Silver Rope Tungsten Carbide Ring Review

I received a Silver Rope Tungsten Carbide Ring from so I could share my honest thoughts with you.

Silver Rope Tungsten Carbide Ring

Tungsten carbide rings are very popular these days in so many online jeweler websites because they’re more affordable than gold rings and they will NEVER rust, turn colors, or tarnish as written in’s website.

Tungsten Carbide rings are said to be the most wear-resistant rings with a hardness score of 9. The only thing I can think of which is harder than that is a diamond which has a hardness score of 10. Because of the hardness of tungsten carbide rings, they are permanently polished so they will never lose their original color and shine. And this hardness is also the reason why most tungsten carbide rings out there are not resizable. sent me their Silver Rope Tungsten Carbide ring in a cute blue box.

The little blue ring box is perfect for those who are thinking of giving this as a gift! I chose a size 7 even though I’m usually a 6.5 since I know that tungsten carbide rings tend to be bulkier than sterling silver and gold rings.

Silver Rope Tungsten Carbide Ring

Sorry if the photos aren’t too clear. I tried so many different angles so I can capture how it really looks in person but I couldn’t. The ring was too polished and shiny that it would always show the reflection of whatever is facing it. But at least you get the basic look of the ring.

As I expected, the Silver Rope Tungsten Carbide ring is bulky and heavy. But that’s because of it’s hardness as a metal. Some people prefer this material for their wedding band because the hardness symbolizes unending and never-failing love.


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  1. I won one on someones blog. It hasn’t arrived yet but now I know a bit about the metal. Thanks.

  2. It looks pretty. πŸ™‚ however it’s not for people with sensitive skin like me. I have a tungsten carbide ring but I don’t use it because my skin gets itchy. πŸ™

  3. Oh shiny, must have! Very nice, probably something that my husband would like too.

  4. That is a beautiful ring. I don’t generally wear rings but this one is lovely.

  5. So beautiful – and so much my step-daughter’s style. Hope you’ll be giving one away???

  6. That is really cool. To know that it’s really as tough as it looks. The wedding band meaning is also a good one!

  7. I like this a lot. The fact that it doesn’t rust or turn your finger green is a bog plus in my book. It’s got a lot of style, too, with that intertwined rope. I just may get one!

  8. I would LOVE to have one of these. It would make a beautiful wedding band.. Thanks for the review. πŸ™‚

  9. I’ve been wondering about this metal for rings. I was afraid they were probably bulkier than what we’re used to. Do you know if they are engravable?

    • Hi Georgia! Yes, they are actually bulkier than most regular rings. I think there are some retailers that offer engraving for tungsten carbide rings. But BuyBlueSteel doesn’t offer engraving at this time.

      bay area mommy
      Isis Serraon recently posted..Silver Rope Tungsten Carbide Ring ReviewMy Profile

  10. Silver Rope Tungsten Carbide Ring looks surely very pretty and very stylish. its definetly worth buying and cherishing it forever.

  11. I like that it doesnt rust or tarnish. I also love how they don’t lose their shape. I have bought a couple of these type rings for my boys.

  12. Would love to win for my son-in-law who just got married and lost his ring! These are beautiful rings.

  13. These rings are beautiful and classy. I love the way they would look on me and my hubby!

  14. I’ve wanted a tungsten ring for a long time and your review just confirms that it would be a great ring to own.

  15. I like Blue Steel’s products;there aren’t many jewelry companies that put out tungsten and stainless steel jewelry that have the same quality as they do. They also have larger size rings so buying for a man’s size isn’t as hard as it can be on other sites. Thank you for the review πŸ™‚

  16. I love the ring! VERY NICE! May have to get one for my hubs since his came up MISSING after work one day πŸ™

  17. My husband has one we got for his original wedding ring. We heard that they can shatter and break if they fall at a certain angle or height. We got ours at a jewlers only because they offer a warranty to replace it or size it at anytime. These are great rings to have as a band. I would like one for myself so i don’t wear my more expensive band around.

  18. I love how the this ring never loses its original color and shine, and doesn’t tarnish…

  19. Nice review. I think this is a great alternative to the overpriced gold wedding rings of the past. Let’s face it, most men are very rough on jewelry so it must be able to withstand it. I think our next ring for my spouse will come through them.

  20. So you ARE giving one away! I am entering to make sure I can get one for my step-daughter; everything else in the giveaway package will go to my Mom.

  21. I really like this ring more now. I do woodworking and just use my hands a lot and forget to take my ring off so it loses it shine. Almost broke it in half when I got it caught on a drill once so this ring sounds awesome for me.

  22. These rings are beautiful. I like the fact that they stay shiny and won’t rust.

  23. Beautiful ring! My husband’s wedding band is made from Tungsten and it has held up over the last almost 6 years without even a scratch. Great material and wonderful design. Sent from I’m a Full-time Mummy for the Pre-Mother’s Day Giveaway : o)

  24. love the twisted rope design. we got this metal as a replacement for my husbands tri-color band that went thru the coin counter at the bank. He did not think it was to heavy.

  25. That’s a beautiful ring,I have no jewelry and would love to have this piece.

  26. These are so lovely and sturdy. It would be a great addition to my silvery jewelry or for a gift.

  27. Love how durable this would be for my husband. I wonder if they will add the diamonds from his ring to one of their rings?

  28. I LOVE this ring! Tungsten rings are my new obsession and I love band rings. This one is dainty and feminine while offering unisex options if you wanted to get a matching one with your husband.

  29. I love their items! It’s hard to find nice rings at a decent price. I am going to buy my husband a new ring from them soon!

  30. I think these look really good! You can not tell that they are not the real thing. If I had them I would wear them myself! I really like them, thanks for the info

  31. Nice ring. good info in your review, especially fact how it’s the most wear-resistant material.

  32. What a beautiful ring. It’s the type of jewelry you can wear to any event. It makes for a perfect gift especially for Mother’s day. Good luck to all.

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  33. That is really cool. To know that it’s really as tough as it looks. The wedding band meaning is also a good one!

  34. I definitely like the hardiness of the metal being that my future husband works in a machine shop.

  35. I like the designs and that they come in two different colors. I also like that they are heavy – usually do not find that in rings, thanks for the review.

  36. I bought Tungsten Carbide rings for my husband and I for his 60th B-Day. These rings are fabulous!! They don’t scratch and mine has a tiny diamond in it. They won’t replace our gold ones or my diamond(got a real nice one from him for our 25th) but these are great to wear for work and every day

  37. I have heard that this is the new way to go in getting rings because they are nearly indestruable and last forever. I would enjoy giving one of this to my mother she abores jewelery

  38. love the rope design. great for someone in the construction business :)I actually want to give my fiance something similar.

  39. This ring is beautiful! It definitely is one of a kind, i’ve never seen anything like it.

  40. OHHh these are so amazing and perfect! My husbands job is so damaging to rings! I love the looks of these and the rugged toughness that would last! perfect perfect perfect!!

  41. Love the simple design of the ring. Suits my style and lifestyle completely. Thanks for the review.

  42. Love band rings always have 2 on both SS. This is so wonderful to find rings that they are nearly indestdruable and last forever. Thanks for all you do.

  43. They have such beautiful jewelry. I especially love their rings. You can tell they are quality items!

  44. These rings are very shiny and very pretty, could use it to replace the one that was stolden a long time ago..

  45. That is a very pretty ring – I like that it will never tarnish and always stay nice and shiny.

  46. Love these! It would be nice to win since my husband and I never did get proper rings

  47. I have never seen a tungsten carbide ring before, but it’s so beautiful and shiny!

  48. I love this ring! IT IS BEAUUUUTIFUL! I would love to win it for myself or even my hubby! Thanks for the opportunity to win….

  49. I love rings I know for a fact won’t cause an allergic reaction. And they are beautiful too πŸ™‚

  50. I like that this ring is most wear-resistant rings with a hardness score of 9.

  51. These rings are absolutely beautiful! I would love to win one…thanks so much for the contest.

  52. I think it is a very pretty and durable ring. i like the fact that it is made of tungsten and has a hardness of 9 so it wont bend easily. it’s a lifetime ring.

  53. They are beautiful! I had my wedding band pawned without my permission and never got it back. It was kinda like this one. Thanks.

  54. I’m a klutz, so it’s in the marriage’s best interest that this thing is near indestructible. thanks for introducing me to a new option!

  55. I love this! Although, my partner and I live as husband and wife for over 17 years now, we have yet to actually marry! I will keep this company in mind!

  56. I like that it won’t discolor…this would make a nice wedding ring for someone who has to work with their hands

  57. Wondered about why this material is so popular now. Very nice design as well!

  58. I have a Tungsten ring and it’s nice–it looks as shiny and new as it did when I bought it–but it doesn’t look like silver. Imo, it’s a darker gray than silver rings. Still a good, affordable option for someone looking for a ring that won’t show wear quickly.

  59. the ring looks great and i like the fact it is tough and will not get scratches.

  60. LOVE Tungsten rings! My husband has had his for 7 years and he’s soo happy that it is tough and still looks nice.

  61. That is such a beautiful ring. I love Blue Steel jewelry because they have such unique and beautiful items. Thank you for sharing your honest review. Have a wonderful day!!

  62. I am actually a bit picky when it comes to rings but this is GORGEOUS! Even the box is cute. I’m going to go check out their other pieces! πŸ™‚

  63. i never thought about a ‘tungsten’ wedding ring, but it makes a lot of sense for everyday wear.

  64. This ring is lovely! What a beautiful design! I would enjoy wearing this very much.

  65. Very pretty ring…simple, yet classy!! I love that it won’t change colors on you!

  66. I’ve been following Blue Steel for aprox. a year now and have been very impressed with their jewelry designs and quality. I won a ring for my husband last year and he really loves it!

  67. These rings are beautiful! I had never heard of them until I saw your blog. Great that they don’t tarnish or ever turn colors. Would love one.

  68. Wow that is a beautiful ring. My husbands wedding band is tungston – it is really a great material

  69. My husband has lost 3 wedding bands…now if i lost mine he would kill me (it was his grandmothers)

    These are beautiful

  70. love the ring. i really like what it symbolizes. i think i would give it to my husband to replace his wedding band.

  71. I love tungsten, my husband wears a tungsten wedding ring, so durable yet nice looking! thanks for sharing!

  72. Absolutely gorgeous and my favorite is silver!!My hubby would love this!

  73. I had no idea that the material is made to NEVER fade or discolor. That is quite interesting, and now, I will give a second look to the ads I recieve from Blue STeel. thanks.

  74. Great looking ring. But I would have to give it to my fiance’ as I can’t wear anything but gold or sterling silver.

  75. I like that it is made with a heavier metal Just in case my husband was to drop it he’d hear it lol. It is a beautiful ring.

  76. Beautiful ring! I love Blue Steel. Been a customer of theirs for a while now, never disappointing! Great review! xoxo

  77. My husband’s wedding band is a Tungsten ring and it still looks great after 6 years!

  78. nice design I like the tungsten carbide steel because they are very durable I work with my hands a lot so this would be nice not having to worry about damaging it

  79. This ring is so pretty. I love that it wont loose its shine.
    I’ve seen so many rings get all faded looking and need to be cleaned and polished often!

  80. Beautiful ring! Love the shine:) Many others on their site that are just as beautiful!

  81. It looks like an amazing ring but if it is bulky I bet a bunch of people wont like it.

  82. nice looking ring although not so sure about the bulkiness because I have slender fingers

  83. this sounds like my everyday ,go to ring…a ring I can wear to work and not have to take off when I come home and do chores

  84. I like the braided design in the ring. I’d have to try it on but like you I don’t think I’d care for the heaviness.

  85. The Silver Rope Tungsten Carbide Ring is very attractive. I like that it is permanently polished so it will never lose its original color and shine.

  86. I would love to use this in place of my wedding and engagement ring when I got to certain places, like the casino or on island tours while cruising or to the beach. this way I could still have a beautiful wedding band on my finger but not worry about losing it.

  87. My Hubby recently lost his wedding ring, after wearing it for 35+ yrs…. Love this ring, it would be a great replacement!!! Thanks for the review….

  88. What a beautiful ring – I’ve never thought about wearing tungsten as a jewelry metal

  89. Very pretty! Much nicer than other tungsten carbide rings I have seen, it looks more like white gold or platinum without the price tag!

  90. I need to get my husband one of these… firefighters are hard on their wedding rings πŸ™‚

  91. These are beautiful! Would be a wonderful anniversary gift to my husband to represent all we’ve been through. πŸ™‚

  92. Beautiful ring. I like that it’s long lasting and will never rust, turn colors or tarnish.

  93. My husband needs a tungsten ring. His is so scratched up since he works with his hands daily. I would love to give him a ring like this.

  94. i really love how they have rings for fat fingers – it’s SO difficult finding cute rings in my size!

  95. I love the very classic design of the ring and it looks like it would be very comfortable to wear.

  96. heard about their rings.. these are gorgeous and inexpensive.. their brand will be the 1st i look too for my soon to be husband..

  97. I had no idea tungsten carbide was such a hard material! I’m sure this ring would last a lifetime, and then some.

  98. So pretty! I always wear silver-colored jewelry, so I love it. πŸ™‚ I also love the great qualities of being tough and never rusting…good things for a busy mom who would wear it.

  99. these are so nice, i love tungsten…i’m going to go and enter the giveaway πŸ™‚

  100. Wow, this ring is absolutely gorgeous. I would love to get this.
    Thanks for this review.

  101. I have seen these types of rings but I never knew they were made from this type of unique material. Very cool!

  102. I really love this ring. My husband likes it too. He had one similar but it was a cheaper brand & the rope came loose & broke due to him wearing it to work. I would love to get this Tungsten ring for him!

  103. Cute ring. I would wear it as a thumb ring. I don’t think my fiance would like a heavy ring for his wedding ring.

  104. I really like the simplicity of this ring. I am one of those people who like heavy rings. Thanks for the review.

  105. Great review maybe I will purchase for hubby for our 32nd anniversary πŸ™‚

  106. As a florist, I abuse my hand and in turn my jewelry. After going through several different (rather expensive) wedding bands, I found Tungsten Carbide. It is the perfect utilitarian ring!It has never discolored, never bent nor ever had a scratch. The style and colors of the Tungsten Carbide rings make it easy to please the most picky lady, or gent. They are a bit heavy on the finger, but I recommend them to everyone that works with their hands.

  107. i love silver jewelry. especially rings. i think this one is very nice looking and i think it would make a nice replacement for the ring i lost that i wore on my left thumb.

  108. My HONEST opinion? It’s a nice ring, but it’s not very original. It looks like a piece that everyone will be wearing for awhile and will seem very dated in about 5- 7 years. I like things that are more original.

  109. I have one question, though. What happens if for one reason or another you have to get the ring off,i.e.illness or accident? The rings look and sound awesome, but I would want to know how to get the ring off if it won’t slide off.

  110. I would love to win this ring to give my husband.He can no longer wear his wedding ring.Thanks

  111. It looks nice but heavy is not good. I do not think that is a gift I would keep.

  112. I stopped wearing my rings due to the fact that they would leave my fingers green! I love that this ring is beautiful, does not color your finger & is less expensive! Thank you for sharing πŸ˜€

  113. I love the way the ring looks and the design of it. My wife would love it for sure.

  114. I love that they never lose their original color and shine – curious to know if sizing up 1/2 size worked for a good fit??

  115. I love that the ring has something unique in the style and isn’t just a plain band. I’d love to wear this as wedding band.

  116. Very nice, I have seen many of their products before. I love how unique it is.

  117. love these rings!!!! My son in law has a wedding ring similar to this and he loves it! I would love to win it, that’s for sure.

  118. My husband has a very similar wedding band, he really likes those designs!

  119. This ring is one of my favorite products from The ring is both masculine & feminine and would make a beautiful set of wedding bands.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  120. I love blue steel. Before this article I did not really understand the tungston carbide craze! Now I get it! I want to get my husband one!

  121. I love the color…with the fragility of white gold or the tarnish of silver! I’d love to know if ordering a half size bigger was enough or if it should have been a whole size bigger? Thanks!

  122. This is beautiful! Maybe this wouldn’t break my finger out like my other ring!

  123. This ring is gorgeous, thank you for introducing it to me. I have never seen it before, and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

  124. Very similiar to the wedding ring I gave my husband – titanium w/ platinum inlay

  125. This ring is beautiful. I think it would be better suited to a man since it is so durable.

  126. I really like this ring It would be great for a man and I would also wear it probably on a middle finger

  127. wow beautiful ring….hubby wears a blue steel ring and is in construction….they are durable πŸ™‚

  128. I LOVE THIS GIVE A WAY for MY BoyFriend of 4years WOULD LOVE THIS RING πŸ™‚

  129. Im new to Blue Steel but they are quickly becoming my favorite. I like the simplicity of there designs and the quality.

  130. I absolutely love the design! Tungsten Rings are beautiful and affordable!

  131. I love these thier so rich and beautifull. I love this site has lots going on. Thanks.

  132. This is so beautiful, I would gift it to my husband as a 40th anniversary gift we have coming up ! Yikes, where did all those years go ??

  133. I love this Silver Rope Blue Steel Ring ! All I like wearing is silver colored rings, no gold…It would go with all my earrings and is definitely my style!

  134. my husband got a ring like this they keep the shine but unfortunately as mentioned it is not resizable.

  135. I love it! I like the fact that it won’t tarnish or change colors, I hate having to take rings off to clean, do dishes, or shower.

  136. What a beautiful ring. My white gold tarnishes after a bit, and needs Rhodium plating. πŸ™

  137. My hubby actually has a tungsten ring as his wedding band. He likes that if he’s working on his car and his hand gets stuck he can just take pliers and snap the ring. No cutting required. They’re great!

  138. My skin is sensitive to gold and silver, so I can’t wear much jewelry, as it itches and causes a rash. I’d like to try this ring to see if Tungsten might not irritate my skin.

  139. Like the tungsten carbide, don’t mind the bulkiness, prefer it in the plain band, don’t find the 2 colors or twisted rope aesthetically pleasing.

  140. This is gorgeous! My husband would love this ring! I think it looks too masculine for a female but really beautiful!

  141. I think this ring is perfect for anyone who works with their hands. It is really a beautiful piece

  142. The ring looks lovely. I like the added touch the “rope” gives. A little something extra, without being too much

  143. pretty nice looking ring, i never knew that this material would not fad eor rust, that is good to know, thanks a bunch for the great review

  144. great review. I have never heard of Blue Steel. SO I found your review interesting.

  145. Graet review…I wondered how heavy those might be…better for a man i think.

  146. Very classic looking ring. I like that nothing would be snagged by the ring due to the smooth surface area.

  147. This is a very pretty ring. Love how it’s made to last and always look nice.

  148. great ring , i bet this would look great on me, great review thanks

  149. Awesome review! I love these rings and would love to own one.I can’t afford one so I’ll just dream about them.LOL!!

  150. These rings are the perfect gift for any occasion and very unique!

  151. I notice many people are wearing this type ring now, esp men. I think they are pretty and I like the fact that they stay so shiny. Thank you for this review.

  152. very pretty. however i didnt know they couldnt be re-zized. good to know!

  153. i really thought your review was very truthfull 32 years ago when we got married we couldnt afford a nice wedding ring and if we could have then i would of loved this ring i really think its beautifull and id wear it for the wedding ring i never got

  154. I love the design. Something different from just the regular old designs. Would love to put on my finger..

  155. I like the rope design. Ever since my Dad passed away (he was in the Navy) I am obsessed with anchors and ropes!

  156. I like the design of the ring simple with a touch of class. I am not sure how much I would like the heaviness of it though.

  157. The more I see these rings, the more I love the look of them. I recently bought a knockoff and it feels cheap on my finger.

  158. Wow, I love the rope design so unique and so pretty…looks like good quality materials

  159. Nice ring I prefer silver over gold… for some reason my skin doesnt like gold.. and yes it was REAL gold lol.

  160. My boyfriend would really love this ring! It’s manly and classy at the same time. It is different enough to be sexy and unique. I am a huge fan!

  161. If only my mom and dad had these rings when they first got married. Both of my parents’ rings have broken and they’ve had to get new ones. Now that I know about these rings, I can recommend them to my parents next time. πŸ™‚ If I should ever get married, I’d like this kind of ring for it’s hardness that’s for sure.

  162. Great looking ring I love it !!!!! wedding band got ruined with a chemical and would wear it as a wedding band !!!!

  163. I have seen lots of Blue Steel rings. I think this is one of the prettiest. ty

  164. I love tungsten, my husband has a tungsten ring and they are so sturdy and tough but yet look so nice, they are very resistant to everything!!!

  165. The ring is absolutely beautiful. I would love to be able to win this, and if I had the money, I would definitely buy it. Good luck to everyone!

  166. I really like this ring. I have been browsing their website for a replacement wedding band for my hubby. His gold one is ruined from work. I think I’ll go with tungsten this time!

  167. what a wonderful and delightful giveaway for mother’s day. Well done

  168. I love this ring. I like that it;s durable and practical but still very aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Hard combo to find.

  169. I love this ring. I like the simplicity and it would look great with everything.

  170. Looks like a durable metal. Pretty and shiny :). I could see this ring working as not only a wedding band but also as a fashion thumb ring.

  171. I used to have a zippo lighter made of the same metal, it was my favorite one πŸ™‚ love the way the metal shines.

  172. This is the type of ring my husband could use in replace of his wedding ring as he works handling heavy equipment which has dinged his ring, so he doesn’t wear it to work anymore.

  173. Would make a grand gift for the winner. Good Luck to each and everyone.

  174. this is stunning i would def use this as my wedding band being i have a 20 walmart one bt same principal i love it

  175. I think this ring is lovely and appreciate knowing that it won’t lose its original color and shine.

  176. Love this ring, and great that you stated that you went up a half a size due to the thickness of the ring also.

  177. That’s an awesome ring I like the hardness of the metal extremely durable.

  178. I would be honored to wear these. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to win any of these great gifts.

  179. You are right more and more people are leaving gold and silver for Tungsten Carbide Rings but I believe titanium is better because its hard as tungsten but it is also the lights metal on earth will not rust or turn color and is so lite on your hand you forget you are wearing it. The Tungsten are beautiful rings and if you want weight its the one and some do and some don.t. all in all great review and I would love to own a tungsten ring I have an titanium one.

  180. So pretty and would love to add it to my ring collection. Good Luck Everyone!!

  181. I would love to win any and all of the prizes soo much stuff, nice gifts !

  182. This is such a beautiful ring and it comes in such a cute box. I love that it won’t rust or tarnish and the design is a mix of the past and the present.

  183. Wow- a hardness core of 9, huh? Permanent polish? Imagine the long-term maintenance money you’d save by opting for this instead of gold!

  184. I had never heard of these before your blog post! Thanks, now I will have to keep an eye out for them Curious to see how they look and feel in person.

  185. These look like wonderful rings – especially for those who are tough on their jewelry!

  186. Ring looks very beautiful. Would be definitely something I could see myself wearing!

  187. The Silver Rope Tungsten Carbide Ring looks very nice. Thanks for the interesting and informative review!

  188. Great ring review~thanks for the info! I as well have been following & entering all the give aways on buybluesteel myself! Many items i;d love to have and i can see why the jewelry would last!

  189. Tungsten carbide rings are more affordable than gold rings and they will NEVER rust, turn colors, or tarnish as written in’s website. That’s a great reason to buy from them.

  190. I used to have a tungsten ring! Everything you say about them is true, and they are beautiful. Sadly, I lost mine in the bathroom at Walmart πŸ™

  191. I just love these rings. They are so stylish and I have heard so many good things about them. Thank you so much for sharing

  192. I think these rings are beautiful. I love it, especially for men, who are out there working on their cars and doing other such activities. Thank you so much for sharing these

  193. Tungsten is a best material for wedding rings as they are long lasting that symbolizes love. I came across good qualitytunsten wedding ring in an online jewelry store named I-ZARA Jewelry.