Clipa Jenna Crystal Purse Hook Review

Clipa Jenna Purse Hook

Clipa Jenna Crystal Purse Hook Review

The Clipa Jenna Crystal Purse Hook features a classic silver and crystal look. It has Swarovski Xirius lead-free crystals that are set in graduated sizes from biggest to smallest. There are 6 large Swarovski crystals in each Clipa purse hanger and it comes in an elegant gift box with magnetic closure.

It is 3 inches in diameter and weighs 2ounces. It’s made of high strength alloy that has passed tests for toxic materials so you can have peace of mind knowing that this purse hook is safe.

Here are some photos of the Clipa purse hook:

Clipa Jenna Purse Hook

I edited out the tag of the bag I used in the photo above because I want you to focus more on the purse hook rather than the bag. But if you would like to, you can check out my review of that eco-friendly bag. And if you’re looking for a great wallet too, check out MyPhotoWallet for a unique, personalised way to store your money.

One thing I like about Clipa’s purse hooks is that they’re made here in the US because they help people here with employment. Anyway…

I love the convenience of just having this Clipa purse hook with me every time we’re outside having lunch or dinner. I hate having to “share” my seat with my bag because not all restaurant chairs have enough room for me and my big bag. I’d be lucky if there was an extra seat for my purse but since that rarely is the situation, I’m just glad I have my Clipa.

I also love that this purse hook feels really strong. Like I won’t need to worry about it suddenly breaking because of the weight of my bag. You see, my bag is always heavy because I put all my stuff, my son’s stuff and my hubby’s stuff in there.

Overall, I’d say the Clipa purse hook is a must-have for ladies out there that don’t want to leave their bags on the floor.

BUY IT! The Clipa Jenna Crystal Purse Hook retails for $39.99 on their website.

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Clipa Jenna Crystal Purse Hook Review — 16 Comments

  1. Thanks for this review. I received a purse hook as a gift last year, and it just couldn’t handle the weight of my bag! This one looks pretty and like it could hold the weight!

  2. It is very pretty. I was wondering if these purse hooks really work. My Mom gave me one and I gave it to my Daughter but never see her use it and was wishing I had kept it because sometimes you get a chair that you can’t even hang you purse on it because it just slides off.

  3. I need a purse hook – tired of leaving my purse on the back of a chair or on the floor. And made in the USA, to boot – I’ll certainly check them out!

  4. Your clipa is quite pretty as well as obviously functional. I also carry everybodys “stuff” and have gone to more of a tote than a real purse now. It would be good to use when visiting friends ect. But I do wonder at the safety of my purse if I clipped it to a table, very easy for someone to grab and go. I love the silver and crystals of yours … must make it easy to use for multiple ‘looks’ or purses.

  5. i love this thing. i would use it most when ever i go to a public restroom so i dont have to set it on the gross bathroom floor. for the life of me i cant figure out why all bathrooms dont have a hook to hang things on. i guess thats what happens when men design stuff….lol.

  6. The Clipa Jenna Purse Hook is a great idea. I agree, I carry a large handbag and having a purse clip would mean that I don’t have to share my seat with my handbag. Thank you for sharing this review.

  7. This purse hook is such a cute idea. I really like Svaroski crystals. They always look so nice. Their jewelry is great. Thank you so much for sharing

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