5 Things to Kick Off Your Father’s Day Weekend! #SeeSteelFirst #ad

Disclosure: This sponsored post about the advance screening of “Man of Steel” for Fathers Day is written by me on behalf of Warner Bros. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. See my Disclosure Policy.

I’ve been thinking about how I can make Fathers Day special for my husband.

In case you’re not too sure, Fathers Day is on June 16, the third Sunday of the month. So we have a little less than 2 weeks to plan for it! If you’re out of ideas, here are 5 suggestions!

  1. Buy him a simple gift. I say simple because gifts don’t need to be expensive for it to be special. It just has to be well thought out. You know your husband more than anyone else so you probably know his interests. Start from there.
  2. Give him a custom greeting card. I hate receiving greeting cards with nothing else on them but the printed words from the card manufacturer. Even if your card was bought at the store, customize it with your own words and thoughts. Thank him for what he does for your family, for his love, for his patience, etc. In fact, you don’t even have to buy this. You can create a card from scratch and make it even more special. Let the kids write their own letter too then put them all together in one card.
  3. Plan a day trip to a destination he loves. Go out on a family picnic at the park or at the beach. One of my older (and wiser) friends once told me that nothing makes a father feel more content and fulfilled than to see his family having fun together.
  4. Prepare his favorite dish for dinner. They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Prepare 2 or 3 of his favorite dishes for dinner. No man can resist some delicious food on their plate!
  5. Make Fathers Day even more special by treating him out for a movie’s advance screening! My husband has been looking forward to watching “Man of Steel” and now we can watch it before everyone else! Can you tell I have some “Man of Steel” fans here with me?
Man of Steel

Sam’s talking “Man of Steel” toy


Sam and his best friend Kris Paul in superhero masks & capes

Just in time for Father’s Day, and for the first time ever, tickets to the EXCLUSIVE advance screening of “Man of Steel” are available only at Walmart!

The advance screening will be shown at specified theatres on June 13 (Thursday before Fathers Day) at 7PM – making it the perfect family date to celebrate and thank Dad! This is a groundbreaking offer that is the first of its kind!

Man of Steel for Fathers Day

Haven’t seen the trailer yet? Check it out here!

To get your tickets for your Fathers Day movie date:

Purchase tickets to the exclusive pre-screening of “Man of Steel” [PG-13] on June 13th, 2013 at 7 PM at your local Walmart! Tickets can be purchased in the Electronics Department and include an exclusive digital comic book written by David S. Goyer, author of “Man of Steel”, as well as an exclusive opportunity to pre-order an HD digital download or Blu-Ray copy of the film.

  • Go to your local Walmart
  • Visit the electronics department
  • Purchase your EXCLUSIVE Man of Steel prescreening tickets (available in 2D or 3D)
  • Take your family to the theater location noted on your ticket and watch the EXCLUSIVE 7 p.m. premiere of Man of Steel on June 13th!

Learn more here!

What are you doing for Fathers Day? Let me know in the comments below!

This sponsored post about the advance screening of “Man of Steel” for Fathers Day is written by me on behalf of Warner Bros. Thoughts are my own. See my Disclosure Policy.


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  1. this is really neat and i went to walmart with my grandchildren.. awesome!!

  2. Oh My Goodness I seriously didn’t realize the date for Father’s Day. Thought I had more time to think about it. Thanks for posting this reminder and gift ideas.

  3. HA! Your pictures crack me up! Those are awesome! We are planning a special dinner for the husband and a few tools that he has been wanting for a very long time. Something meaningful that he really wants. it will really make his day.

  4. My husband keeps telling me how much he wants to see that. I think he is hinting at something so this would be perfect!! Great ideas too!

  5. I seen preview this other day on TV and it looks great. I think it will be better than the other Superman movies. We are movie geeks at out house anyway so I am sure we will be watchingl.

  6. My husband wants to do a movie marathon to catch up with all the great movies we haven’t seen and are soon to come out, including Superman. Would be a great Dad’s day gift to get the tickets for this!

  7. I made a custom card for him by Treat that is gonna be “signed” by my 2 year old granddaughter!!! He will love it!!

  8. Husband and I have been waiting for this to come out!! Looks like it’s going to be a really good one! Monday after Father’s day we have a movie date to see it, yippeeee

  9. Love the costumes! That doll totally cracks me up. The hands are huge! If I had young kids I’d go see the movie.

  10. This is going to be a rough Father’s Day since it is the first holiday after my husband’s death. I am not sure what to do.

  11. I liked this movie a lot, I always liked Superman, in any of his incarnations. But my dad is gone and I’m widowed….so nothing but memories in that department. : (