Back To School Savings With KMart #KMartBackToSchool

This Back to School post has been compensated for. I am a Kmart blogger. All opinions are my own.

Has your child gone back to school already?

And have you already completed your back to school shopping for school supplies? Or do you still need more? How about school uniforms or clothes, shoes and accessories? Feeling stressed with all the chaos the start of school brings?

KMart Back To School

Heading back to campus means a life filled with American History 101, Math Fundamentals and lots of dorm room study sessions. Before heading back to campus though, one must ace Savings 101 & Dorm Style Basics (thankfully no textbooks required)!

Shopping at Kmart is a sure way to get an A+ on your elementary, middle school, high school and college prerequisites! Kmart has savings on dorm style, studying supplies, small appliances, the latest gadgets, school clothes and uniforms, and even some shower caddies and flip flops (for those who are staying in dormitories)!

Plus, if you’re looking for a little shopping extra credit, you’ll get it as a ShopYourWay Member when you earn points on your back to campus purchases.

So what are you waiting for? Start shopping smart at KMart!!!

KMart Back To School

This Back to School post has been compensated for. I am a Kmart blogger. All opinions are my own.


Back To School Savings With KMart #KMartBackToSchool — 9 Comments

  1. I always forget about kmart, since we got a Walmart then a Target on the ‘main strip’ we gradually stopped shopping there. My daughter is 14 and she starts school in September, and no (ugh) we haven’t done our clothes shopping yet. I’m going to take her there and aee what she likes, they’ve always had great prices. Thank you for the ‘reminder’ 🙂

  2. I miss Kmart. Our local store shut down. It’s really too bad because a certain big chain store (will not be named) is running dept. and grocery stores out of business.

    • We use to have 2 Kmart close to us and they close theme both for Home depot, after go further so I always forget use to shop there a lot. Thanks for reminding me.

  3. I haven’t shopped in a K-Mart for years. I am not sure even if they have one near me, but I will check and see.

    Thanks for the post and for the shop your way information.

  4. I used to shop at K Mart. They had a bit of everything. Our local store closed down. On line shopping maybe?

  5. I remember going back to school shopping. First we had to get everything on the list of supplies that we got from school. Then we would go shopping for clothes and shoes. This post brings back memories.

  6. We start school this week and we did all our back to school shopping at Kmart and Walmart! They have the best deals in my opinion! I didn’t know you could earn points for being a shopyourway member! I will have to look into that-thanks!