Of Risks, Faith And Rewards #GoodLife

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The past few weeks have been quite a challenge for me and my husband. You see, he has been looking for a new job since last March because he wanted to work for a company that will at least give him some medical coverage. And I'm sure you know how important that is!

There's this one company that called him up for an interview, and we have been waiting, hoping and praying since then for a positive answer. Unfortunately, weeks have passed and no answer was given to him. We were almost at the point of giving up when the company suddenly called and scheduled for an interview with the company owner. We were ecstatic!

Since his interview turned out okay, we decided to take a leap of faith. He submitted a 2-week notice of resignation to his former company without being sure whether this new company would actually hire him for the position.

Risky? Oh yeah! But it was a calculated risk. Based on his interview, we sensed that if he doesn't get hired for the position he was applying for, he would be offered a different, albeit a lower, position.

What we did not expect, though, was that his former boss would let him go right away! Just a few minutes after handing the 2-week notice of resignation to his boss, my husband was told that he can pack his things and go. I got a bit scared when I found out. What if he doesn't get the job he's applying for? Where will we get the money to pay for our bills?

But as they say, doubt and fear are the enemy and we should push them off as much as we can. Just believe and have faith. And last Friday, the owner has given him instructions for his training as the new manager for the company's branch here in San Jose!

I can't express how excited and happy I am for my husband! I almost teared up when he told me the good news! I'm just so proud of him! I guess everything was worth the risk.


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Allstate believes that risks are everywhere but we shouldn't let it hold us back from experiencing the good life. Sometimes we just need to take a risk, to take a leap of faith so we can reach our goals in life. Allstate Good Life  inspires us to celebrate the good things in life and not focus on fear and doubt.

I'd love to hear from you too! Tell me about one of your good life stories in the comments below!

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Of Risks, Faith And Rewards #GoodLife — 16 Comments

  1. Wow I would’ve been so nervous! I’m really happy everything turned out for you!

  2. Well my leap of faith is when I had throat cancer and before the last dr that found it I was on the verge of not being able to breath because my throat had so many tumors wrapped around my throat. I had gone to 4 specialist before this one took one look at my throat and said sorry its turned to cancer had the other dr I went to would of removed them it would not of become cancer he said 6 months to turn afd nor over a year I went to drs about this. My leap was when I new I had the best dr and set me up with the best chemo and radiation dr in my oppion best in world. I new the Lord took me to the best they tried me like family and I am cured for 3 years now. If the Lord had not lead me to this dr I no i would of dies soon because of unable to breath when the tumors finally grew large enough to close my throat. I thank THE LORD every night

  3. We have experienced situations such as these but with prayer time we’ve found God urging us to go forth and He has always provided us what we need…even when it’s not been what we thought we did

  4. I guess my leap of faith was when I left my last job to be a sahm and babysit. That was 15 years ago. I have been winding that down but my 7 year old still wants me home. Unfortunately now I am not making much money since I have not been taking new children in!

  5. I love that everything turned out for the best! Putting our faith into the unknown is so scary but sometimes needed to make the best of things.

  6. everything come on the right time! congrats to your hubby on his job

  7. Sometimes we forget that the “bad” events can be the best ones in our lives, even if we don’t see that right away. THREE times I was laid off in my career – albeit I received great packages as a senior executive, it was very hard to see beyond the crushing ego smash. However, each time I was able to find an even better job with new challenges, and because I socked away my pay-outs I retired in my early 40s. How’s that for turning bad into good?!

  8. I’m happy everything turned out right for you! Congrats on the job!

  9. everything come on the right time! congrats to your hubby on his job

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  11. I am so happy this turned out so well. I pray he is enjoying his new job. We do have to have faith. It is really hard at times, especially in situations such as this. God has never let me down. Thank you so much for sharing