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With a 2-year old in the house, I don’t think we can ever have too many toys. So when I received the Sit On Simulated Driver toy from CP Toys for review, I was excited for my son. But he was way more excited! My son kept on egging me to open the package from the moment we received it. But since I had to assemble everything first, he had to wait a few minutes before he can play with it.

About the Sit On Simulated Driver: Your child is in the driver’s seat as they zip and zoom around their imagination. This sit on simulated driver captivates their senses with a bouncy seat, gearshift, moving dashboard screen and car sounds. The sliding seat makes this driving toy a perfect fit for almost any little driver.

Photo I posted on Instagram while I was assembling the Sit On Simulated Driver from CP Toys

Photo I posted on Instagram while I was assembling the Sit On Simulated Driver from CP Toys

Putting everything together was a breeze. The instructions were very clear and there really aren’t a lot of small pieces so I basically already know which end goes where and just had to consult the instructions to verify.

One thing I like about the Sit On Simulated Driver from CP Toys is that the seat can also be adjusted depending on your child’s height. Simply slide it to the correct distance from the brake pedals. On the following photos, you can see that I slid the seat on 2 different positions. You can actually slide even further but my son might not reach the pedal anymore. LOL

CP Toys 1

CP Toys 2

The Sit On Simulated Driver is a toy targeted for kids ages 2 to 4 years old.

It needs 3 “AA” batteries (not included in the package) so make sure you have some at home so your little one can enjoy it.

It has 11 car sounds and a 3-speed gearshift. On the steering wheel, there are buttons that my son loves pressing because he just loves the sounds. And since he’s all about cars and driving these past few months, he loves that he can feel like he’s really driving his own car.

CP Toys 3

The graphic on the screen (on the steering wheel with the little red car at the bottom center) moves when the toy is powered on. And when the little red car in not on the road on the graphic, it gives a warning sound so that your little one will know that he/she needs to move the steering wheel to put the car on the right side of the road.

I can say that even if we had paid for this, it will be worth the money for us because my son has been playing with it every single day since we got it. You see, he usually only plays with most of his toys every now and then. It’s not everyday that we find a toy that he actually loves and plays with consistently. And since he likes this toy so much, it says a lot about this toy.

BUY IT! The Sit On Simulated Driver can be purchased at for $79.99.


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  1. I received this and directions say there are two battery compartments. One on the steering wheel (three batteries) and a second on the bottom floor of this unit which makes sounds when you depress the clutch or brake. I cannot find this. Can anyone tell me it’s exact location.

  2. This looks like a really great toy, definitely something every child would love. I went to the CP Toys website and I found something called the Virtual Driver, you can connect it to the television to play video games, awesome. Thank you for sharing this review.