Blue Nile Leaf Chandelier Earrings Review

Let me start off by saying I love earrings.

I try to never forget to wear earrings whenever I leave the house. In the rare cases that I do, I feel like my “look” isn’t complete. I guess I just really got used to wearing something on my ears because I’ve always had ones ever since I can remember (my mom put small round earrings on me when I was a baby so that people will know I’m a girl).

Since I love earrings, I immediately said yes when I was offered the opportunity to receive a pair of Blue Nile’s Sterling Silver Leaf Chandelier Earrings for review. These are described as follows:

Chic and distinct, these chandelier earrings feature seven delicate leaves that are intricately captured in sterling silver with a flexible design for movement.

Blue Nile Leaf Chandelier EarringsBlue Nile Leaf Chandelier Earrings
It has leaves that look like they are made of mini-dots. Yes, it’s really flexible and I love it! I keep playing with it just to feel the flexibility. But it’s not overly flexible that you can bend it all the way, you can just make it curve. If you check out the second photo below, you’ll see how they get bent when placed on the edge of the box.

Blue Nile Leaf Chandelier Earrings

Unlike most chandelier earrings, this one is very lightweight.

I sometimes don’t even remember that I’m wearing big ones! I’m amazed at how light it is! When someone complimented me at church when I wore these, I told them about the lightness and flexibility. They weren’t too convinced at first because chandelier earrings are usually very heavy. But when I let them try it on, they were impressed!

Blue Nile Leaf Chandelier Earrings

What I love about these is that you can use them both for casual and formal settings or occasions. And I love it even more because my face shape is one that usually needs big (but not necessarily heavy-looking) earrings. Though I usually use thin hoop earrings, this pair gives me a very good option for when I want to stand out.

BUY IT! This Leaf Chandelier Earrings can be purchased on Blue Nile for $40.

It comes in a very nice box so that you can readily gift it to someone special.




Blue Nile Leaf Chandelier Earrings Review — 20 Comments

  1. Those are nice. When I first saw them I wondered if they were heavy. I have a pair of 5 carat ruby earrings that are so heavy I can’t wear them. These look perfect.

  2. I love earrings so much and these look so pretty. They do look lightweight compared to some that I have but don’t wear. lol Thanks for sharing.. 🙂

  3. Those earrings are very chic and elegant. I love jewelry in a “natural” design. I would love those for myself! Thank you for the review! 🙂

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