Loving Kia

It’s very important for us to have a car that we can use to get around especially when we have lots of errands to do. I have twice had the opportunity to review Kia vehicles and the past and I love both cars! If you’re in the market for cars too, there are Kia dealers in NJ, in CA and in various parts of the country so you can personally test drive the Kia vehicle that fits exactly what you and your family needs.

The first car I test drove was the Kia Sorento EX. It’s a big SUV that we can definitely use! There’s so much space to get around with and space to store all my son’s stuff for when we’re traveling. I remember when we went to Los Angeles with it and we felt so comfortable inside. Yes, even with a bulky toddler car seat, we still had enough space for all our luggages and handbags. I guess that’s to be expected since our car right now is a very small compact car.

What I loved the most about the Sorento was that it was very easy to find a comfortable position for my seat and it remembers the last position of the driver’s seat and mirrors. I think this is very ideal for long drives. Since my husband may be needing to travel to Southern California a couple of times for his job, I can rest assured that even if he’s driving so many hours, he’s in the best car to make sure he doesn’t get body ache or something.

The other Kia vehicle I reviewed was the Kia Optima Hybrid has lots of controls for air conditioning and seat warmer which you can customize for the driver’s side and the passenger’s side. It was very quiet that you wouldn’t think it was actually powered on. Plus, it’s eco-friendly so not only am I using a handsome car, I’m also helping the environment. If I decided right there and then that either of these cars was the right one for me and my family, I knew one of the first things I’d need to sort out was the car insurance. This is always a stressful part of buying a car, but my friend told me that Chubb Insurance is one of the most adaptable auto insurance providers, so I’m definitely going to keep them in mind if and when I need insurance.

There are still other cars that I’d love to be able to test drive. And I know each one has their own amazing features. I found a great car insurance quote for when we want to buy a new car however I don’t think we’re ready just yet. Since we’re thinking about buying a car, Kia will definitely be a sure stop for us.

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  1. I’m not sure if this still applies, but when I whopped several years ago all Kias were backed by a 10 year warranty, which is a great value and a very handy thing to have when you are traveling – or even when you’re an absent-minded new mom and you lock the baby in the car in the driveway in the dead of winter with the motor running – yes, I am guilty and thank God for the roadside assistance. All I had to do was pick up the phone and BAM! they unlocked the car remotely in under a minute saving me panic.
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  2. Were looking into buying a car some time this year and we have been hearing alot of great things about the KIA its on top of the list.

  3. Recently purchased a Kia Forte – love it! We have had folks come up to us in parking lots asking us about the car… It is a beauty!

  4. Our car is a 2008 car & it still runs great, etc., but we still are deciding if we should invest in another car while our car is still worth a pretty good trade in value according to the Blue Book. Buying a car IS an important investment!! Our friends have a KIA & they love it!! They have owned it 2 years now & NO problems. We have rode in it. There was plenty of room, the ride was smooth & the tunes from the stereo system – awesome!!
    Now KIA will be one of the brands we will be checking out – THANKS!!