Wordless Wednesday: Iron Man Wannabe #IronMan3

wordless wednesday

Okay not totally wordless because I just really want to share that hubby and I got to see Iron Man 3 last night!

He was so excited that he bought an Iron Man shirt at Target and even checked the toy department for a mask. Thus the photo below. We didn’t buy the mask though. He just wanted to take a picture of himself like that. Yes, I have a kid for a husband but I love it!

Iron Man 3

Did we enjoy the Iron Man 3 movie? Of course!

There were so many hilarious moments as can be expected of any Iron Man movie. Laughter echoed so many times in the theater indicating that people liked the humor in it. The action scenes were amazing, and I loved that the characters make references to the Avengers movie at certain times — which makes you feel like the Avenger movies are all connected to each other.

I loved the plot and how the trailers didn’t give the whole story away. Like I was expecting one thing from what I saw from the trailer then realized that that part of the trailer was just a tiny bit of the whole story. Know what I mean? No?

Okay, just watch the movie then! You won’t regret it!

Oh, and just like any Avenger movie, don’t leave the theater right away. 😉


*I was invited to the advanced screening of Iron Man 3 here in the Bay Area. No other form of compensation was received. We drove and spent our own money for gas. We paid for our own popcorn and soda. We even gave back our 3D glasses (the horror!) 😉 Thoughts are 100% my own.  See my Disclosure Policy.


Wordless Wednesday: Iron Man Wannabe #IronMan3 — 27 Comments

  1. can’t wait to see iron man 3 with my husband. maybe my son will be iron man this halloween. he would be super cute 🙂

  2. Im really looking forward to this movie! Robert Downey Jr. is one of my favorite actors. He is definitely under-rated.

  3. We have watched the first three and this one looks very interesting…..

  4. Went to the movies today and saw the trailer for Iron Man for the fourth time. Each time I see it I get even more excited then I did the time before. It looks like it’s going to be awesome.

  5. My hubby is excited for this too! It’ll be fun to watch but I’m getting a liiiitle tired of the comic book movies, lol

  6. What a riot! At least your husband dresses in a “current” charater – mine wants to dress as Inspector Gadget!

  7. I haven’t seen Iron Man, but I did like The Avengers. Although after the movie, I turned to my friend and told her I felt like I had been assaulted. The noise, the effects, and the giant screen are a bit much for me sometimes.

  8. I love that it’s not just my husband who held on to the kid inside and refuses to let go! LOL. Amazing how much joy they can bring at times! I’m curious, was the 3D stuff obvious or did you watch the 3D version?
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  9. From a review like that I can’t wait to see it. You make it sound so exciting. I loved the trailers and from what you’ve said that’s only a small part of it. Thanks for the review and by the way your husband looks cute.

  10. I keep hearing good things about Iron Man 3 and am even more excited to see it. Lol, your husband reminds me of my boyfriend. It’s totally something that he would do as well. I don’t think men ever really grow up, haha!

  11. My grandson would love to have that mask. I have not seen it around here though. Isn’t it cute how they identify with superheros?

  12. OMG. I have a pic of my husband with a Captain Jack Sparrow wig and hat on. LOL. I love Iron Man! At least he isn’t really like Tony Stark. There is that. LOL.