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Whenever my Mom and I got into an argument when I was younger, my older sister would always tell me that I’ll only understand my Mom when I become a mother myself. And now that I’m one, I feel stupid for thinking she was just being selfish. The last time I saw my Mom was 3 years ago but whenever I feel overwhelmed by my role as a wife and a mother, I always text or call her because I know she’ll have something wise to tell me. One of those things is:

Keep your mouth shut when you’re angry.

Because when you’re mad, there is a tendency to say things you’ll eventually regret. And once you hurt someone with your words, you can no longer take it back. Sure you can apologize, but that person will never forget that you hurt them. While it takes a lot of self-control to not speak when I’m angry, I’m glad that my relationships with others are still okay because I chose to not hurt them with my words.

My Mom has so many other wise teachings. One other thing that she has taught me is about my health — that I should stay away from sugary drinks (soda, juices, etc) and just stick to drinking water.

When I was young, my Mom would always bring a bottle of drinking water with her wherever she goes. I just thought she was always thirsty since she’s a very busy woman. She later on explained it to me and gave me one really good advice: drink as much water as you can everyday.

Drinking water can help your body hydrate and function well.

It also helps lower your sugar and calorie intake — this is very important for my family because my paternal grandfather (and some of my uncles) had diabetes.

drinking water: mother knows best

My Mom’s advice about drinking water is something that I have consistently reminded myself all these years.

And I’m sure your Mom also gave you some pure wisdom to help you live a healthy life. That’s why Nestlé® Pure Life® wants to help you share some wisdom on how to stay hydrated this summer.

  • Did you know that 60% of an adult body is water? Keep it well hydrated by drinking water!
  • Eating foods with high moisture content — such as fruits and vegetables — could be a good way to increase total water consumption. Water constitutes 90% of most fruits and vegetables and about 50% of meats.
  • Regular soda, energy or sports drinks, and other sweet drinks usually contain added sugar. Drinking water helps manage your daily calorie intake.
  • Drink water with and between your meals. Adults and children take in about 400 calories per day as beverages — drinking water can help you manage your calorie intake.
  • Have ready-to-go containers filled with drinking water available in the refrigerator. Place them in lunch boxes or backpacks for easy access when kids are away from home.

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  1. I drink water all day from the time I get up till I go to sleep.I rarely drink soda.

  2. this very interesting post, I must admit that I was not very fond of drinking lots of water, I did not like, but that changed since I was pregnant and since I knew I had gestational diabetes, from that time until today I have used to drink 7-9 glasses of water a day and I feel OK.

  3. I find that if I get tired, drinking some water really helps. Or a large cup of organic green tea (my favorite hydrator).

  4. Your Mom was a wise lady! I have a difficult time drinking enough water every day. It’s something I really need to work on.

  5. That’s really good advice from your mom. I’m making an effort to increase my daily intake of water – hate having to go to the toilet constantly though!
    veronica lee recently posted..The HazeMy Profile

  6. Your post was very interesting. Thanks for the great information. Especially when it is so HOT water is the best thing for you.

  7. It’s important to stay hydrated especially in the hot weather.Kids often get too busy playing to stop and have some water.

  8. You are very fortunate to have a caring, loving and wise mother; who cared for you both inside and out! Thanks for sharing your story and the importance of water for our health.

  9. My mom is smart and drinks lots of water every day. I on the other hand… I admit my addiction to iced tea and diet coke.

  10. That’s a good advice from your mom. Water really does a lot of good things to your body. 🙂

  11. Another good tip: when you cry (and as a Mother or a child you will!) you are dehydrating, so you will need water to feel better faster afterwards!

  12. I have never understood why some people don’t like water…after all, it is what our bodies are made from and were designed to drink. I love it if it is pure and fresh at least. Hate chlorine or sulfur taste though, or water that has been “softened.” The harder the better for me.

  13. your mom sounds like my mom very wise..she always told me to drink lots of water and lay off the sodas.

  14. I hate admitting that my mom is the smartest! But, honestly, she has been right most of the time, my whole life….but don’t tell her that!

  15. I am blassed with a love of drinking water and I drink at least 10 glasses a day…my kids, however dispise water and always ask for juice — I dilute it with water but wish they would learn to drink water — it is so good for everyone.

  16. My mom has always been right.. About everything, so I can completely relate.
    It’s funny, I completely forgot that fruits and vegetables count towards your daily water intake!

  17. Water is so good for you! I can tell a difference in how I feel if I have not had my daily water intake! I was raised by my dad so as I am older I look to him for wisdom and advice! He totally makes me feel better!

  18. To my sorrow, I discovered that my mom was NOT always right. I always did exactly as she told me, and looking back now, I received some very poor advice, and made awful choices based on that advice. And I never forgave her for it. Moving on to cheerier thoughts, I drink LOTS of water. When I lived in Vegas (desert!), I’d go through 15 20 oz. bottles a day. Now that I’m back in NY, I don’t drink quite so much water – but I’m still visiting the bathroom twice a night!

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