PLAY-DOH Children’s Books Review & Giveaway

This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. I received PLAY-DOH books for the purpose of this review. Post contains affiliate links.


If there’s one thing I want my son to develop as a hobby, it’s reading. I remember when I was a kid, I loved reading my kid’s encyclopedia and even read the “For Parents” section of each topic so that I could understand the whole concept better. And I think that reading has helped me excel in my studies all throughout elementary, high school and college. So when I was given the opportunity to receive 5 PLAY-DOH children’s books, I jumped at it.

The five PLAY-DOH books I received are:

Mama’s Little Ducklings. One of Mama Duck’s eggs is on a roll! Where could it be?
My First Words. This book introduces young readers to a wonderful world of words with over 50 labeled illustrations!
Counting Bunnies. Ten silly bunnies teach kids to count from one to ten!
Making Shapes with Monkey. Monkey uses shapes to make all kinds of useful items for his friends.
Rainbow Butterflies. Butterflies in all the colors of the rainbow subtly hide for young readers to discover.


These PLAY-DOH books are published by Silver Dolphin Books, a publisher of high-quality, novelty, and activity-based books for children.

As you can see, my son and his best friend are loving it. They’re not always as interested in other books but these books captured their attention. I guess it’s because these books are very colorful and are able to bring the images to life with how vibrant they look. The books were able to clearly illustrate early learning concepts and I’m glad that such books exist that help little ones understand in an easy and fun way.

PLAY-DOH Books 1

My favorite of all 5 books is “Mama’s Little Ducklings” because this particular one is not just the usual book. It has flaps that kids can open so they can reveal what’s inside.

Mama's Little Ducklings

And because these are all board books, I love that my son can’t just rip the pages off the books! I can’t tell you how many books he has destroyed because he loves ripping paper! I love that these can be passed on to other kids once he’s outgrown them. Here are photos of the other books:



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This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. I received PLAY-DOH books for the purpose of this review. Post contains my affiliate links to Amazon. See my Disclosure Policy.


PLAY-DOH Children’s Books Review & Giveaway — 139 Comments

  1. I just like play-doh. I’m entering to win for my grandchildren. They live out of state and I never see them.

  2. What I love about these books is that they’re fun and educational. My grandsons will learn colors, counting numbers, shapes, and sight words… that’s fantastic!

  3. I like board books and how much tougher they are for little ones to destroy.

  4. What’s not to love?!?! My daughter is graduating preschool, these would be awesome to have over the summer to learn but have fun doing it! My daughter LOVES Playdough! AWESOME GIVEAWAY! Good Luck to Everyone (:

  5. I like that they’re sturdy board books. Thanks!
    – Beth Ann Erwin facebook/raflfecopter

  6. My son would love these books. It would bring out his imagination. Also it would make him feel more independent.

  7. i like that they are made of sturdy board instead of paper. also, i like that they all help teach children something instead of just being a story. also, i love books with flaps they are awesome 🙂

    [email protected]

  8. I love how and colorful the books are and hard for little ones to destroy! 🙂

  9. These books look wonderful, and I am about to start home schooling my daughter K4, she is a little behind and we’re not too sure if she is going to get into the local K-4 program due to limited spaces, so I need to make up a program myself to home school her. You would think that it would be easy, but not as easy when your child wants to run around trying new things. These would be wonderful.

  10. I would love to win because I think both of my sons would really enjoy them, they are both avid bookworms.

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  12. These books are so colorful and the designs are amazing! So educational and fun!

  13. We love play doh & reading, these books will create snuggle reading time & creative hands on play.

  14. I love how much learning can be done from these books. They’re so colorful too!

  15. I’ll tell you what I LOVE. These books are all lift-the-flap books? Those are the ONLY books that will get my stubborn toddler to sit on the potty. We have 2 and he’s sick of both of them. I could really use some new ones!

  16. We have never tried these books yet. Would love to win so we could try them out.

  17. I love the graphics and color of these books. They are interactive too and my great-niece would love them and I love her!

  18. I love that these are board books and the colors are great- they would catch my son’s attention for sure!

  19. My toddler loves Play-Doh and loves “story time” so this is the perfect combination for her.

  20. Anything that promotes learning, while combining fun is a worthwhile product!

  21. I like that they’re educational yet they appear to be fun enough to hold a 2 year old little girls attention. She soaks up everything so I think she’d really get a lot from these books. Plus, PlayDoh is a great company so I have no doubt they’ve been put through the test. Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  22. Our four kids would love these fun books! Our newest reader and 2 year old would go nuts for them. Great giveaway!

  23. All 5 Books are a must have for any kid!! My daughter would love them because they have lots of color and her favorite animals to teach her pre school basics.

  24. My boys love playdoh my favorite thing about these books are they use playdoh creations for the pictures.

  25. I love how colorful they are and also they are board books and less easy for my son to rip up.

  26. I like the vivid colors and the way the characters are drawn. These would be great to read to my 8 month old grandson when he gets older.

  27. I love that they’re board books so that they’ll be around for a long time!

  28. They are so colorful and educational at the same time. Fun fun fun! Easy for little ones to handle and follow.

  29. i love that it is something that you can interactively play and read.. love ways to fit reading into play time!

  30. I really like the fact that there’s little chance my 18 month-old son will be able to destroy them!

  31. I love that they’re bright and colorful as well as educational, perfect for little ones.

  32. WHat is there not to like about them?? I love the way there made wrote and all! great giveaway!~

  33. i love how creative and simply beautiful they are. so colorful for the little ones to follow.

  34. The books would combine the loves of both of my children. It would give both something they need to learn. I really see these books as a family activity.

  35. i love how colorful they are! would keep the interest of younger kids as they grow into reading

  36. I like that these books are fun, colorful and teach all at the same time!

  37. I love the BIG, CHUNKY pictures. I loved these kind as a child too. I could never do colorbooks with lots of details, lol

  38. i love teh colors but i also love that they help teach comehting weather it be colors shapes number my son would love these

  39. I love the colorful deign of these books. They certainly capture the child. My favorite would be the one with the lift a flaps. These were a favorite of my son, now 30, and now both of his daughters love these type of books!

  40. I love that you get new ideas for using playdoh from the pictures in the books.

  41. I dont have any youngsters, but this would be donated to a childrens charity.

  42. To enter, just leave a comment telling me what you like about these books. These books are colorful and cheerful, sneaking in a little learning with the fun! I especially love the book about colors.

  43. sturdy, beautiful bright colors, I think I can actually smell the play dough!

  44. I like how colorful the books as well as how they add in animals and nature to make learning more enjoyable.

  45. I love that they are educational, look fun, colorful, and cute all at the same time!

  46. I love the vivid colors in these books. The beautiful pictures will captivate a child and teach at the same time. I love the board books for early learners and will they stand up to the rough handling. My little grandson loves to color in his books; I just hate that. I have found the board books can be gently cleaned if they mark in them-that’s another plus. I have put all the regular books up for when he is older and I let him look at the board books. We love to read these books together.

  47. I love that they are so colorful! I also like it that there is an interactive one in there (with flaps). They seem like they make educating fun.

  48. I love how cute and educational they are. Plus, they are so interactive!

  49. I love that they have peek-a-boo flaps. I have an in home daycare and my kids love that feature!!!

  50. I love that the illustrations are colorful and educational for my grankddaughter. 🙂

  51. My daughter is 18 months old and I love that these are board books! She loves reading and turning the pages so board books are a must have for this stage!

  52. Love the flaps and bright colors! My daughter also loves to rip paper do cardboard books are the best!

  53. I love the bright colors!! It makes the book more interesting for the children 🙂

  54. i love the colors and designs and how they are made for our little ones .. the ideas of the books are great for learning thank you for awesome giveaway

  55. i love that they are educational my 4 year old loves play-doh and would love these

  56. Wow “blink,blink” they’re so colorful and radiant!!! My toddler would LOVE these for our collection!

  57. I love how bright and colorful the illustrations are. I also love the fact that they are board books and my 2 year old nephew can’t destroy them!

  58. I also am a huge fan of READING!!! I think it’s a huge gift to give any child…the adventure of people, places and experiences!! <3 these for my son!!!!

  59. I like the look of the books, bright and just the right size for a little one to read.

  60. I love that they are hard books that my little girl could not easily rip apart. They are perfect for little ones because of the bright colors and illustrations .

  61. I like that they are easy-to-learn animals! They happen to be ones our son is learning to say right now!

  62. Reading is great for young children to build up their skills, these play-doh books are so interesting for young children and us adults, making then fun to read 🙂

  63. I love how colorful the books are and really think they would help my son learn to love books instead of eating them. 🙂 ty for the chance to win.

  64. I love chunky books for toddlers. They’re great because they can easily “grab” a “page” & turn it without difficulty. I particularly love the play-doh books for their vivid colors.

  65. I love that they are colorful and interactive. Would love to win this to put in my “nanny” bag!

  66. I would love to have these to help with my daughters K4 learning.

  67. I really like the simplicity of the books. My child is at an age where these would really benefit her learning to count and learning her shapes. Thanks

  68. These books do look like a lot of fun and have them interacting. I love that. We have plenty of kids that could get some good use out of these. Always need new books for reading time. Thanks!

  69. These books are really cute and colorful! I always read to my boys at bedtime. And always sang them one song each before bed! Aww the memories..

  70. I am only commenting on these books,I didn’t know Play-Doh had there own books and these look really good, I like that the words are big enough for them to read 🙂 thanks will have to check them out on and will let you know when I buy them and will write my own review on 🙂 thanks again

  71. It’s so important to read to children at a young age. It’s a great way to bond, and it gives them an edge when they start school.

  72. I love books like these because of the tactile and visual interest they offer. Your little one is so fortunate to be growing up in a reading home.