Wordless Wednesday: My Ride For This Week!

So yesterday a handsome guy from Oakland, CA dropped off this amazing 2013 Odyssey at my place! Got so excited and took pictures right away!



Check out my full review of the 2013 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite!


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  1. Nice ride! I like the nice. big print on those controls. They’re easy to see!

  2. OMG! I saw one of these yesterday but didn’t know what it was. As we passed I asked my husband, “IS THAT A HEARSE?” I hope you won’t be offended by that; I thought it was like a top of the line hearse, lol.

  3. my sister has two Odessey and she loves them. Drives them all over the country she has.

  4. The car is absolutely amazing looking. It looks very compfortable as well as reliable. Hopefully it is as great as it looks. Also looks very fuel efficient

  5. What a nice automobile! My husband and I are looking for a new car and are almost settled on the Ford Edge, but this looks so nice I think we should give it a test drive before we decide. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. that is amazing!! can’t wait to read the review and see even more pictures. mini vans nowadays are looking very spiffy!

  7. Need a new car. Mine is a 1998 Honda Civic. It is , and has, served me well. However, I fear the number of years. Have never had a car this long. It has under 100,000 miles though. The 2013 Odyssey looks great ! I’m partial to Honda. Nice and roomy so if we had to evacuate due to a hurricane I could get quite a bit of things in it. If you keep blogging do you get to keep it? If so, they are very generous and you are one wise and lucky woman. It has so many bells and whistles ! Everything a person could need. Also, getting up into a higher vehicle would be easier for me now that I am getting a bit older.

  8. that looks awesome!!!!! I hope the rideis enjoyable!! the interior looks all high tech