Woolzies: An Alternative To Conventional Fabric Softeners

I received a box of 6 reusable dryer balls from Woolzies so I could share my experiences and honest thoughts about this alternative to the regular fabric softeners.

Woolzies fabric softener

Woolzies is an all-natural fabric softener made of pure New Zealand wool.

These dryer balls soften our laundry naturally without using any chemicals found in conventional fabric softeners. These are PVC-free so you know it’s safe and will not melt. Woolzies helps reduce drying time to at least 25% so it not only helps you save time, it also helps save energy (and a few dollars on our electricity bill).

Woolzies fabric softener

It does say on the box that effectiveness of the Woolzies will increase as I continue to use it. So the first time I used it, I wasn’t really expecting much of a difference. But I did notice that there were less wrinkles in the clothes and definitely less static! Since I don’t use fabric softeners on my son’s cloth diapers, I really liked that with Woolzies I don’t have to deal with static anymore!

Woolzies are hypo-allergenic and free from harsh chemicals found in regular fabric softeners.  So it’s safe for those who are allergic or sensitive to wool because it doesn’t shed onto your clothes.

I do about 15 to 18 loads of laundry every month. And since Woolzies are reusable and can last up to 1,000 loads, this box can last me up to 4-5 years! Wow! Imagine not having to buy the conventional fabric softener sheets for 5 years! Not only am I saving money, I am also doing my part in saving the environment by using reusable products!


BUY IT! The box of 6 Woolzies are available for purchase at Woolzies.com for $34.95!

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  1. I am a huge dryer ball fan, but have never tried Woolzies – so want too, though!

  2. I would love to try these. I’ve used dryer sheets, but they’re so bad for the environment. All that waste!

  3. At first they sound high priced. Considering the number of uses per box it may be a bargain.I’ll wait to read your follow up before deciding.

  4. I would love to try these. I can’t stand to have chemicals on my clothes from dryer sheets.

  5. I have never used this before, but if they can stop the static cling they would be wonderful, its been dry here and everytime you touch something you get shocked.. fun

  6. I actually use these now! I love them. The only thing I don’t like about them is that I seem to have MORE static cling than I used to have. Not sure what to do about that.

  7. A friend of mine made me some dryer balls, and I love them! I bet Woolizes would work wonderfully!

  8. I am intrigued by these items and this isn’t the first time I’ve tried to win some. I find the design of these balls, and the reasoning behind them, impeccable.

  9. I have wanted to try these for a long time. It would be great to cut down on the static and drying time

  10. I love how it cuts down on drying time! Less electricity used is better both for my wallet and the environment!

  11. I’ve been dying to try these out – I’ve heard so much about them and love how eco-friendly they are – and how they reduce drying time!

  12. I have heard these work great and would love to try them. Just think how much better off we all would be if everyone used them

  13. great review, i would love to try these out and save some money, thanks again for the awsome review.

  14. I like that Woolzies are a natural way to cut drying time and save energy and money. And less static!

  15. I love my wool dryer balls but I need MORE! LOL Some of mine have become cat toys or just plain disappeared when my SIL and her boyfriend where living here!

  16. I’d love to try these! I want something that won’t leave buildup on my cloth diapers!

  17. I would love to try these handmade, eco friendly dryer balls! I love how you can reuse them up to a year

  18. I’d rather not use anything than put chemicals in my dryer so these would be great.

  19. I don’t understand the mechanism by which it softens clothes but its a great product to save our budget and for the environment.

  20. I have been reading good things about Woolzies. I would love to find a product that softens my clothes naturally as opposed to the dryer sheets I now use.

  21. I would also like to try the Tater Mate because it also has an eye remover.

  22. I love that it cuts down your drying time by 25%. I do about 8-10 loads a week. That’s a lot of time and energy saved.

  23. We love our dryer balls. I love the reduced dryer time and that they are chemical free.

  24. I would love these for my daughter in law…I never use my dryer…always use the clothesline

  25. I like how long these dryer balls last! They also help reduce drying time so I can save on electricity and I like that they are all natural!

  26. Would love to try these. We have a few Dryer Balls now but they are falling apart after a few years. These look to be really nice quality.

  27. I mostly air dry my clothes but sometimes need to use the dryer. My husband almost always uses the dryer and I would love these to reduce static, which I don’t like!

  28. These look really wonderful. I don’t use anything with a scent, so these would be perfect!

  29. I made my own with wool yarn and I love them! You can find the how to on Pinterest

  30. I appreciate you pointing out the Woolzies are hypo-allergenic and free from harsh chemicals

  31. I like the fact that Woolzies are reusable and can last up to 1,000 loads.With seven people in the house, this will save us some money!!

  32. I too wash 15-18 loads of laundry a month. It is awesome to think that I could have 4-5 years of soft, static free clothes without using fabric softener sheets that are not good for anyone.

  33. I find the review on Woolzies fascinating and I would love to get these and actually try them for myself.I mean I would love to see for myself too how much moneyI would saveThey just sound fabulous.

  34. I would love to try these! I have to go to the laundromat all the time and it would save so much money!

  35. I use tennis balls in the dryer. They separate the clothes so they dry faster and the pet hair clings to them. The problem is that hot tennis balls smell nasty. I will have to look further into this product.
    Miranda W recently posted..Way BehindMy Profile

  36. cant wait to try these! A lot of the liquid softeners and sheets bother my families sensitive skin,this would be a great find for all of us!

  37. I’ve always used tennis balls, and they make such a racket! These would be so much better…

  38. These have to be great at saving money.I was happy to read your review and thrilled to find out how they work and what they do in the dryer.Thanks so much.

  39. I’ve always wondered if they really work and impressed they last so long. thanks for sharing your opinion

  40. I would love to try these. Right now, I am using tennis balls with my cloth diapers. But they can leave little yellow fuzzies in the dryer. These look so much better!

  41. I have seen these before and often wondered how they worked and were they worth buying.
    If it help with the laundry and can keep you from buying fabric softeners then they are worth saving all that money that we spend for fabric softeners , which are costly. thanks for the review on them

  42. I am going to recommend these to my Mom – she suffers from allergies and cannot use fabric softener.

  43. I would love to try these. I have been searching for another way to save time and money. These sound great.

  44. These look pretty great. I would have thought the wool would enhance the static.

  45. I am so excited to see the review on these. My husband is allergic to fabric softener and I love it! I will have to try these out

  46. I actually won a box of these in a giveaway and I absolutely loveeee them!! It has saved me alot of money in liquid fabric softener!! But I have never seen these in a store before so I guess you have to order them online.

  47. The funniest thing is that my aunt actually gave us a box of these- and our dryer stopped working the night of, so we never got a chance to use them!!!!!

  48. I have been hearing great things about these, thank you for your review!!!!

  49. I have wool dryer balls and I love them ! I really notice a difference with the drying time and it saves me so much money because I don’t have to buy dryer sheets! I have never heard of this brand before, but I would love to try these once my other ones run out! 🙂

  50. I have these and I just love them. My clothes come out soft with less wrinkles. I learned about them on this blog. Thank you so much for sharing