Microsoft Surface RT Tablet Only $349!

You may have already noticed that I love tech gadgets! I love being able to experience the latest offering out there for consumers especially the ones that may make our lives as moms easier. So I’m excited to let you know that if you’ve been interested in the Microsoft Surface RT tablet — which retails at $499 — you can get it at a reduced price right now!

Yes now’s the perfect time to buy a Surface RT tablet! Get this awesome tablet at a better price starting at $349! Your $349 will get you a 32GB tablet only — no touch cover included though. If you want to get a touch cover, you can opt to get one in black and pay $449 plus applicable fees. For all other colors, you will need to purchase one separately for $199.99.



Microsoft Surface RT Tablet Only $349! — 13 Comments

  1. I wanted a Microsoft surface a long time ago, i need a tablet cuz i don’t have one but can’t afford one rightnow

  2. I want this so bad but I cant afford to buy. $499 is so hard to earn here in Philippines. Even Ipad Mini is so expensive here, that’s why I’m always trying my luck to join any online contest and wishing to win someday… 🙂

  3. I really want one of these…but even at that price, which I’m sure is reasonable, I can’t afford it. I just keep trying to win one!!

  4. We have been looking at the PRO and are so glad the price has dropped on that as well….may buy one before the month is out!

  5. It’s nice that the price is coming down – still out of my budget, though. I’ll wait, and hopefully it’ll drop a bit more and I’ll be able to get one. I’ve never even tried a tablet, so I’m not really sure just what they’re capable of. But I’d love to find out!

  6. I read, with great interest your article “Microsoft Surface RT Tablet Only $349” under the heading “Saving Money”. I am very interested in purchasing a tablet, within the next couple of months. With so many tablets on the market right now, I appreciate your honest review. I am still questioning what size of tablet I want. Do I go for a full size tablet or can I get away with a “Mini”? I am trying to think of the pros and cons of both.

    Should I not have another opportunity to do so, I would like to thank you for having this extremely generous giveaway and for the opportunity to participate.

  7. I am going to buy a tablet for my granddaughter for Christmas. It is at the top of her wish list and I want to surprise her. I am going to investigate further this Microsoft tablet because it looks like one she would be able to use.

  8. My son needs to get one of these for his children to share. He bought them each a cheap tablet for Christmas and withing 2 mmonths, all of them quit working. This would have been so much better