CordaRoy’s: The Awesome Bean Bag With A Bed Inside

I received a CordaRoy’s Full Sleeper so I could share my honest thoughts about this awesome innovation by Byron Young.

We discovered CordaRoy’s when Byron Young appeared and successfully closed a deal with Lori on the Shark Tank which airs every Friday at 9pm PST.

My husband and I are avid fans of that show and watching it is like our weekly date. We even dream about facing the 5 sharks and getting a deal. Our only problem is, we don’t have a business in the first place!  LOL! But it’s great to see the stories and the people behind so many innovations.


CordaRoy’s started making these unique bean bags back in 1998. What’s so unique about CordaRoy’s, you ask?

Well unlike any other bean bag in the market, CordaRoy’s are bean bags that can be converted into beds. All you need to do is remove the bean bag cover and lay out the inside flat on the floor. And voila! You got yourself a bed!

The CordaRoy’s Full Sleeper comes in 19 different colors but the one we received was the Moss Green Chenille corduroy cover. Here are some photos of the CordaRoy’s while my husband was unpacking it.

Cordaroy's Bean Bag Bed Unpacking

Right from the process of unpacking CordaRoy’s bean bags, you’d already know that much thought has been put into it. The container box is tailored to make it easier for customers to unpack the contents because it has a perforated side which is on the left side of the “CordaRoy’s Beanbag Bed” logo. You can check out this video from CordaRoy’s so you can get a clear picture:


The bean bag bed doesn’t fully expand right away — it takes about 24 hours for that. But it would help shorten the expansion process if you fluff it out with your hands but you don’t really need to do that since it does expand by itself. In our case, we just let it take its natural course. 🙂

What’s really awesome about this bean bag is that it serves two purposes. It can be a very comfortable seat for when we’re watching TV or playing PS3 games or just lounging around and chatting in the living room. And it can also be a very comfortable bed for when we’d like to snuggle up as a family in the living room.

Everyone in the house loves sitting on it! Here are photos of two 2-year olds seated on the bean bag bed while waiting for story time. (In case you’re asking, no, they’re not twins. The other little boy is a friend’s son.)

Cordaroy's Bean Bag Bed

I love that this can be converted into a bed! I remember the time when my niece and nephew from abroad  requested to stay at our apartment and we didn’t have an extra bed for them! So my mother-in-law just gave them her room for the few days that they were here and she slept on the sofa. I felt bad for her and I really wished we had an extra bed. And now we have one for when another relative asks to stay here temporarily!

While we use the bean bag bed mainly as a chair, we lay it out as a bed from time to time especially when these 2 little guys are already getting bored inside the bedroom. It actually serves as a playground for them too!

Cordaroy's Bean Bag Bed

Since the cover is machine-washable, I don’t have to worry about it getting too dirty. And I love that they have thought about child safety too! The material used for the inside isn’t the small white beads we usually see in bean bags. Instead, the inside is made of shredded foam so our kids aren’t in danger of accidentally inhaling tiny particles. The zipper of the inside bed is also clipped so kids won’t be able to open them up by themselves. Parents may open it up using a paperclip though if needed.

Overall, I think CordaRoy’s Beanbag Beds are awesome and it’s something I would recommend to anyone! It’s comfortable, multi-functional and kid-friendly!


BUY IT! You can purchase this Full Size Cordaroys Bean Bag at for $199. Kids, Queen, King and King Sofa sizes are also available.

You may check out CordaRoy’s updates and promotions on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube.


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  1. I like this too. Hubby and I watched this episode in shark tank, (watching tv date) too. 🙂

  2. This is ingenious! Perfect for when my step-daughter comes to visit, it’s on the must have list!

  3. I remember the episode of Shark Tank. It is a great idea a two for one product that is there when you have overnight visitors or to put in the living room when kids are sick and want to watch TV…awesome product

  4. Wow, that is really cool. I love that it can be turned into a bed too! I love multifunctioning items.

  5. WOW that is cool! And big too. Beanbags usually aren’t so big. But I guess that’s why it can be turned into a bed. Very cool indeed. Thanks for sharing!

  6. That’s so cool! I could really use one of those. Especially on the occasional night I’m angry.

  7. I never saw a bean bag and bed in one I can see my grandkids fighting over who sleeps in it

  8. These bean bag chairs tha t turn into beds are amazing.they would be perfect for sleeping any extra children that stay overnight they are not only practical but look and feel comfy too.Thanks for the great review.

  9. i saw that episode of Shark Tank, too. i also wish i could come up with some great idea. i do have a couple of grandsons who would love to have one of these…each. i wouldnt mind having one of my own.

  10. I have never heard of anything like this. If the mattress is comfortable, it is a great thing!

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  12. I can’t believe this bed is inside it. This is so awesome

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  13. This is a great idea. Especially for the kids rooms. They will have a chair and when their friends stay over they have a bed. This is also great for relative when they come to if we need an extra bed. I like the idea of it being a jump mat too for the kids, I know how much they love to jump and roll around on these. Thanks for the info

  14. This is one of the most awesome things I have seen. I know of a few people that would love one of these. Thanks for some great info on your pages

  15. This is an incredible invention. I love the green you received. Ho great is this for unexpected guests or sleepovers.Thanks for the review. I’m going to check out this company.
    Carol L

  16. That is incredible! We just have the big blow up bed that looses air while your sleeping! You start out firm and when you wake up you’re on “extra soft” mode. It’s ok for when the kids come, but I get tired of hooking the air back up to it all the time. The beanbag bed is the BOMB!

  17. What an awesome idea, I love that the bean bag turns into a bed. This is way better than those air pump mattress that never stay inflated. Bean bag chairs have come a long way since my college days!

  18. I bought one a month ago, and I still haven’t recieved it. It was returned becuase it was sent with insufficient paperwork. I emailed twice and ever tried to go on their on line chat, and no one bothered to respond to me. My daughter was left without a birthday gift. I still haven’t heard back. So very frustrated! HORRIBLE cusotmer service. Not professional in any way whatsoever.