2013 Toyota RAV4 Limited FWD SUV Review

I had the opportunity to do a one week test drive of a Toyota RAV4 Limited FWD SUV for evaluation purposes. No other compensation was received for this post. Thoughts are my own.

If you check the different vehicles I’ve reviewed in the past, you’d probably realize that I love reviewing vans or minivans and SUVs. Our current car is a small one and since my son’s car seat is quite big, whoever sits at the back with him has very little space. So it’s always refreshing to be able to use a vehicle that has more space. And that was exactly my experience with the Toyota RAV4 Limited FWD SUV. My friend told me about driving a new Ford F150 and suggested I give that a go in the future and I just might!

Toyota RAV4 1

The RAV4 is Toyota’s answer to a fun AND functional SUV with extra mom-friendly features such as the blind spot monitor. And while it’s not as big as other SUVs, it still gives ample space for my family’s stuff — car seat, diaper bags, shopping bags, etc. — especially with the Fold Flat Second Row which makes it easier for owners to fit bigger items, luggages or packages at the back by just folding one or both of the second row seats.

The RAV4 I reviewed was in Magnetic Gray Metallic color with some Terracotta accents in the interior. I actually liked the accent because it reminded me of my grandfather’s car when I was growing up.

Toyota RAV4 2

The Toyota RAV4 also has the back compartment cover that I really like in most vehicles that I’ve tried. You can also easily close the liftgate at the back with just a push of a button. The Terracotta accents isn’t just in the seats. You’ll see below that the door and the front dashboard is not just plain black.

One thing I really liked about this SUV is that it was very easy to lock and unlock the doors. This is the first vehicle I tried that let me lock all the doors by just swiping my hand over the door handle. Very nice!

Toyota RAV4 3

Now I’m not an expert when it comes to parking. That’s why I love that this car also has a Backup Camera Display. It just makes it so much easier for me to estimate and see that I’m going in the right direction as I park the car. And as I mentioned earlier, it has a Blind Spot Monitor and a Rear Cross Traffic Alert which warns the driver if there’s a nearby vehicle therefore preventing any accidents.

Toyota RAV4 4


BUY IT! The Toyota RAV4 Limited FWD SUV is priced at around $29,385 depending on any customizations or options you choose, but a basic RAV4 is around $23,300. Don’t forget to visit your nearest Toyota dealer so you too can experience it for yourself!


I had the opportunity to do a one week test drive of a Toyota RAV4 Limited FWD SUV for evaluation purposes. No other compensation was received for this post. Thoughts are my own.


2013 Toyota RAV4 Limited FWD SUV Review — 32 Comments

  1. I swear my next car will have Backup Camera Display! I just love this vehicle. So many great features and so spacious.

  2. I really love the look and features. I also like that it doesn’t look like it’s too terribly high.

  3. I like this a lot! It’s a very classy-looking SUV, and the features, OMG! I am SO impressed that you can lock all the doors with just a swipe of the hand – such an important safety feature now, especially for a woman traveling with kids. Hope fully, this feature will catch on and other cakers will offer this.

  4. I wish I could test drive something for a week. I’ve been without wheels for a year now. Taking the bus stinks.

  5. If i had a toyota , ill b the happinest woman right now, I never have had a new car only used ones, hope one day I will. These looks a great car

  6. I love the look of this car! I had this on my wish list but nothing yet. Maybe later on in the year! 😉

  7. It is nice to hear about other cars and see the pros and cons. It helps to give a perspective without having to be out looking at them out. Makes it easier to narrow down the choices. I currently have a Grand Caravan, which I love for the space and comfort when driving – also the stow & go feature. Not sure I would want to go smaller. Thanks for the review!

  8. we are at the very beginning stages of talking about buying an SUV. I hadn’t considered this one, but I think I will now! just don’t care for the orange parts of the interior.

  9. I was thinking about buying one of these last year, and after your review, I’ll definitely consider it!

  10. My daughter just bought her first new car, a Toyota Rav4. I was anxious to read your review to see what you thought of it. I love it! My main happiness with the Rav4 has to do with getting in and out of the vehicle! I find that the seats are at just the right height to get in and out without having to be a contortionist. The only problem I have is with them calling it a truck. To me, it’s a car! A great car!

  11. My son may be interested in something like this one for his next vehicle. He needs something roomy and this fits the bill and I love the style

  12. This sounds like a great SUV at an awesome price, thank you for your review.