Horsefeathers Gifts Fingerprint Keepsake Necklace Review

Horsefeathers Gifts Fingerprint Pendant

Horsefeathers Gifts Custom Fingerprint Pendant Review

Horsefeathers Gifts is also one of my awesome sponsors for the 2013 Spring Fashionista Event! I received their Custom Fingerprint Pendant Keepsake Necklace for review and one lucky reader will also get a custom pendant!

Custom Fingerprint Pendant Keepsake
Keep a permanent reminder of the most special people in your life. Wear your child’s, parent’s, grandparent’s or friend’s fingerprint to keep them close to your heart wherever you go.Each pendant is hand sculpted from fine silver and hung from a ball chain. Measures about 1/2″.

Horsefeathers Gifts Custom Fingerprint Pendant KeepsakeWhen you order this keepsake pendant, Horsefeathers Gifts will  send you a mold-making kit to take 3 molds of the fingerprint. A self addressed stamped envelope is enclosed so we can send it back to them. They will then cast that print in silver. Here’s a photo of the mold-making kit they sent me. It includes some playdough so we can practice creating the mold and so we can get a feel of how the actual mold would work. There’s a small rolling pin and the A&B molder.

I just had to knead A and B together until the color became a uniform yellow, not marble-like. I pressed it onto the board using the rolling pin then pressed my son’s toe onto it. It was actually very easy to do it. I admit I was a bit anxious that I might not be able to do it right. But once I saw my son’s toe print on the mold, I felt relieved and realized I was anxious for nothing. LOL

Fingerprint Keepsake 1

The fingerprint keepsake has a handcrafted artisan feel.

This is because it’s not intended to appear perfect — which makes it all the more perfect! It’s not machine-made, mass-produced jewelry. Here are photos of the actual pendant I got.

Fingerprint Keepsake 2

Fingerprint Keepsake 3

What’s even nicer about this is that you can customize your orders as much as you want. You can get either stainless steel or sterling silver for your chain, at the length you want. You can choose up to 2 prints and even personalize the back of the pendant.

The main reason I love this pendant? Because I feel that when my son is older, I can have something to remind me of his younger years.

BUY IT! This Custom Fingerprint Pendant Keepsake is available for purchase for $85 at


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Horsefeathers Gifts Fingerprint Keepsake Necklace Review — 68 Comments

  1. This necklace is beautiful! I saw a craft to make this on Pinterest but would much rather buy one being how my to-do crafts are piled up everywhere. Thank you for sharing

  2. I wish I had known about this for my girlfriend. She just lost her infant son. I would have loved to have been able to give this to her as a gift with her son’s fingerprint.

  3. I love this idea and that you can customize it right down to the chain. I so wish I had this several weeks ago. I would have had my grandma put her fingerprint in it before she passed. This is a fabulous keepsake

  4. What a great idea for jewelry. I love this necklace and I love the fact that it can be customized. Thanks for sharing this. Wonderful idea.

  5. What a lovely idea and keepsake. I sure do wish they would have had these when my son was born. but I don’t think it is too late to do this for any member of your family, young or old!

  6. This is a awesome idea for mom of all aged kids.. would be a beautiful baby gift also. It would make areally great her/him dating gift around christmas time.

  7. okay. i cant decide if fingerprints on jewelry is ‘cool’ or ‘creepy’. i guess it ‘looks’ cool but ‘sounds’ creepy….lol

  8. This has got to be the most awesome jewelry idea ever! Not only is it personal, you will always have the fingerprints of your little ones with you. I would love to do this with my 5 year old.

  9. I really like this pendant…it’s not perfect like you say, but it is perfect because you will always have your loved one nearby…great gift to buy for anyone.

  10. This is an adorable idea and a wonderful keepsake – As a grandma I would love to have one of these for each grandkid.

  11. Wow! This is unique! A forever keepsake. A lot of my cousins are having babies right now. They will definitely love this! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  12. this is such a nice keepsake.. I am not sure who I would have but I would love to have one that had my mom, son, daughter and hubby’s fingerprints on them…

  13. I think this is such a cool idea, I love the classic, clean look, but then to have such neat personalization makes it really special. I had never heard of this before, so thank so much for sharing it! 🙂

  14. I think this is a wonderful idea…and very personal… I would consider myself super lucky to have something with my kiddos on it..

  15. This is beyond amazing. has so much meaning, and would make an amazing gift!
    I’d like to do this for myself and for my boys grandmother 🙂

  16. I love your necklace! Thank you so much for your review, I have been thinking about buying one of these necklaces for a while! =)

  17. This is such a pretty necklace. It’s definitely a perfect gift for a Mom on Mother’s Day! Thank you for your honest and thorough review! 🙂

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