How To Get Rid Of Clutter At Home

If you’re anything like me, then you probably keep so much stuff that you will probably need in the future. And perhaps like me, you’ve also built up so much clutter that it’s almost impossible to know where to start cleaning up. With this being said, just by doing a quick google search into something like sunshine coast storage, you may be able to find a solution to getting rid of the clutter in your home. So what else can we do to get rid of (or at least lessen) unnecessary items?

How to get rid of clutter at home

Let me suggest 3 things that can help get rid of clutter and clean up your space.

Get rid of clutter by organizing

1. Get rid of clutter at home by organizing all that stuff!

This for me is the first step and is the hardest thing to do, but it can be done, especially with the help of a Sydney storage facility if you have too many items to organise. If you have the time to start small, just group all similar items together — magazines, books, CDs and DVDs, coupons, receipts, cards, clippings, etc. Then identify the ones that you know you will need and the ones you think you might need. This might take a long time to finish depending on how much stuff you have and it may get overwhelming. Stepping outside for a few minutes may help.

Get rid of clutter by selling

2. Get rid of clutter at home by selling!

They say one person’s trash can be someone else’s treasure. If you have old DVDs (or multiple DVDs — I didn’t notice until I took this photo that I have 2 sets of Finding Nemo DVDs!), video games, books or other items you know someone else might like, you can hold a garage sale and earn some money. Not the garage sale type of person? No worries! You can easily sell these items online.

get rid of clutter by throwing

3. Get rid of clutter at home by throwing it away!

Now if that item isn’t something you know you can actually use in the next few weeks AND cannot be sold, then I suggest you just throw it away. If there’s a skip’s worth of clutter to get rid of, consider using something like rubbish removal services at Northcote to do all the hard work for you. Of course we can always believe (or convince ourselves) that we CAN actually use those items but maybe it’s time to really get practical and just throw what needs to be thrown.

What other things do you do to get rid of clutter at home? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Great tip about selling items. We sell a bunch of our old video games to buy new ones. My tip is to box out items and put in storage. If after six months and you don’t need it, donate it.

    • I agree, Tammy! Sometimes, it’s good to not see something for a long time. Helps me realize I don’t need it as much as I thought.

  2. You named the 3 biggest ones, but I also find myself giving a lot of stuff to friends and making donations. I just planted some veggies, and I know for sure that I will have WAY MORE than my husband and I can use! Our local Catholic church in town also has 1 day a week where they hand out food like a food bank does. We will be donating a lot of fresh produce to that church,,,most of the people that come to get food are the elderly and families with kids. Those two groups in poverty don’t usually get the balance of fresh vegetables they need in their diet, so I am very glad to be able to help in that way for them.

  3. I concur with items numbers 2 and 3. Get rid of that crap – if you get some cash for it, great DON’T buy more crap!

  4. These are wonderful ideas. I sure do need to get busy and do LOTS of Spring cleaning. I think I could get quite a bit having a yard sale with all the things I have to get rid of. Thanks so much for these ideas. 🙂

  5. You totally stepped on my toes with the magazines… I have so many cooking magazines that I hate to throw away, but then every time I want to find a recipe, I go to the computer or my recipe books, totally ignoring the magazines… You’ve inspired me… Tomorrow it is… Wish me luck!

  6. I sooooo need to declutter. My house is insane right now. I’m hoping I can sell most this stuff and make some extra mula!

  7. I am constantly doing this! Doesn’t help that I’m nesting right now as the due date for our second baby draws nearer. We have so much stuff!

  8. Hi! great tips 🙂 I also giveaway things that I don’t use anymore, that might be helpful to others 🙂

  9. I have made a commitment to beat clutter once and for all this summer. I need to sell stuff like you suggested and throw out more stuff. Thank you for the encouragement and tips

  10. I have been on a house purging rampage since last year, I just don’t have that much time to dive into it for any amount of time all on the same day.

  11. I am such a packrat, but I do tend to put things that I’m not sure I need into a container. I set a deadline and if I haven’t touched the container by the deadline it has to go.

  12. Boy, we really need to do this at our house. But, there’s so much to do it’s hard to get motivated to start.

  13. I’m really bad when it comes to coupons. I clip and sort them and file them away. Do I recycle the old? well, I recently went through and found some that were at least 2 years old.I’m trying to go through them at least monthly now.I also have piles that can be recycled or shredded. It’s just a matter of setting some time aside weekly to catch up.

  14. I really have to declutter my house. It’s aggravating me but I don’t have time. I plan on working on it son. Great advise!!

  15. Great tips! It seems I do all of this in spurts. I’ll get really focused on organizing and purging, then not do it for months so it requires so much more time to do it all over again.

  16. This is great advice! Thanks! Sometimes I will organize pictures, documents, etc in filing cabinets. Recycling also helps reduce a lot of clutter in our house!

  17. We purchased a card from our local junk yard for $50 and ti allows us to haul away our junk as much as we want for a full year for that price. We did it because we had a couple of large old appliances that had died but we’ve been trying to organize and sort through things that we don’t use or need anymore to take advantage of the card seems how we bought it for the other purpose anyway. It’s crazy how much stuff we’ve pulled out of closets and drawers that we were willing to let go of.It feels great to de-clutter!
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  18. How do I get rid of clutter? This year I have set a goal of getting rid of at least one unnecessary/unused thing each and every day!

  19. I really need to declutter. Unfortunately, my last decluttering caused more clutter because I now have huge piles of things that I intend to sell, but haven’t gotten around to. I’m thinking they will end up being the donation piles soon.

  20. Thank you so much for sharing these tips, I also can not stand clutter. I try to organize by using baskets and plastic containers.

  21. great post! it’s amazing how things pile up over the years!! we will be cleaning out our … garage.. we have not seen the floor in there for like 2 years. if something does not have a place it goes in there! We will be installing shelves to organize with bins and thats all we’re keeping! lol wish me luck!

  22. It’s great to want to get rid of clutter, but from my experience, it always requires more than one day. Going in with the idea that you’ll accomplish everything in one go is the surest way to end up feeling frustrated, tired and ultimately feeling like you’ll never get it done. It’s just good to be mindful that just because cleaning isn’t occurring as fast as you want it to doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

  23. We have tons of record albums still sealed. Anyone looking for old Beatles?

  24. Thanks for the post! I really need help with the “throwing out” part – I tend to hold on to stuff that I think I will be able to use, but then never do. Better to just get rid of it!

  25. The two ways I think of first when I am considering de-cluttering is to have a garage sale and also to donate items. Shelters, non-profits and Goodwill are great places that are always in need!

  26. Clutter. Oof. It is such a problem in my house. I don’t want to get all psychological on you…but I know my problem with clutter (and it’s not like reality TV-worthy or anything) has emotional roots. For starters, I was once in an abusive relationship and felt my only way was to “escape” while he was at work, so I had to take what I could carry. That means picking and choosing the very most important items (and not a lot). About a decade later, I had a house fire. I lost about 80-90% of my belongings due to fire, smoke, and water damage. So, that’s hard to recover from. And, about 6 months ago, my grandmother (who was not a hoarder, but lived through the depression and saved A LOT of things throughout her life that were sentimental) passed away, and I did a whole lot of cleaning out her large and very “full” home. It makes you think differently about “things.” It’s not about being materialistic or anything, but there’s, say, that magnet that reminds you of your romantic getaway…or a postcard from a beloved family member who lives 5,000 miles away…or a book that was a meaningful gift…and on it goes. When you clean out the home of a family member, it makes you look at “things” in a whole different light. You keep them because they mean so much to you, because they evoke meaningful emotions, and so on. Throwing those things (we kept a lot!) away was so difficult…because it was like we were throwing away their memories.

    That being said, I am working on clutter. I have done a whole lot of work over the past week…and have made major headway. It’s liberating and emotional at the same time. But it’s for the best! (At least that’s what I keep telling myself. LOL.
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  27. Great article — I find myself struggling with clutter, some of it small things I know I need to just get rid of but don’t feel like dealing with and it gets put aside. It’s a daily struggle and I need to take it one day at a time to clear out the “hot spots” around my home.

  28. I am getting ready to move so I am definitely looking to get rid of clutter and make sure that it stays gone! Thanks so much for the tips 🙂

  29. I have a lot of clutter here in my home. I love your ideas to help stop that. I have to try some of your ideas to get rid of some of it. Thanks.

  30. Great tips. I’m in the middle of clearing my basement. Just too much to throw away. Chipping away week by week.

  31. I need to start figuring out ebay and craigslist. Been procrastinating for years!

  32. My bedroom closet is so dark I couldn’t see to clean it. My husband did the wiring and put a light in. Wow! I had stuff in there that I totally forgot about. Like a shopping spree. And, I finally got around to sorting things into trash, donate…This article got me moving! Thanks!

  33. Love your site and I so need this advice. My problem is my catalogs, magazines and books–in fact, I’m only a few books away from starring in a reality show, LOL. Help–how do I stop clinging to my books?

    • LOL! I so understand you! I don’t like throwing books away. There was even a time I “saved” some books that I saw at a garbage bin. But maybe you can just organize them (like maybe create a mini-library with just a shelf or something) if you really can’t let go. 🙂
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  34. I have been working on this at home. It is not as easy for me as it sounds. I am going to continue plugging away though. Thank you so much for sharing