Cuore and Pelle Amelia Bag Review

Cuore and Pelle

One of my sponsors for the 2013 Spring Fashionista Event is Cuore and Pelle.

The name is Italian for “heart and leather” thus the tagline “the love of leather”. Cuore and Pelle is a designer handbag studio that combines quality design with luxury details. All of their leather bags are genuine and are crafted in such a way that it offers functionality, longevity and aesthetics. The leather they use are carefully selected for the unique textures and colors which makes their bags so beautiful.

The first time I checked out the Cuore and Pelle website, I already fell in love with a lot of their bags! They have bags with a classy and more formal look. And they have bags with a classy and casual look. I was torn between the Musette and the Amelia bag but since I already have a designer bag for formal occasions, I went for the Amelia bag which to me looks classy and fresh.

Genuine Leather. Petite light gold stud detail. Detachable leather tassel. Top zip closure. Exterior zip pocket. Dual interior compartment with center zip divider. Solid cotton lining. Removable, adjustable shoulder strap.
Dimensions: 19″W x 11″H x 5″D
Handle drop: 6″
Shoulder strap drop: Up to 22″

Cuore and Pelle

I chose the Cuore and Pelle Amelia Bag in Sol color which is a mustard-like color since it’s almost spring and I want something bright and colorful.

Aside from that, most of my handbags are earth colors so it’s awesome to have one that spruces up my bag collection.Β It’s actually more orange-y in color than how my photos make it appear. The Cuore and Pelle Amelia bag also comes in five other colors: Black, Khaki, Aegean, Rose and Cream.

I love that I can carry it on my arms (as shown on the first photo above) and it can also be carried around on my shoulder since the handle drop is long enough. And because it comes with a detachable shoulder strap, you can use that and carry it as shown on the second photo above.

Cuore and Pelle

Taking a look at the inside of this Cuore and Pelle bag, you’ll see that it has 2 sides. I don’t think it’s very noticeable on my photo above but I put the diapers and wipes on one side and the snack puffs on the other side. What is between them is a zipped divider. It also has 2 side compartments on one side, another zip pocket on the other side, and a zipped pocket on the exterior. For someone like me who loves compartmentalizing, this handbag is ideal!

Now if you’ve been reading my reviews before, you know that I like using my fashion review items when I go to church. This is so I can see if people will notice the product or if its just so-so. I went to church last Saturday (one of our members had her baby shower there) with this bag and the bag was noticed the moment I stepped inside the lobby. The pastor’s wife asked me right away where I got my bag and told me she loved the color and the texture of the bag.

And I agree. My photos may not give this bag any justice cause I’m not really a good photographer. But the leather used for this bag is the kind that feels really durable — like you know it’s going to last a long time. I love my Cuore and Pelle Amelia bag!Β 


BUY IT! This Cuore and Pelle Amelia Bag can be purchased atΒ for $325.


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Cuore and Pelle Amelia Bag Review — 113 Comments

  1. i love 100 leather bags that feature great color .. and this one does. I also like that the tassle and armstraps are removable.

  2. I love handbags. They’re so expensive though.I know you get what you pay for.Quality.

  3. love the bag and the color. it looks like i could fit a lot of stuff in there.

  4. I am in love with C&P bags right now! I saw them featured on another blog last month and have been obsessed ever since! I really like the color of your bag here…perfect for Spring and Summer!

  5. I love the bags, I specially like the one you picked. Yellow is my favorite color but I’ve never had a bag that color – it looks roomy and fashionable. I need to get lucky and win it – I would never be able to afford it otherwise

  6. Cute bag. The yellow one is trendy, but the blue one (aegean) is amazing. A must have!

  7. LOVE the bag and the color and not for nothing, but the little tassel embellishment just makes the whole purse pop with class.

  8. These look so beautiful…I just want to touch that leather. It looks so soft!

  9. Looks like a beautiful pocketbook. Wish I could afford such a luxury but can’t so I’ll just have to dream about it.

  10. I love it! The bright color is so unique and different than all the black handbags I see out there.

  11. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway .. Some Bunny is going to be very lucky!

  12. I definitely love these bags. I agree with your review, the bag leather looks sturdy and durable to ensure a long life of use.

  13. This is a beautiful bag! Love the color, the leather and the “roominess” it offers!

  14. That’s a very nice bag. I would want one that is a bit smaller, buthte color just popped.

  15. I have been in love with Coach handbags for the last 15 years. Now after seeing the Cuore and Pelle designer handbag I may have to change loyalties.

  16. I LUV, LUV, LUV and did I mention LOVE! that handbag! It would be a dream come true for me to be able to carry that bag. The mustard , Sol , us my absolute favorite. It could be carried the entire year!

  17. I really like that bag. I really think I would have gone with a black or brown color instead of the mustard, but that’s just me being conservative. I like that you have the option of either carrying it over your arm or on your shoulder. It looks like it has plenty of room too. Thanks for the great review! πŸ™‚

  18. I am in love with that Amelia Bag. It is the right styling and size for me, plus good quality, too. It also goes with my red hair…

  19. I think this is such a pretty purse and they have really nice purses on their website too.

  20. while i can’t afford to buy it, i would if i could…it’s roomy and comfy, my 2 priorities for a purse.

  21. I love the colors they offer and that there is a place for my cell phone so I don’t lose calls digging for it.

  22. I would love to have a bag of this quality. my money seems to always go in other directions. wouuld love to win.

  23. I really like purses that have 2 sides, and a option of a shoulder strap is a musst for me. They truly are a love of leather!

  24. I love everything about these bags. They have the best bags ever and I love them. I love how stylish and functional they are. Thanks for sharing this and have a wonderful day!!

  25. i love purses that are in those ‘funky’ colors. i like the ‘amelia’ in that yellow color and the ‘sophia’ in purple.

  26. Love love love their bags! The colors are fabulous, and I so want one for work!

  27. I love the look of this bag! It’s simple & classy with great lines & I love that you can remove or adjust the shoulder strap.

  28. I really like the little stud detail – it’s a nice touch. I have a handbag in a similar color that I use all the time, it definitely puts a cheery touch on every outfit.

  29. The bag looks like it could hold a lot – I think I would get it in the Black or Khaki color.

  30. My wife loves this bag. She doesn’t know but I think I’m going to buy it for her b-day.

  31. OMG. That is gorgeous! I love the color. It looks so rich and expensive. I hope to own one someday.

  32. I have never been a huge fan of yellow, but I have to admit that I am LOVING this mustardy yellow color on this Amelia bag for spring. Thanks you for opening my eyes to a new trend!

  33. wow you can fit a lot of things in this baby….great color for spring and summer

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  34. love the style of this bag, though my fave color in this style is the Aegean! πŸ˜‰

  35. The Amelia bag looks very nice. Thanks for the interesting and informative review!

  36. This bag looks great! πŸ™‚ I love the size, shape, and versatility, plus it looks like it could be dressed up or down. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing, it made me want to have it!

  37. This bag on my wrist a great pair of earrings and a handsome I would look like I a carrying a birkin! Exquisite

  38. The bag is beautiful, but the price for me is a bit too steep. I love leather bags and bold spring/summer colors. I hope when I take a look around the website I will be able to find something nice on sale and/or clearance. Thanks for the review.

  39. I visited the website and they have some very nice handbags. Thank you for sharing this post.

  40. This bag is so cute. I love that it has two sides. I also like carrying my bags on my shoulder. Thank you so much for sharing this