Get a $10 Gift Card When You Eat At McDonald’s!

Get a $10 gift card by eating at McDonald’s!!! How?

Sign up with Plink and link your credit or debit card.
– Make a purchase at McDonald’s by Sunday, July 14 at 11:59pm EST. Purchase is necessary after you link a credit/debit card to your Plink account to qualify for the bonus 1,000 Plink Points.
– Bonus 1,000 Plink Points will be awarded within 7 business days of the transaction posting date.

Note: McDonald’s purchases that occur on 7/15 or later will not qualify for the bonus.

Your bonus 1,000 Plink Points can be used to redeem a $10 gift card (iTunes, Tango, Amazon, Walmart, Kohl’s, etc.) reward on the Plink website.

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Get a $10 Gift Card When You Eat At McDonald’s! — 2 Comments

  1. I always wondered: how do they do this? I guess it is a marketing expense? But then again, who really cares as it means cash in my pocket!

  2. I tried this unfortunately they did not have the bank listed for my card I hope this changes so I can use Plink in the future.