This Is My Home Office! #FamilyBiz

This morning, I saw a fellow blogger post photos of her home office and she got me inspired to post my own.

I don’t like showing photos of my home office space because I’m just too embarrassed to show how disorganized it is! I cleaned it up a bit just for the photos. LOL! The photos still look disorganized but not as it usually is.

home office #FamilyBiz

My “organized” space

I sometimes use the dining table as my home office space when I want to concentrate on my blogging tasks. Since our dining table is quite tall, my son can’t reach for papers and other stuff that I’m using when I set up my station there.

But guess what happens during meal time?? Yes, I get booted out of my home office.

I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years now but I still don’t have an official home office space. I have been meaning to order products from a site like Office Monster in order to motivate me to start making one, but most of the time, I just have the bed and my bedside table. I guess I like this space the best because it makes it so much easier for me to take care of my son since everything is within arm’s reach. I’m usually left alone at home with my son and his best friend (a friend’s son), I just don’t have the luxury of time to retreat to a different office space. So this will do for now.

home office #FamilyBiz

Baby’s stuff just beside my work stuff

I guess it doesn’t really matter where I am, what’s important is I’m able to do my tasks. And the only thing I need to get my job done is a computer and an internet connection. I love that I can get connected to all the people I need to interact with with just a click of a button.

I may not have my own official office space yet besides my bed and I may sometimes need to work until very late at night (sometimes, until very early in the morning) but I love the fact that I can work AND still take care of my son full time.

So how does your home office look like?

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This Is My Home Office! #FamilyBiz — 21 Comments

  1. We don’t have an “office” since we don’t need one but I am an organizing freak! I can not stand things not in their proper place. I do have some OCD in which my husband will “test” me by leaving things out or putting things back in the “wrong way”….lol

  2. You do have an office. As long as the essentials are there and you have a quiet (semi) place to work what else do you need?

  3. Everything goes towards disorder, it’s like Murphy’s Law! As long as you can work with/around it, then that’s the win! 🙂

  4. My office is in the same room as the kids’ toy room and their TV, so I can keep an eye on them too. We don’t have an extra room for me to use as a separate office, but we set up an armoire-style computer desk that contains everything and then closes up to hide the mess when we need to.
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  5. My home office looks way worse than that. lol Every now and then I try and clean it up but then I can’t find anything. So like others said “if you can work there don’t fret about it”.. lol 🙂

  6. My home office is quite the disaster right now. NO photos! I love having my own space and decorating it to suit me and only me. LOL

  7. Like you, my office is the dining room table, which is great as far as I’m concerned because I need to “turn off” during meals!

  8. My “home office” is my lap. But my area for doing art work is such a mess. It seems if I clean it up I can’t get anything done though.

  9. Hey some of us have to do this, you got to get it done! too cute!

  10. You look very organized in your office space. I am afraid I move my computer to whatever surface is free of books and stuff the kids bring in.

  11. My office is where ever I am I prefer to work at the beach 😉 As long as I have internet connection my office travels

  12. You think THAT’s cluttered? OMG – my computer area resembles Fred Sandford’s junkyard, but not as neat!

  13. It is so nice to have a home office where you can go and have some peace and quiet. It is so hard when you need to move your computers and papers around from place to place. Thank you so much for sharing this article