Pests and Whatnots In The House!

Pest & Whatnots
Last week, I was watching a marathon of “World’s Worst Tenants” on TV and saw an episode where a guy wouldn’t let the pest control people get into his apartment. The owner has sent for the eviction people to take care of him because they suspect he’s the reason why pests keep on coming back to the whole apartment complex even after the pest control Sunshine Coast Qld has treated the other units.

Apparently, this guy hoards so many stuff that his apartment basically just became a storage area. Upon inspecting the apartment (when the guy finally let them in), the eviction people and the pest control person saw lots of bed bugs.

Seeing the pests was a really icky picture!

There were droplets of blood on his bed which the pest control person said was the guy’s blood because those bed bugs were feasting on him! Many termite control los angeles services can often deal with other pests too. Find a service near you and give them a call!

This episode made me think. Last year, we found a little mouse here in our apartment. I saw it run one time from the TV stand into our storage cabinet, then another time from our room to another room in the house. I quickly asked my husband to buy some rat trap and we were successful in capturing it.

But there are times when one should really hire pest control services.

This is when there’s just so many pests that you can’t get rid of them using simple methods. If you think your house or apartment just has so many cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, rats, spiders, moths, fleas, or crickets, then I suggest you get a professional company, like Pest Control Des Moines to help. If you’re renting, make sure you let the owner know though.


Pests and Whatnots In The House! — 12 Comments

  1. I had a mouse get in and freaked! I emptied all of the cupboards and bleached everything.I even put the eating utensils in plastic bags then put down enough bait to kill a hundred rodents.I made my husband patch up any area that they could get in too.

    • Makes you wonder how they got in at all, right? Like maybe there’s some hidden hole in the house or something! I hope you never get any more pests in your house again, Lisa!


  2. The last house I lived in was infested with water bugs – disgusting! If I saw one and he got away, I would be up all night worrying whether or not he would make it to my bed. Fortunately, I had a good friend that worked for a pest control company =)

  3. A couple of years ago I moved into an apartment that had bedbugs. I had no idea when I moved in of the issue, but apparently my landlord did. They just wanted to get the apt rented out asap and hoped that replacing the carpets would eliminate the bed bug problem. I complained (a lot) to my landlord and finally had two different pesticide companies come and spray and it took almost 1 year to get rid of those pesky bugs!

  4. Pests in the house seems like such an invasion. I had ants really bad once and was able to find the path of entrance and combat it. That was two summers ago.

  5. That is just disgusting! We live in the country and occasionally I see a mouse in the house and we get out the traps asap. It makes my skin crawl!

  6. Mice – don’t mind ’em. Ants – no prob. No cockroaches or bed bugs inthis house. But don’t get me started on Spi**rs (I can’t even type their word!). I hav emy own in-house pest control for that – my husband and occasionally my cat!

  7. We have a contract with a pest control company to come and spray in and outside the house every two months. We are on a somewhat rural area and need to prevent unwanted visitors

  8. I have to continue to get my place sprayed for roaches because I guess they are all over the neighborhood and when someone moves then the bugs move too. It is expensive but the pest control people are getting much better products like they can put a barrier around the house so they don’t even come in the yard.

  9. Droplets of blood from the bed bugs feasting on him? Gross!! That would be a horrible way to live, I wonder why he wouldn’t let the pest control people in. Thank you for sharing this post.

  10. This year we have been getting alot of ants. We have been able to control them though with home remedies. thank you so much for sharing this