HAAN Indoor/Outdoor Steam Cleaner Review

Disclosure: I received a HAAN SS-20 Indoor & Outdoor Steam Cleaner from for evaluation purposes. Thoughts are my own.

Having clean carpets at home is very important when you have kids and when someone in your family is allergic to anything. But whether or not you have someone at home who has allergies, it’s always great to have peace of mind that what you’re stepping on is clean and sanitized. So I got very excited when I received a home steam cleaner from sent me the HAAN SS-20 Multiforce Indoor and Outdoor Steam Cleaner which is designed for effortless cleaning, scrubbing, and buffing — both indoors and out using CR-motion technology which enhances the natural pull-and-push motion of standard steam mops by adding a powerful scrubbing motion.

Now, I have never used a steam cleaner before. Although I have seen others use it in their homes, we have never actually owned a steam cleaner so I’m not sure if I can operate it properly. It’s a good thing the manual that came with it was very detailed and easy to understand. It was really easy to use and I can now proudly say that I have steamed our carpets twice since receiving the HAAN SS-20 Indoor and Outdoor Steam Cleaner. Yay!


What I love about the HAAN steam cleaner is that it uses only water so it helps us clean our floors without using chemicals. It’s natural, safe, and environment-friendly. All we have to do is fill the removable water tank, turn the steam cleaner on, wait about 45 seconds for it to heat up, and steam away.

To clean indoor and outdoor floors, the package includes Buffing Pads, Microfiber Cleaning Pads and Scrub Brush Attachments. But since our house is about 90% carpet, I’ve been using the Carpet Glide attachment (bottom right photo above). And since the steam kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria and dust mites, I’m wondering why my family never owned a steam cleaner before. It’s a lot safer than using cleansers because it doesn’t expose your kids to chemicals. It just uses extreme heat to kill bacteria.

Overall, I’d say this is a great product to have at home. Nothing beats the peace of mind you get when your home is free from bacteria and allergens that can be harmful to your family.

BUY IT! This Haan SS-20 Multiforce Indoor and Outdoor Steam Cleaner can be purchased at for $219.95!


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  1. I don’t have any carpet in my house, but I REALLY need one of these. My black tile floors get a foggy film whenever I use cleaner — ANY kind of cleaner — on them. I’ve tried everything, and I just can’t get the floors sanitized AND the film gone. With 4 kids, tons of pets, and a dirt yard and dirt driveway at the end of a dirt road, I need help. I’m glad you pointed out that this is easy to use, because I’m a self-proclaimed techno-weenie.

  2. im glad you talked about the carpet glide that is included with this….i too have half floor, and half carpet in my house, and i’m glad to know it works well on both, thank you!

  3. Oh wow….this would be so absolutely awesome for my kitchen and bathroom floors where I feel like I can never get them clean enough! Thanks for the information!

  4. I would love to have this! I love the fact that it kills germs without using chemicals. Our carpets are filthy and germy and I believe one reason is the chemicals just mask over the dirt and don’t actually clean. Thanks for a great product!

  5. I sure would get a lot of use with this. We have carpets and tile floors. With 7 cats and a big man that is messy I am always busy cleaning the house. No chemicals and kills germs makes it great for people and animals.

  6. This would be great. I have a bearded collie who likes to visit the swamp behind the house. It would be great to clean up after him more often with such a convenient item.

  7. Boy, could I use that. We have all hardwood floors on the first floor.Even with daily sweeping dust gets in the grooves. They could stand a deep cleaning!

  8. This sounds great, and I like the fact that it does not use chemicals. I get concerned about that when cleaning – especially with a young one – so I will have to look at this – good product, thanks.

  9. I would very much appreciate this! I have 3 dogs, one cat, one dog, a messy husband who like to tromp in the house wearing his fishing boots and a cream colored carpet. I would be so grateful.

  10. I love the fact that there is no chemicals needed plus with a three year old whom I love sooooo much but can’t stop making a mess lol… this would be a life saver!!!

  11. This is definitely one of the most lightweight steam cleaners I’ve seen! My fiance and I have been looking for one of these for a while now! A little guy that packs a punch…great review!

  12. Wow no chemicals to mix in! That’s amazing… lol I’ve never used a steam cleaner either so I’m glad you say that it’s easy to operate. I’m not a mechanical genius so I avoid things that take so much time to operate or put together. Thanks for the review πŸ™‚

  13. I’ve got three boys under 9, a husband who gets filthy at his job, and a cat. I would LOVE to win this! What a great product!

  14. I could never afford this on my own, so thanks for having this contest. I have serious allergies so this will be much appreciated.

  15. I have been using my mom’s OLD carpet cleaner for years and it finally bit the dust. Thanks for this info about Haan. I will look into one of these if I don’t win!

  16. we have had a indoor pet for years, and i shampoo my carpet regularly but letting our doggy in and out daily brings all kinds of germs in on a regular bases, this is exsactly what i need to disinfect my floors,yes most are carpeted.

  17. I’d so love this if only to clean my black granite floors – usually I end up on my hands and knees with a rag to polish but friends have told me a steam cleaner would be ideal.

  18. I would love this for the bathroom!! I have company that likes to flush with the seat up and I can only imagine the spray of toilet water…ewwww! I also like that you can use it outside…I have never heard of one being able to do that before.

  19. The Haan SS-20 Multiforce Steam Cleaner looks lightweight but sturdy enough to last a long time to care for my rugs and hardwood floors. It has many uses and you don’t have to keep switching to another cleaner, just use this for efficient cleaning that’s pretty green.

  20. LOVE that it only uses water to clean the floors and that you don’t have to buy extra cleaners! I also think it is incredible that this can be used both indoors and outdoors! Great find!!!

  21. Sounds wonderful, I have a cheap Steam Cleaner that really wasn’t worth the Purchase Price, and now has a permanent place in the Closet, would love to own this one since I have Tile in the Living Room, Den, Kitchen, and Bathrooms, and Carpet in the Bedrooms that could really use it!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. With 2 toddlers and 3 cats, this thing would be a DREAM to have in our house filled with Tile! Thanks for the chance to win, Bay Area Mommy & Suburban Coupon Mom!

  23. Indoor AND outdoor? Wow. That’s unique. What in the world would you steam clean OUTDOORS? If you owned this steam cleaner, I guess you could clean anything you want! πŸ˜‰ lol

  24. I hate wall to wall carpet for its constant dirtiness – the dirt is down in the pad even after you vacuum – but being poor I am stuck with them. A steam cleaner might at least sterilize the dirt. πŸ˜‰

  25. I’d love to win this HAAN Indoor/Outdoor Steam Cleaner because my grandsons track in dirt and who-knows-what-else, spill food on the floors, let the dog run wild, etc. I’d feel a lot better if I could steam clean the floors. Plus, the car needs help!

  26. I want to win because I have two new grandbabies on the way and 4 grandchildren. I would like to keep my home cleaner.

  27. I Love This I Have 10 People Living In My Home & 80% Is Carpet In My Home I Need One Badly & Can,t Afford One This Is A Great Prize I Hope I Win (Thanks)

  28. I can tell you 219 reasons why I have never had a nice steam cleaner, lol:D Honestly, it would be great to clean my floors and carpeting without using cleaners that could be harmful.

  29. I was given a hand-me-down steamer over 10 years ago but it rusted shut and I couldn’t use it anymore. My whole downstairs is tile and hardwood. I have a 2-yr-old ggrandbaby plus 2 dogs and 1 cat. It would be fantastic to be able to steam my floors and keep them steamecleaned for the baby.

  30. I am really impressed that the HAAN Steam Cleaner kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and dust mites. I also think it is awesome that it can be used on most floor types for many different functions.

  31. awesome review, great pictures. she/he explained the features well and how it works. it reads sincere and believable.. I need one of these..

  32. I am a major clean freak, and I could not imagine how awesome it would make me feel having this steam cleaner. Not to mention, I have asthma, which this would sure to help it. I love the looks, and I want it so bad.

  33. Thanks for picking such a useful prize for this contest! Nice to see something for adults once in awhile. Im always entering for my kids and toys πŸ™‚

  34. I have etched cement floors that I just can’t seem to keep clean, no matter how often I sweep and mop. I put huge area rugs in my large living room to soften the area. I love that I could use this on the cement, the kitchen tiles, and my big rugs as well. No chemicals is a big bonus since I’m trying to avoid anything that would exacerbate my hubby’s health problems.

  35. Oh my goodness. I decided years ago I want to clean with steam more. So far, I’ve managed to buy one off-brand steam machine second hand….and managed to burn myself. I’ve done the research and KNOW that Haan is the brand I want. Glad to see you confirm it!

  36. I am trying to become more and more “green” when it comes to cleaning my house. I want my home to be clean and safe without worrying about what chemicals my family and pets are being exposed to just to “smell clean”. Nothing is going to clean as well as steam without leaving any nasty chemicals behind!

  37. I absolutely love this. No chemicals for all our allergies and still cleans the messes and germs that boys track through the house.

  38. My house is almost all tile. Living in the desert it gets pretty dirty fast. I used to love cleaning my floors on my hands and knees. I broke my knee cap 2 1/2 years ago and after 3 surgeries, the final being a total knee replacement I can no longer get on my knees at all and still have trouble being on my feet too long. Since it cleans 99.9% of the germsa and bacteria it would be so much easier and cleaner than my floor mop.

  39. Love the idea to clean with just water. I have carpet, vinial and a deck with wood and this would be ideal. Thanks for the information, I would need a light to protect my back. This sounds like it’s just what I want.

  40. The cleaning chemicals for carpets are SO caustic. So nice to hear of a company that is toning down on all that and finding other ways to penetrate the dirt. I like this is so lightweight, as am not able to use a heavy machine. We have two dogs, and daughter does day care in our home along with her 2 year old lil’ ones little messes. So nice to have a smaller unit to not drench a whole area that does not dry for the next day. We are hoping to replace our old 34 year old kitchen floor this winter. I think this unit is just what we need for all of our flooring! Thanks!

  41. This steam cleaner sounds great! I really love that it requires only water. I could really use one in my home because my elderly mother inlaw is always spilling stuff on the carpet.

  42. What a great review! Our home has tile and old carpet. Built in the 1980’s someone thought it was a great fashion idea to put in pink carpet in every bedroom, the living room and family room! We have replaced most of it but it is still in two bedrooms! It sounds like the Haan Multiforce Indoor and Outdoor Steam Cleaner
    is just what our pink carpet needs!

  43. I would love to win the HAAN Steam Cleaner because my husband and I now put on knee pads and scrub the tile floors on our hands and knees!! I know that the HAAN Steam Cleaner would do a better job then us two old people!! πŸ™‚

  44. This is so nice! Just the fact that it will
    kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria and dust mites
    sells me on this steam cleaner,I also like that it
    comes with the Buffing Pads, Microfiber Cleaning Pads and Scrub Brush Attachments.
    Wow this is a nice prize!

  45. The carpets that still remain in my home would surely benefit by this steam cleaner. So would the rest of the house and patio. It must be a big relief when the dirt and bacteria you’re aiming to eliminate actually goes away. Exceptional product.

  46. I want to win to replace my little “stick-figure: of a vacuum that really just moves dust, dirt and bacteria around in circles. And, because its past time, My house is begging for a better way to clean.

  47. I like the Carpet Glide attachment; we don’t have a whole of of carpet, but we do have area rugs and it’s always a chore to kill pet allergens on those.

  48. I own a rental property and this sounds like it would be great to get the floors clean in between tenants! πŸ™‚

  49. No children at home but with the three grandchildren this sure would come in handy. I love, love the fact it uses no chemical , just water. That alone makes me really want to get me a haan indoor/outdoor steam cleaner.

  50. I would love to have this cleaner.This would be a great way to clean my floors.I have 8 grandkids running in and out of the house all the time and this would be so helpful.About half of my floors is carpet so I’m glad it comes with the Carpet Glide attachment.

  51. I would love to win this cleaner because I have always got down on my hands and knees to clean my floors,and now I have a bad knee and can not do it any more.This would help me out a lot.

  52. We have 2 dogs, one of which, no matter how often we take him out, he always manages to pee where he’s not supposed to. We could really use this!!

  53. Lightweight, 3-year guarantee, powerful cleaning power, designed for both indoor and outdoor use, reduces allergens – yet steam kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria and dust mites – and with no toxic dangerous chemicals – what’s not to like – even love?

    I should add that in our household we have two cats, serious allegies and asthma (COPD – with complication) and we live in a v ery very OLD brick building with LOTS of hardwood floors (and well as vinyl and ceramic tile) and concrete basement and garage floors where we have workshops, studios and “greenhouses” so keeping the floors (deep) clean is very important to all of us.

  54. I appreciate a product that does not use chemicals! I feel we are exposed to so many pesticides in our food, chemicals in our cleaners, etc. I love this cleaner can be used often without risk to family or pets!

  55. Thanks for the review on this product. I could sure use one of these for multiple reasons. I have severe allergies and I also have a dog. I also have a few grandkids with really bad sinus problems probably due to allergies. With all the info you supplied, I know this product would be awesome to use in my home.

  56. I have not found a good cleaner or machine for all my hard surface floors. I think the Haan could be the one. Thanks for the review.

  57. This would be great for my “man-friend” who doesn’t always remember to take off his muddy boots before he comes in the house! Worse than a kid!

  58. I would love to win the Haan steam cleaner. The fact that it has a scrubbing motion makes it much better than most of the standard steam cleaner type mops. I have bought a couple of steam mops but they leaked a lot and really didn’t do as they advertised. I won’t mention any brand names in case you have reviewed any of their products.

  59. I have always wanted one of these. Since it uses only water then no chemical residues are left behind after cleaning and it makes it safe for kids and pets

  60. I truly want a steam mop that I do not need to use chemicals. I am sensitive and am replacing everything around me that is contributing to my unhealthy condition.

  61. I really like that the steam cleaner kills germs, bacteria and dust mites. This would help my sons Asthma. I loved the review.

  62. What an amazing tool! I killed our Shark Steam Then Mop, so we’re in the market for a new floor cleaning device! This one looks fabulous!

  63. Wow, from your review it sounds as if it would be wonderful to use on our carpets. The killing of bacteria would be wonderful with my health problems.

  64. I really like the sound of this product, especially since you don’t have to buy an additional cleaning solution. It sounds really easy to use on vinyl and even outdoors. I had never heard of this product b/4.

  65. It would be really nice to get my floors really clean because my kids and dog are like dirt and mess magnets, but I love them…heehee

  66. I could so use one of these. We keep a small group of birds in our mudroom. Between them and general traffic, the linoleum floor is disgusting. I would love to be able to steam clean it rather than need to mop it 50 times to get everything off of it!

  67. I would love to be able to clean my carpets & floors without chemicals and kill germs, too! This sounds like a great product, so thank you for the opportunity to win one!

  68. Reading reviews on products like these make me wish I was a blogger! Your job is awesome. My son & I are stuck living in my father’s home with a filthy old dog who doesn’t hold his bladder so this Haan sounds like it would be perfect for us! I get headaches from chemical cleaners & I don’t trust using them around my toddler. Steam cleaners are my dream cleaners!

  69. Wow, I didn’t know this could be used on Carpets too, I was all excited about using it on my wood floors and tile bathrooms but that is great that it can be used on carpets as well since I have that too. Thanks!

  70. This would be perfect in my home. Between 3 different breeds of dogs and 3 different kinds of floors, it has everything I need to keep everything clean and bacteria free.

  71. I would love to win this as it would be so much easier to use on any of the 3 floor styles in my home when one of the pups have an accident, instead of hauling out the steam shampooer or the mop and bucket. Much more sanitary as well

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