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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Social Power for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you have any issue on anything but you feel like you won't be heard because you're just one voice? Social Power makes it easy for you to amplify your voice and get solutions for those issues that are resolvable

We all know the power of social media and it's about time that we use that power, that potential, to make a difference in this world. Issues on Social Power doesn't have to be the really big things like world peace — which may not be deemed resolvable. It can be anything as simple as "supermarkets should offer all food about to expire at 50% discount" or "Amtrak should have a quicker usable internet service". 

Creating an issue on Social Power is very easy. Just type in your issue and click "Initiate This". You will be asked to provide some details or a short description so people will know what the issue is about. Creating a good description will help you get more supporters.

I created an issue that I'm passionate about on Social Power and it's about lap carried infants on an airplane. I have experienced flying on an airplane with my baby seated on my husband's lap — without any seat belts or safety gear. We didn't buy a ticket for him so we can save money. But when we got there and the flight attendants were already giving us the safety instructions, that's when I kind of panicked. I know I'm safe and all but my baby wasn't.

That's when I realized I made a mistake — I didn't know better. But airlines should know better. So maybe you can help me with this issue by supporting it on Social Power. Simply go to my issue on Social Power and click on the green "Support This" button. I don't have a lot of supporters yet but I do hope there are like-minded parents out there who also want airlines to make this change. It's not for us. It's for the kids.

Here's a quick video so you can get a better idea on how Social Power works!

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Solve Issues Socially With #SocialPower — 10 Comments

  1. What a great way to join voices with others for legitimate causes. I’ve never heard of SocialSpark before, but I am a regular petition reviewer and signer at Care2, among other sites. I’ll check out Social Spark, too!

  2. I agree in theroy but then you have to look at it from several angles: Every seat would nee one of these attached to it (expensive), there would have to be designated seats for people with infants to sit (what if they don’t show up?), what about small infants in car seats, what about the age of the child – there is a big difference between an infant and an 20-month-old – you have to get into issues with weight, height, etc.
    I agree – there needs to be something that can be done to help our youngest (I have an 15-month-old – however, the cost per seat will go up (whether you have a child or not) and you have to designate the size. I do not know much about the CARES saftey harness, but those are my thoughts…

  3. There is always safety and power in numbers – joining with those of a same mind can bring change. I will look into Social Spark.

  4. I have said that my whole life! I hated flying with the boys when they were little, they actually wouldn’t let you use the care seat 32 and 35 years ago, believe it or not……IT WAS AGAINST THEIR COMPANY POLICY!! I had never heard something sooooooo STUPID in my life. THANKS FOR SHARING THIS ISSUE!!!! LOVE & LIGHT TO ALL

  5. i didn’t fill in the whole thing on that last comment. but i really like this topic!

  6. A good idea, though I saw some pretty stupid causes there. Yours is a good one that I haven’t given much thought to probably because my baby was a baby a long time ago and I guess we never flew with him. Good luck on getting some support.

  7. I love this. Everyone has their soapbox item and it is always nice to have a community with a common social issue that may be solved with many minds working as one.

  8. I have never heard of this site but I will be checking it out. It sounds like a great thing to do. Thank you so much for sharing