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I had the opportunity to receive the Bamboo Dreams Grace Fashion Dress from Yala Designs so I could share my honest thoughts on it.

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If there’s one thing every fashionable lady has to have, it’s a black dress.

Most people refer to it as their “little black dress” since the fashion staple is usually a short dress. Thing is, not everyone would be bold enough to wear mini skirts — and that includes me. I had way too much stretch marks during and after pregnancy that I need to keep most of my skin hidden.

Yala Fashionable Grace Dress

But just because you don’t want to show too much skin doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable and classy, right?

Take this elegant Bamboo Dreams Grace dress from Yala Designs as an example. It lives up to its name — Grace.

Ladies can easily dress it up for a formal event or dress it down for church or work or even a stroll at the park or the mall. It has a front crossover that fit well on me. I appreciate that because I’ve tried some dresses with crossovers and it made my chest look really flat.

From the waist, this dress just lightly flows down to just below your knees. The dress is made of soft flowy fabric — 95% viscose from Bamboo and 5% spandex. And it also comes in purple if you want some color in your wardrobe too.

It isn’t too obvious in my photo above but I was wearing a small gold necklace because I wanted a classy but toned down look. To make yourself stand out more, I suggest wearing a fashion necklace with more volume — like a long lariat necklace — and pair it up with cute earrings and a bracelet. But don’t overdo the accessories, of course! Make sure your fashion pieces complement each other.

BUY IT! This Bamboo Dreams Grace Dress is available for $88 at the Yala Designs website.

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Not-So-Secret Fashion Tip For Every Season — 52 Comments

  1. I really enjoyed your review, you pointed out their classy yet casual style that is very appealing to me. I can’t stand to feel bound in my clothing when I have to dress up. I have also not heard of this company before so I appreciate your information on it.

  2. So hard to believe it is made with bamboo. I love that you can dress it up or down depending on where you are going

  3. yes, I always think of a little black dress as a tiny little thing, but this dress looks very dressy. Thank you Vicki

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! And so versatile. And being bamboo it for sure travels well. And the price is awesome. What else do you need in a dress??

  5. Looks comfy,simple but classy. . . Thanks for the review. Also like their BambooDreams® Luna Gown.

  6. I love the feel of bamboo. I only buy bamboo socks now and this dress looks so elegant and classic and comfortable. Very nice review, thanks.

  7. I love the feel of bamboo clothing. They are so soft and comfortable. The dress has a very flattering style.

  8. This is a really nice dress that looks modest and the color looks vibrant. I could wear this dress to church and to parties. I like the length of the hem.

  9. That dress is terrific! I love the color and it looks like the fabric is really soft.

  10. I crochet using yarn made from bamboo. It’s amazing to me how soft it is. I love that this dress is made from that too. It’s a really pretty dress, something that appeals to me a lot.

  11. Love the dress. I too prefer to wear more modest clothing. Actually that’s a dress I’d love to have myself!

  12. Pretty dress — I take it the viscose breathes like cotton, right? I’ve never worn bamboo clothing, so I’m clueless!

  13. now that i am 56 pounds lighter i a thinking i need to add dresses to my wardrobe. of course i will need a ‘little black dress’.

  14. Thank you. I’ve long loved Yala – but always thought of for more casual (or spiritual/physical) apparel – but…

    I can’t believe it – a fashionable, classy, simple black V-NECK dress that I would feel comfortable wearing – WOW! With a few accessories that suit the mood and the occasion – I’d be all set! Thanks!

  15. I love the flexibility of the Bamboo Dreams Grace Dress and the price ($88) makes it even more attractive!

  16. What a great review! I might have to get this dress – usually crossover tops make me look flat too!

  17. I love that dress. It is just what I look for- hits below the knee & 3/4 sleeves, with a V-neck!
    Thanks for pointing us in the Yala direction!

  18. I love bamboo clothing! It is sooo soft! I have a pair of leggings from Yala and I LOVE them!

  19. I love a dress that looks great and is comfortable! I love that you can change the look just by changing the accessories, so it’s so versatile! Very nice dress!

  20. What a gorgeous and classy dress. I love Yala designs dresses they are stylish, classy, affordable and comfortable. Thanks for sharing this and you look beautiful in that dress by the way. Have a Happy Easter!!

  21. I really like the design and color of the dress. It looks incredibly comfortable and definitely doesn’t compromise style in favor of comfort as some clothes do. Looks great on you!

  22. Can you believe I do not have a single black dress in my closet?! This dress is classy and so unique being made from bamboo! Love it!

  23. This is a dress I would wear. Thank you for the great review and making me aware of Yala.

  24. I had no idea they could even make clothes from bamboo. I must have been living under a rock somewhere.

  25. Looks like a nice dress. i can’t believe its made of bamboo. I never heard of clothing made of it but I heard of sheets. I guess it makes sense to have clothing too

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  26. This dress looks simple and elegant. The fact its made out of bamboo really sells it for me.

  27. I agree having a LBD (little black dres) Is A Must Have In Every Womans Closet Mine Is A BCBG Wrap Dress That i Love. This dress looks great and i cant believe its bamboo crazy!

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  29. Nice review, I think all women should have that special black dress that is appropriate for anything, just change the accessories and you change the mood.

  30. I like the dress. Like you I don’t like to wear anything mini. I’m all about wearing age appropriate clothing and items that flatter my figure. It looks very nice on you. Thank you for the honest review.

  31. I love the look of this.
    although I’m not much of a dress wearer, but I’m always open to try something new!
    I love things that you can wear for different occasions just by changing up a little something, like the necklace, etc 🙂

  32. You did an awesome review on a beautiful dress that’s made from bamboo.Wow! I am fascinated and besides looking great it looks comfortable too.I hope you enjoy wearing it because it looks very nice.