Sumo Sultan Bean Bag Review

I received a Sumo Sultan Bean Bag so I can share my honest review and opinion to my readers.

Sumo Lounge manufactures bean bag chairs of all shapes and sizes. They have bean bags as small as an ottoman (aptly called The Otto). And they also have a really big one which they call The Gigantor. Take a look at all the bean bags they currently offer on their website:

Sumo Bean Bag Chairs

That’s quite a lot! They offer so many shapes and sizes that I’m sure everyone will find one that fits what they want and need!

When I received my Sumo Sultan Bean Bag in a very big box, I got so excited!

It was quite a task for me to get everything out of the box since it was secured very well to make sure the stuff inside wouldn’t pop out during shipping. But no amount of staplers and tapes can get in the way of an excited Bay Area Mommy.

The Sumo Sultan measures 54″ X 54″ X 42″. I chose the one that has a removable corduroy bean bag cover but they also offer the Sultan in microsuede and ultimate fur. The cover zips off so we can easily wash it. The corduroy cover comes in Black, Blue, Purple and Red. The microsuede cover comes in Black, Khaki, Brown and Red. And the ultimate fur cover comes in Black, Khaki and Red.

Sumo Sultan Bean Bag Chair

Our family now loves sitting and laying on our Sumo Sultan! I can’t even ask my husband to get up from there when he’s watching TV or playing his Xbox and PS3 games. It’s actually funny because he knows I’m just waiting for him to get up so I can take over the Sumo Sultan!

Even my son wants to lounge on it! So what I do now is when I can’t get some time to sit on it, I just sit with them. It’s not a problem though because it’s a huge bean bag so all three of us can fit in it!

Sumo Sultan Bean Bag Chair

It was actually my husband who opted for the corduroy cover. Somehow, I didn’t set my expectations too high because I’ve seen a lot of corduroy fabrics that were a bit rough and left line marks on your skin. But I love that the corduroy material used for the Sumo Sultan is very soft!

Aside from it being soft and cozy, I like that the Sumo Sultan isn’t really structured. That way, I can change my positions and angles depending on my mood. So if I want to sleep, I can turn it into a mini bed. And if I want to just sit and watch TV, I can turn it into a large chair. It’s just really all about which part of the bean bag you’re sitting on and how much weight goes to one side.

Overall, it’s a really good product for relaxation. Everyone in the family can surely enjoy lounging in the Sumo Sultan.

BUY IT! The Sumo Sultan Bean Bag is available for purchase at

Price varies depending on the cover fabric. The Sumo Sultan Bean Bag in Microsuede cover costs $249. The Sumo Sultan Bean Bag in Corduroy is $279. And the Sumo Sultan Bean Bag in Ultimate Fur is $399.

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Sumo Sultan Bean Bag Review — 243 Comments

  1. When my siblings and I were young, we each had a BB chair and LOVED them – to death (used them so much the seams finally split and the little beads started leaking everywhere). I would love one now but my husband says it just won’t fit with our decor. Poops!

    • Years to go I had the most conftable bean bag I miss it so much ,but this black one looks like it would be so confy.Thanks for sharing

  2. I got the chance to check out one of these last summer and I have to say that I really loved it. I loved the changeablity of it, how you can make it a stool or a chair or a lounge!

  3. I wish I had room for one of these because I really loved my beanbag chair when I was a kid. This thing is huge and looks super comfy.

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  6. I would love to put this in my living room especially on the weekends when I have my granddaughter so we can have a movie night and snuggle together!!

  7. I had bean bag chairs as a child, love them. I hope to win this one for my son so he can experience how fun they are as well. Nice review.

  8. This looks so comfy. I like the corduroy cover that you have on yours very nice. Thank you for sharing this because I have never heard of this company before. I really would love to own one of these and I know my son would love this for when he is playing his video games.

  9. I would absolutely love the sumo sultan bean bag. Your review tells me it’s comfy, great for relaxation and great for all family members. That is a great product to me! Thanks!

  10. I just really like bean bags, but they are very expensive, even if they last a while. I would love the Sumo Sway single 2.0 – but would be happy with any of them, thanks for the review.

  11. I have never seen just large bean bags and the colorers for selection are great this would make a great gift for christmas for all my grand kids

  12. These Bean-Bag Chairs look SOOOO Comfortable!! If I don’t win I am for sure looking into getting one for my home. I grew up having a bean bag chair and loved it. It would be great to have one that the whole family could enjoy!

  13. If I don’t win one…I’m going to have to send the link to my husband so I can get one for my office. since a neat piece of furniture to have ๐Ÿ™‚

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  15. I think the giant bean bag chairs are a great addition to any room! However, I like YOUR pics of it with your family much better than the pics on the site which seem to somehow manage to sexualize a bean bag chair? Really?! Was it necessary for them to portray it that way?

  16. Ohh I love the one you got also! I would love any of them actually they look so comfy!! thanks for the chance to win one! crossing fingers and toes ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Cozy sounds wonderful at this time of night. I bet this is good for back problems cuz it supports you all over

  18. These Sumo bean bags are a major improvement on the good old beanbag of yesteryear. They actually look nice enough that they can be considered furniture, and I really like the textured look of the black corduroy you show in the picture. Thanks for showing the pic of your family enjoying it. It gives me a much better idea of how the bags are constructed and hold weight, as opposed to the posed pictures in the online catalog.

  19. Wow! Super cool, I bet it’s soooo comfy! I could picture me and my 1 year old falling asleep in it together for nap time! hahaha

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  22. These look like good quality bean bag chairs! The last “cheap” bean bag chair I bought was flat in just a few days. I would totally love to nap on the Sumo Sultan!

  23. I remeber having a bean bag as a kid but nothing like this. I love how it can be changed in different postions and they are so roomy. The material in the picture looks soft.

  24. i know that i started making my christmas list today because i know several people that would love one of these. i myself am planning to beg for the gigantor. that way when all of the kids are over there is pleanty of space of them to play xbox.

    thanks for the great giveaway.
    tammy ramey

  25. What neat bean bag chairs. I would love to have one for my grandchildren and I love that you can throw the cover into the wash. With grandchildren that’s a must.

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  27. Thank you for the great review I actually have been looking to get one of these they remind me so much of my childhood. I am so glad that they have improved the old bean bag these look so compfy. I like that they come in different types of material and colors. Better than the old vinyl ones of the past.

  28. Thank you for your honest review; I never would have thought that that the cordoroy would be soft! I love the idea of a big bean bag in our family room for the same reasons you do!

  29. Always wanted one of these. Never thought the Corduroy was a good option, but it looks like you really like it, and it looks very soft. Hmm, lots to think about

  30. Great review. I love that you can get it with a washable cover. With kids you always get spills. My grandchildren would love one.

  31. This bean bag chair looks so comfortable. I like that it comes in different shapes and sizes. I’ve always been a big fan of beanbag chairs. My how they have evolved. Thanks for the review.

  32. I really don’t like corduroy fabic, but.. I might opt for that on this chair since you say it’s very soft. I have a small apartment so this would be perfect for watching tv instead of sitting directly on the floor. Thanks for the review ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. There have been so many times, while watching TV or reading my Kindle, that I have wished for something like this…a chaise, or very large beanbag to lounge in. I LOVE this idea!

  34. They look so comfy.. I bet I could sleep better in one of these than i do the bed.. hubby was actually considering buying us a huge bean bag to use as a bed for our bedroom.. But it’s not easy finding one big enough for him and

  35. This looks so comfy and great for snuggling. The kids would love reading stories while lounging together. I think the dog would like it too.

  36. i love your site it has so many bean bags to choose from. They look so comfy . i wish i had about like 5 or 6 of them for the living room to sit and watch movies on.

  37. wow now thats a bean bag !!!!! Sounds like a great item to have! Seems like it lives up to its expectations. thanks

  38. I figured the microfiber would be more comfy too. Though I wonder if the microfiber would attract static electricity. This sounds like a good product to have for lounging since you can adjust it to any position you like.

  39. Oh these look so comfortable and snuggly. I would love to have one. The courdory looks nice and soft actually.. which is nice. ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. My friend had one in college. Could comfortably seat three of us while we played video games. Would love to have one for the hubby and kiddos.

  41. I can already see my Hubby and I racing to see who can get in this awesome chair first! ๐Ÿ™‚ He will definitely enjoy it while he is in the zone playing his PS3! What a great idea!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I want one soooo bad!!

  42. Your review seems to be spot on. I love the fact that the whole family can pile into the chair. The washable covers are also a big selling point.

  43. Wow, that bean bag is BIG! It also looks super comfy. I’d love one to put in the corner of my bedroom…perfect for reading or for writing in my journal. ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Thanks for a great review. My first thought was that I would love to have this in corduroy. Than I decided corduroy would be to rough and would become uncomfortable if I set on it very long. I am glad you included this info in your review. It is so cool that you have enough room to sit on it with your family – I could snuggle with my grandchildren. I think I would very much like to have this bean bag.

  45. I would love to have one of these for the family room! It would be awesome to snuggle up in with the hubby & watch a movie!

  46. These look so comfortable. I bet the one with the fur cover is simply amazing. My husband and I both would enjoy one of these. Thanks for giving your honest opinion on this product. I wish I had one, already.

  47. They look comfy. And I bet you did have a hard time getting that thing out of the box. It almost swallowed the baby!

  48. Sounds very nice. I use to want to have all my sitting furniture in my living room to be bean bags, but changed my mind when the one I had broke down to nothing in very little time. Now it is a reasonable possibility with this companies bean bags.

  49. The Titan looks cozy. Always looking for something thats easy on my back. I have 3 back surgeries and I cant just sit in anything.

  50. what a great review! I love the fact how you all say that the cordorouy is soft! i too have thoguht it would be more rough. I love these bean bag chair itesm.. its a must need in my household!

  51. I want one even more after reading your review! I love that the positions can change with weight disbursement and that all three of you can fit in it. I would love the purple corduroy cover!
    Thanks for a great review!

  52. My grandkids would love one of these.I would need the one that has the removeable cover because with 8 grandkids it would get messy in no time.

  53. this is big enough for both my 7 and 1 year old to share. We have issues with sharing things in our home LOL

  54. I’m falling in love and haven’t even gotten one yet! Thanks for reviewing this product… gonna have to save up for one!

  55. My fiance just told me yesterday he wanted one of these and I said no. It would be a great surprise to win this!

  56. I would love this!!! I even have a cat named Sumo so perfect fit for my house ๐Ÿ™‚ I believe the box was big. Can’t really imagine what it would look like…maybe a stove haha It looks so comfy!

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  58. Thanks so much for the review. We are getting ready to re-vamp our home library with some new/more seating options. We have 14 grandchildren who are in our home regularly so we are making the library more inviting. One of the seating options we are thinking about is a bean bag. But I didn’t want the old school type that were vinyl covered & pretty small. We want something big & comfy for them to lounge on, or that’s big enough that two of them can sit together & read if they want. I think this bean bag may be our answer!

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