Apricot Collection’s Rectangles Time 1960s Dress Review

Apricot Collection logoApricot Collection’s Rectangles Time 1960s Dress Review

Since I love dresses, I was excited to have the opportunity to review the Apricot Collection’s Rectangles Time dress — a chic 1960s inspired dress.

The Apricot Collection is a Canada-based online fashion boutique that offers chic mid-range apparel and accessories from North America & Europe. Their goal is to constantly look for the best outfit combinations for multitasking moms who find it hard to shop in just one dress shop.

Rectangles Time Dress
Brand: Eric Alexandre
When you feel like going back to the 60′s, that’s your go-to dress.
Material: 54% Cotton, 46% Acrylic

Apricot Collection 1960s dress apricot 1960s dress
Let me apologize for the quality of my photo above. It was taken by my husband who was watching a Golden State Warriors basketball game at that time so he wasn’t paying much attention to me. Men!

I just love the pattern on this 1960s style dress!

I think the rectangles pattern on this dress is unique and is something I don’t usually see around so I like that it has a style of its own.  Though the length of this dress is pretty okay, I still had to wear tights under it because I was leading worship that day and I don’t like wearing an above-the-knee skirt when I’m onstage.

I also like the material used for this dress. It was comfortable and I feel that it had the right thickness so I wouldn’t sweat that much under all the lights on the stage, but it wouldn’t be too cold either once I stepped off the stage.

Overall, I can say that this dress is great in that it gives you a vintage 1960s look, it’s unique, and it’s comfortable.

BUY IT! This Rectangles Time 1960s inspired dress retails for $172 but is currently on sale for $90 at apricot-collection.com.


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Apricot Collection’s Rectangles Time 1960s Dress Review — 67 Comments

  1. Can only say one thing: LOVE THIS! And you look so nice in it with the leggings – so chic!

  2. Cute! I used to wear that kind of style a lot – I’ve gone more toward the flowy look lately, but that looks great on you!

  3. I love th eway that you can change the look of the dress. Very cute and definitely versatile.

  4. I love that some of the styles from the 50s and 60s are making a comeback! This dress is super cute and I love it better with the leggings actually! I could do that with a pair of flats! 🙂

  5. The dress looks lovely on you. I have checked out some of there other dresses too. They sure do have a lot to love. I love that you paired this with the leggingss.

  6. I like it – in fact i thought your picture (besides being a little fuzzy) looked better than the other one! It looks better on you, too, maybe you should model for them! I will check it out, thanks!

  7. You look amazing in the dress! I really like the whole look with leggings and heels. It is perfect.

  8. I also have seen this dress worn in Kentucky! I love the retro design, but it would only work for someone who is not heavy set.

  9. I totally love that dress that you are wearing! When I went to their site and I saw that dress I fell in love with it. That is my fave dress. You look stunning in it also.

  10. this is a really cute dress and i like the way it looks with the leggings. i never would have thought of that myself.

  11. They have a lot of unique styles on their site, I love it. And that dress is made for you. Really!

  12. Awww!!! Your husband took a great photo even though he wasn’t really paying attention to you! The dress is super cute & I LOVE it with the leggings! I would probably wear it with leggings for work.

  13. I had a dress in the 1960s that reminds me of this dress though mine had some red, blue and yellow colors in some of the squares. I won it at a fashion show when I was 8 when my chair had the envelope under it. First thing I ever won!

  14. I saw the pic on the left pinned a couple days ago. Pretty cool…you have a dress that’s floating around popular on the internet. 🙂

  15. who wore it best….you did….like this one with the leggings

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  16. Looks more flattering on you than on the model…love that you paired it with leggings, I think it would go totally cute with flats and a nice clutch!

  17. cute dress! And the leggings added a whole new look, and didn’t look bad at all-very cute look!

  18. thats such a stunning dress! you look so pretty!
    i also love the red love dress

  19. This dress looks very nice. Thanks for the interesting and informative review!

  20. You look very cute! Love the dress. Funny how fashion keeps going to different time periods. 1960’s. I was a baby 😀

  21. Thank you for sharing this! I like how you paired it with leggings, though I’m not sure this type of dress would look too good on me (I’m more of a plus, and I just worry the print would accentuate largeness).

  22. I really like the retro geometric print of this shift dress! Very cute! And it looks great on you!
    I’ll be sure to check out Apricot Collection!

  23. I love this with your leggings…it makes for a more casual look and if the weather is a little chilly they would add warmth.

  24. The dress itself is cute with or without leggings. It would look so much better with gogo boots but the more I see this picture the more I can’t help but think that it’s not a particularly flattering dress on either model. I don’t know it’s…. baggyish and sloppy looking as is I think they needed a smaller size

  25. The dress itself is cute. I’m not fond of the design though. Maybe a different print would look good.

  26. That is just so so cute! I like it a lot and I just know my mother would adore it. She was a teen in the 60’s and from looking at her old pictures, this would be her style! 🙂