Check Out Sustainable Earth by Staples!

Yes, Staples has an eco-conscious line of products!

I didn’t even know until a few week ago and I was so glad when I found out! Though I don’t consider myself a hard-core “green” person because we still occasionally buy bottled water, I do support and choose green/eco-friendly/eco-conscious ways of doing things as much as I can. I was given an opportunity to receive samples of these green products from Staples so I can share my honest thoughts about it.

Sustainable Earth by Staples

Sustainable Earth by Staples products are made with renewable resources.

They’re made with recycled materials and/or are third-party certified to validate their environmental attributes. This means that less resources are wasted, thus helping us preserve the environment.

They have remanufactured toner cartridges, office supplies, cleaning supplies, paper supplies and breakroom products. Basically, Staples is offering us eco-preferable products that we can use as an alternative to the ones we’re already using.

The first product I received was the Sustainable Earth by Staples™Notebook. I actually got 2 of these; one of each size available — 9½”x6“ which retails for $3.29, and 8½”x11” which retails for $4.29. Here are some photos of the bigger notebook.

Sustainable Earth by Staples Notebook Big

These notebooks are made from 80% sugarcane plant fiber waste. According to the information on the notebook (there’s info written on the inside front cover), the paper was made from waste after sugarcane is processed and crushed to make sugar. Since regular paper is made from trees, using the waste after making sugar means that less trees will be cut down to make paper. These notebooks are also printed with eco-preferable vegetable- and water-based inks.

Here are some photos of the 9½”x6“ size notebook I received.

Sustainable Earth by Staples Notebook Smaller

First, let me say that I like that the spring that binds the notebook together is wide enough to accommodate my pen. I’ve always preferred my pen inserted into the spiral because it makes it so much convenient for me when I need to make a quick note. I also like that the spring is very tough. It’s not too bendable like the spirals I see on other notebooks.

The notebooks also have 2 pages of pockets just after the notebook cover. The bigger notebook’s pocket can hold a full letter-sized sheet of paper without needing to fold it. The smaller notebook’s pocket is basically the same except for the size. 🙂

Sustainable Earth by Staples Calculator

I also received the Sustainable Earth by Staples Calculator. This calculator is solar-powered but it has a battery backup. The display is angled in such a way that makes it easy to view if you need it to lay flat on your table while doing something else. It has all the basic calculating processes. I know I can just leave it on my desk so I can have a calculator handy when I need to make calculations especially regarding our finances.


BUY IT! Sustainable Earth products are available for purchase at and any Staples store.


WIN IT! One lucky winner will receive a gift pack from Sustainable Earth by Staples. Enter to win it as part of the Earth Day Giveaway Hop.


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  1. I didn’t know Staples carried eco friendly either. I will be checking out their notebooks and next time I need a journal. Vicki

  2. Staples has carried other brands of recycled/renewable products for years but it is great to see them bring out their own line. I cannot wait to use their toner cartridges – I hate buying new ones and refills just don’t have the same print quality.

  3. It’s always good to know there are eco-friendly options out there. Even for the most basic stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’m not a hard-core eco also, but do I prefer sustainable products when available.

  5. I’m all for going green.It doesn’t surprise me that Staples is carrying those products. They seem to try to carry products like this.

  6. If there is a choice I will always buy green – I am glad that Staples has joined the many companies that offer products that help our efforts.

  7. I love Staples. I haven’t been there in ages, it seems. Thanks for posting!

  8. Wow ..sugar cane! I love that companies like Staples are looking everywhere for new ways to be sustainable and save trees. I’d rather pay a buck or two more for these than ones that aren’t eco-friendly.

  9. I never would have thought of Staples and Earth/Eco friendly going together. I think it’s great. Thanks for the info, I like the notebooks!

  10. This is good to know. I support companies that are green, and will be on the look out for more Staples earth-friendly products. Thanks for the info!

  11. I visit Staples every month or so usually to pick up ink cartridges or paper. I did not know that they had a ‘green’ line of products and will look for them on my next trip.

  12. I love shopping at Staples and I will now love it more because it’s going green.I always try to buy green products and I really loved your review on this.

  13. When I have to replace major items I have been switching to the green version. I usually shop at Ofice Max but knowing Staples has green products I may have to switch so that you for the infomration

  14. Wow, I never knew this, I guess I should go there more. Thank you so very much, I do enjoy reading your reviews.

  15. I have seen these around while walking around Staples and I am very happy that a company is taking a stand in recycling!

  16. Sounds like a great line. I need to go to staples more often!! Thank you for the great information!!

  17. I don’t know why, but…….I love that brown paper bag look on those Eco-friendly office supplies. It reminds me of childhood when ALL grocery bags were the brown paper bag.

  18. I did not know Staples has an eco-conscious line of products and my Son is a manager there. Now I feel a little stupid. Thanks for the post.

  19. Learn something new every day! We’ve always liked to shop at Staples for office supplies.

  20. I think we all need to do our part in going green. I am so glad Staples started selling these products. Thank you so much for sharing