DreamHost Web Hosting Service Review

* I received a 1-year extension of my hosting account from DreamHost. Thoughts are my own.

I started blogging back in 2011 when a blogger I follow encouraged her readers to start blogging. Well, she’s very effective in encouraging her readers so I started researching and reading everything I needed to know about how to start a blog until I finally enrolled in a free “Blogging for Beginners” class from Blogelina. I have mentioned her quite a few times here on my blog because I really learned a lot from her class, plus she gives 1 year of free GoDaddy deluxe web hosting to every single person who enrolls in her class. And since a year of that costs around $100, her offer tops any offer I’ve seen around. No better deal than to get something for free right?

Yeah well except when the product or service doesn’t work.

I can’t say that the web hosting company I was with before didn’t work from the get-go. It actually did and it was great! But as my traffic, and I guess the amount of storage needed, grew, I realized that the speeds slowed down so much, even giving me server timeouts and internal server errors. I tried sticking it out with them since I never really had any problems during my first 1.5 years with them. Until the internal server errors just kept happening. Every. Single. Day. I know that there are loads of web hosting companies out there, such as HostiServer. I just had to find the right one.

I knew I had to transfer to a new hosting company.

DreamHost logo

So I searched online for hosting companies that I can move to. And if you’ve done the same, you know there are lots out there (such as this cpanel hosting company). So I just looked for one that’s included in a lot of web hosting roundups with good reviews and good deals. I saw DreamHost in a number of “Best Web Hosting Companies” lists so I searched for deals for first time users and found one. I ended up getting 1 month free trial with a $20 fee for a whole year (I think it’s only available using a link on that particular website I found, which I can’t remember anymore). That’s a good enough deal for me!

Moving my blog from GoDaddy to DreamHost was pretty easy.

But that’s probably also because I’ve tried moving hosts for other bloggers in the past so I’m not exactly a newbie. This is the first time I’m doing it on DreamHost though. But thankfully, DreamHost’s control panel is very easy to navigate. They have descriptions and instructions for items on their dashboard so you don’t get lost.

Once I got my blog up and running on DreamHost, I felt so relieved. I didn’t encounter any error messages and my blog loaded with good speeds on different browsers. And as a blogger, that means a lot to me! It’s important to have that peace of mind that my blog can be accessed by anyone without any problems.

And just a week after I moved to DreamHost, I was asked to review their service.

I didn’t move to DreamHost just because I’m reviewing them. I agreed to review their service because I was already with them and I’m loving it so far.

Aside from web hosting, DreamHost also does domain registrations & transfers and cloud storage services. Oh and they have a 97-day (say whaaa??) money back guarantee. So if you’re looking for a hosting company for your blog or website, I highly encourage you to check and consider DreamHost!

* I received a 1-year extension of my hosting service from DreamHost. Thoughts are my own.


DreamHost Web Hosting Service Review — 4 Comments

  1. This was of interest to me. It’s been a few years since I had my own Domain. AOL shut down all our webspace years ago. I may even be interested in blogging in the near future. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Interesting– I had no idea so much went into the bloggers site– and the cost– but I’m not much into writing so I can’t imagine doing anything such as this– But I sure am busy reading them as many as possible during the day with everything else—Thank you for your insight

  3. I just decided to start blogging again and went with DreamHost because my hubby has been hosting with them for the past year! He loves it. I’m so excited to get my new blog up and running!

    We had JustHost before for our sites and HATED it. They basically stalk you with constant emails about paying your $0 balance months after you’ve cancelled their service (I know), their customer service is impossible to communicate with, they email you telling you to call them and then try to do that awkward sales retention thing where they want to get you back, etc. Just awful.

    DreamHost has been a dream so far and I can’t wait to keep using them!! 🙂