We Tried Scotties Facial Tissue For A Month!

I received the Scotties Care Pack which contains a month’s supply of facial tissues and a gift card so I can try and share my thoughts on it.

No matter the season, tissue paper is something we need at home.

My husband claims he has morning allergies all year round which causes him to get colds, yes, only in the morning. I don’t think his allergies are consistent though. But anyway, I just make sure he has a box of facial tissues on his bedside table. I also always have a box on my bedside table. Though I don’t need it all the time, it helps a lot when my son suddenly spills his food or milk on my side of the room, or when he has colds — which is the case right now.

Scotties Facial Tissue


Scotties knows that the best defense is a good offense, and having a reliable and soft facial tissue makes all the difference.

According to WebMD, clogged nasal passages not only make you feel unwell, but the lack of oxygen intake can also impair judgment and leave you in a fog.

Scotties makes our lives a bit easier and more convenient because each box offers up to 20 percent more tissues than most of its competitors. That means we won’t need a new box just after a couple of days. Scotties also has additional options including aloe-infused tissues for extra softness and soothing comfort.

Scotties Facial Tissue Scotties Facial Tissue
I love that Scotties is so soft! I mean, we all know how some tissues out there are too irritating especially if you’re wiping something off from your face. My son usually gets annoyed when I wipe his face. But with Scotties, though he still doesn’t generally like wiping his face, he’s pretty okay with it. I think it’s because he feels that this brand is softer than the other ones we’ve tried in the past.

What makes Scotties a brand I’d love to support is that they’re pretty passionate about the environment as well. Scotties  plants 3 trees for every one they use! Scotties is the only major U.S. facial tissue brand linked with the Renewable Forest Project. J.D. Irving Ltd, Scotties’ parent company, has planted over 800 million trees in the last 50 years.

Scotties Facial Tissue

BUY IT! Scotties Facial Tissue variants are available at most of the major retail stores nationwide. You may check the website’s Store Locator here.


We Tried Scotties Facial Tissue For A Month! — 12 Comments

  1. That’s odd. I wake up with a stuffy nose every morning. It doesn’t matter where I sleep so I don’t think its dust mites. I go through Scott tissues all day. I stock them up. (weird I know) I have about fifteen boxes. I use coupons and get them on sale so I don’t run out.

  2. What a great thing to plant 3 trees each – but I’d also love to see Scotties made from recycled paper – I’d even pay more!

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  4. They are the softest tissue around and also priced below other brands.With my allergies I never let myself run out. My daughter thinks I’m nuts because I have a wall stacked with tissue boxes.

  5. I love Scotties and they are wonderfully soft. I keep a box on almost every room in the house as we all suffer from allergies.

  6. We need tons of tissues in our home bec we have allergies in our family but we dont have coupons here so we cant stock up so we just buy 1 or 2 for a month.

  7. I really love this tissue! It’s really soft! Hoping my aunt will gave me another set of these! ☺

  8. I love that this company replants trees to protect our environment. I do know that some brands are very abrasive and makes your nose red and sore. This being such a soft product really helps with that. Thank you so much for sharing this product