Even More Reason To Drink Water!

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Moms give us lots of good advice that we can think about as we go through life.

One good advice I received back when I was just about to enter college was that everything I do has consequences in the future so I should weigh things before actually making decisions. I believe this advice prevented me from doing some really dumb things back then. Here’s another great advice from another mom:

Hydration Movement - Nestlé® Pure Life® Purified Water

On a previous post, I mentioned how my Mom also always encouraged (actually, it’s more like “pushed”) me to drink lots of water everyday. As I was growing up though, I realized just how hard it is to choose water over sugary drinks. There are many other options of drinks that people can consume, so it is understandable for people to dismiss water for something else. But drinking water is very important, especially for people who suffer from pains such a kidney stones. If this is something you are going through, visiting a specialists like the ones at Advanced Urology will help you get through this experience as easily as possible, with their advice and guidance. It is important to keep on top of your health. If drinking water doesn’t come as easy to you as it does for others, take it one day at a time and in small portions.

I love juice. Soda, not so much. But since my family has a history of diabetes treatment-diabetes-info, I know that I should watch my sugar intake. That means I’ll have to consciously choose to drink water instead of juice.

This year, Nestlé® Pure Life® Purified Water wants you to hydrate healthfully by pledging to drink more water.

You can join thousands who’ve already pledged and inspire others to do the same by sharing your Mom’s Wisdoms – any tips you use as a mom to encourage healthy habits in your family. The Hydration Movement started in 2010 when Nestlé® Pure Life® Purified Water challenged its fans to take the Pledge to swap one sugared beverage a day for water for one year.


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Even More Reason To Drink Water! — 11 Comments

  1. I’m usually very good about staying hydrated as I take quite a few medications and supplements I don’t want any strain on my kidneys. I also suffer from migranes and I notice a decrease when I drink lots of water over anything else. My biggest issue is my coffee addiction, there are days when I only drink coffee-I have to watch myself. Important post-thank you!

  2. I drink water from the time I get up until the time I go to bed. Sometimes I think I have too much. I’m always thirsty!

  3. I don’t drink enough Water, I need to drink more.

    Thanks for the information and the post.

  4. Drinking water isn’t easy when your tempted with soda, coffee, tea, juices and all kinds of sugary drinks. These are all marketed to both kids and adults, of course we, I’ve decided to change for the better and drink water instead of soda, instead of coffee, instead of sugary juices and its already paying off!

  5. I remember when I was a Teenager when I would drink too much, which of course happened way too many times, I would dream about Water, it was such a strange dream, but I would dream about it time and time again, needing to find Water. Nowadays I don’t drink enough Water, but I will try to drink more.

    Thanks for the post and the information.

  6. Love this! We are very big water drinkers in our home and try to avoid soda and other sugary beverages all together.

  7. I am a nurse and know how important water is. Having said that, it is not my favorite drink. I have to force myself. Thank you so much for sharing