rally people around to provide donations of clothing and toys for the girls.

  8. I have an awesome husband who has stood by me and supported me throughout this past year which has been extremely rough for the both of us.

  9. Not too long ago I received $200 from an anonymous person just because. This person said they were raised by a single mother and know how hard it can be. The money was great, but it was the actual act that brought me out of a great depression, reopened my eyes, and renewed my faith.

  10. My retired Mom spent her days caring for new born kittens while I worked. My passion was volunteering and working with newborn kitties, and she gave up her free time to help.

  11. I was in a group of about 12 adults in a class, and I frequently cooked something for us to eat because the class started right at supper time. Close to the end of the class they all pitched in together to get me the most beautiful floral arrangement I have ever seen! I guess the fact that I had no clue that they were going to do anything like that is what touched me.

  12. As I sit here waiting for all state chorus auditions I am reminded of all of the sacrifices my parents made in order to be able to pursue my dreams. They gave their all to me.

  13. When my premature daughter passed away, my eldest sister bought her a beautiful tiny dress, put it on here and took many photographs. No one else but her would have thought of that and 20yrs later I still treasure those photos as I don’t have to only see her in a diaper with tubes running in her. It was the most beautiful act she could have ever done for me.

  14. I was suprised with lots of flowers and a lovely present from a great friend for my birthday. I normally never get anything for my birthday.

  15. I was very sick when first starting to suffer with IBS, and my boyfriend took off of work and did everything he could to help me out and make sure I was as comfortable as could be. He offered so much love and support.

  16. when i found out my dad was to sick to even come (his last wish), i dialed my friends number, by yhe time she answered i was crying so hard i couldnt speak. She jusy stayed there talking and reminding me to breathe.

  17. A guy I used to work with used to take me out to lunch all the time because he knew I was a single mom and did not have much money. His kindness turned into friendship, then love. We now have been married for 10 years.

  18. One year we were really struggling financially and my mom and grandmother arranged for everyone to give me money on my birthday. It was a huge blessing

  19. My friend donated money to JDRF for my daughter who has diabetes which was beautiful to me cause she doesn;t have alot of money but went out of her way to donate!

  20. My inlaws loaned us their credit card to make home improvements on the house we were buying. We are still paying them back , but without their help we wouldn’t own the home we are rasing our children in.

  21. My neighbor offered to help me make our Thanksgiving meal because she knew I was in a lot of pain. It was so sweet of her.

  22. Strangers helped me retrieve my bicycle when it fell into a pond. They were literally fishing it out by using their fishing poles. I am really thankful that they stopped to help.

  23. Being unhealthy for the past 16 months, I have had a neighbor make us meals, my daughters and husband and young son taking me to appointments, buying groceries and helping me with self care, etc.

  24. When I was sick so badly two weeks ago. I almost fainted while on the phone with my mom. She called a friend who lives here close to me. My mom is in another country. And my friend came to help me get tea, soup, see that I was well, helped clean up and then left.

    It’s a precious thing, since my husband was right here.
    Colette S recently posted..You Can’t Take A Fishy For A WalkMy Profile

  25. Just recently where we live our Landlord helped my family in a crisis of need. We have been without food several times this year and when we told them they offered us food for the house. We have been struggling still, but with the love of friends and GODS wondrous Love and Power we will be ok in the future.

  26. The best thing that has happened to me over the past 8 months is the love and support of my family. I have been unemployed since April of this year. It has been a rough ride but my family has kept my spirits up beautifully. I’m so blessed.

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