My Experience With The Jockey Bra Fit Kit

I received a free Jockey Bra Fit Kit as part of a promotional program with Jockey® and MomSelect so I can share my thoughts on it. Thoughts are my own.

jockey fit kit

I’ve always dreaded buying a bra whether online or in-store.

I can’t seem to really find my true size because different bras seem to have different sizing systems. I find that my size depends on the brand or the type of bra. Even if I follow so many instructions for finding out my true size, I still end up not getting one that actually fits me.

I used to think it’s a problem that I alone experience. Well, I guess not. Jockey has created a fitting system — a Fit Kit — that’s designed to help women solve their bra size/fit problems.

Jockey’s Bra Fit Kit is the first and only system that measures breast volume instead of just lengths.

It uses volumetric fit cups to measure breast volume, and a color-coded measuring tape to measure the band. The Jockey® Fit Kit includes the following:
• 10 volumetric fit cups
• Color-coded measuring tape
• Easy-to-follow instructions
• A protective lingerie wash bag
• $20 OFF your first bra — which basically seems like a refund for your fit kit

Fit Kit

I like that the Fit Kit made it really easy for me to determine my size. Using the fit cups, one just has to bend forward and place the cup/s that look close to your size under the breast a good fit is one that’s comfortable (if it’s too big, the edge of the fit cup will feel like it’s rubbing against your ribs) and doesn’t allow for any overflow (if it’s too small, you’ll see that the fit cup doesn’t really fully cover the breast).

When I finally figured out my volume size, I went on to check my band size using the measuring tape. I had to be in front of the mirror though just to make sure the tape was lying too low on my back. And then I was ready to shop for my bra!


Ordering my bra was a breeze! Well, not really, because I wanted to order them all and couldn’t decide on just one! All of them have 3D contour resin, inner sling support, stay put comfort straps, and U-shaped back & padded closure. I ended up choosing the Double Lined Contour Bra in Black. All the bras cost $60.

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BUY IT! The Jockey Fit Kit is available for $19.95. It comes with $20 off your first bra purchase which basically makes the fit kit free.

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