Send Flowers From (Review)

I had the awesome opportunity to receive flowers from so I could share my thoughts to you in light of my Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

I’m not sure why but women usually appreciate receiving flowers whatever the occasion may be.

I personally love it when someone — my husband, nephew or the people I’ve trained before — gives me flowers. And it doesn’t even have to be huge. Even a single flower can brighten up my day. Now that Mother’s Day is here, I sure hope my husband gives me one (I doubt that though — unless he reads this). is a website where you can order bouquets of flowers and have it delivered to your recipient directly from your local florist. This is especially helpful if you live miles away from the person you wish to give it to or if you’re just really busy and can’t personally give the flowers. They currently offer unique, hand-arranged flowers by local florists in over 2,920 cities! So even if I’m in San Jose, CA, I can send flowers to someone in New York or Florida!

I chose to receive the Peaches N Cream Bouquet of flowers for my review. tells me that it will be delivered by Bloomsters, a local flower shop just about 15 minutes from my place. This is the photo on the website:

Peaches N Cream Flowers

Photo credit:


And this is the actual bouquet that I received:

Flowers from

Flowers from

The website photo is pretty close to what I received. I guess the only difference is that the colors on my flowers are much more vivid — which I love! And even if it’s been a few days since I received the flowers, they’re still actually very beautiful! My husband says he can still give it to his grandmother on Sunday. LOL! We’ll just need to buy his grandma a new one because I love looking at these at home!


BUY IT! Check out their wide range of flowers, as well as availability at You can use promo code BLOOM20 to get 20% off your purchase!


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Send Flowers From (Review) — 36 Comments

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  2. Those are beautiful! The arrangement looks really artistic too which I love! It’s great your husband is into recycling lol 🙂

      • That’s great! Thanks! My Granny has a florist shop (not where I live, unfortunately) and they do that but I once ordered flowers online and got them in a box. I was less than impressed! 😀

  3. What a gorgeous arrangement! Too bad I already sent my Mother flowers….

  4. I love to receive flowers no matter what. The peaches and cream bouquet is gorgeous!

  5. I love flowers and this is an awesome arrangement. I did not get fowers for Mother’s Day but I wish I had,

  6. The bouquet you received is nice, but I would have issue with the fact that it’s called peaches and cream, and there’s a little too much yellow…But, they are pretty.

  7. What pretty flowers wish I had send this review before Mothers day but will keep this florist in mind for they next time I want flowers Thanks

  8. beautiful flowers. I wish my husband would do this,i would love to have a flower or two every now and then

  9. Both bouquets are pretty. I would have been a bit upset at not getting what was pictured.Like you said it’s close and the colors are vibrant. I’m still naive. Especially when ordering jewelry on line. It’s never quite the same as the photo!

  10. I actually like the colors in your bouquet much better than the pic they have on the website. My son sent me flowers from “-800- flowers” 3 dozen roses, I was happy to see the big box arrive, but my son nor I were over joyed about the roses, they came in a hot delivery truck, and a lot of the edges of the petals were brownish and somewhat wilted! But I love him for ordering them for me, he didn’t know it would be wilted.

  11. I love fresh flowers and candles. Flowers just brighten up a room. I love the scent of roses too.

  12. What a gorgeous bouquet – I may send this to my Mom for “just because!”

  13. I just sent flowers yesterday – I wish I had seen this first – they are lovely!

  14. Yes both are pretty but you did not get what you asked for unless they said it would look similar but a little different coming from a different saop. But I do like both flowers

  15. I’ve never heard of Bloom Nation, such beautiful arrangements

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  16. The floral arrangement is beautiful, and I love the concept of Bloom Nation–to sell online but give the business to local florists. Seems like a win-win for everybody.

  17. Although I have never known about BloomNation, the flowers shown are certainly very beautiful. Also, it seems as though you have a comedian in the family!!

  18. This is an awesome arrangement and the pictures you have above are very nice with the beautiful flowers. I love fresh and quality silk flowers, I did not get these flowers on mother day but I wish that I had these. Thanks for this post, I like it…………

  19. That bouquet looks great! It’s always tough to deliver a bouquet that looks exactly like the photo. That’s pretty darn close.

  20. I have never heard of Bloom Nation before. I love the selection shown. It is so pretty. I will have to check them out soon. Thank you for sharing

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