Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About iPhone Cases

Here’s an interesting infographic on the top 10 things we didn’t know about iPhone cases. Got it from Tiny Prints. 🙂


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Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About iPhone Cases — 19 Comments

  1. i have an iphone on it and i have a otterbox on it!!! i have dropped many times but never in water (knock on wood) and i have had the same case for about a year cause i refuse to spend the money on something i really dont need cause i have a good lol…. i know i am cheap. but fun facts for iphone owners

  2. Very informative post! I am loving #6. I certainly would appreciate an iphone case that can survive being run over a car and is 100% waterproof! One of my phones didn’t survive a spin in the washer. Don’t ask!!!!
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  3. If I had an iPhone I’d find the most shock- and drop-proof case I could find, regardless of what it looked like. But then again, I am not in the 18-34 demographic by a long shot.

  4. I have an iPhone that my kids got me and I got a pink ‘support breast cancer’ case. I do not see myself changing it in the foreseable future.

  5. I am not an iphone user, but #2,3,and 7 all apply to my cousin perfectly. I can’t even begin to imagine what the case looks like that cost $100,000!

  6. Very cool. I don’t own an iPhone, but I love changing my cases/skins. My son has one, but he’s very easy and practical, he just wanted one durable case. Finally-sadly lol, my daughter is part of the percentage of people who dropped their phone in the toilet. Fun post TY.

  7. meanwhile…. To all of us without Iphones… we be screwed cause no one makes cases for us! *sad panda*

  8. I can’t believe there are iPhone cases that cost over $100,000. That’s ridiculous.

  9. Enjoyed reading this. Number 6 is my favorite It would be nice if the phone case could be waterproof and protect it from damage Good One

  10. I am a fashionable woman, but who has time for multiple iPhone cases? As it is I had to get a case that did not have to be removed every time I charged the phone.

    As for durability? While I don’t expect the phone to survive being run over, it has to survive its daily drops on the floor, pavement, and down the stairs. Some days I just have the dropseys.

  11. My daughter is on her 3rd Iphone 4 since August. Her grandpa got it for her on his plan so it was basically free. Well she dropped the 1st 2 because she wanted to put the “pretty” cases on it instead of the nice, protective Otter Box she had gotten for her Birthday!! She’s now on her 3rd phone and wont take the Otter Box off of it if someone tried to pay her $100 LOL. On another note, my husband, other 3 daughters and I all have Samsung Galaxies and really dont use cases much at all. Were still on the same phones (with no cracks from being dropped) that we got in October of 2012 LOL Apple should invest in something like Samsung’s Gorilla Glass for their screens! =)