Adea Classic A-Line Italian Skirt Review

Adea A-Line Skirt

Adea Classic A-Line Italian Skirt Review

One of my sponsors for the 2013 Spring Fashionista is Adea. You very well know that I like skirts and dresses so I chose Adea’s Classic A-line Italian Skirt for review.

Based on experience, I know that A-line skirts usually flatter my body — though I think it flatters almost everyone. So I was really excited to try this out. It’s an Italy-made knee-length skirt with really soft and stretchy fabric (Italian jersey knit). I used the word “really” because it was REALLY (no kidding!) soft.

Adea A Line Skirt

Here is Adea’s description of this a-line skirt:

The skirt drapes beautifully while the contoured waistband (no elastic band!) provides a clean line without excess fabric or constricting fit. Made in Italy.
– 90% viscose – 10% elastane
– sits at waist and is relaxed through hip
– contoured waist can be worn flat or rolled over for a more casual look
– machine-washable; read detailed care instructions here
– breathable and wrinkle resistant – ideal for travel
– approximate length – 20″

Adea A-Line Skirt
The band on the waist area might not be too clear in my pictures but it’s there. The band helps the skirt stay on your waist and make the rest of the skirt just flow down to your knees. I would’ve loved to have the body of the model in the photo above so that the skirt’s A-line shape can really be seen. But I think it still fit me pretty okay.

Overall, this can be a great addition to your collection of “little black skirts” to complement your bright or printed tops. As always, if you want a casual look, pair it with flats. If you want a more formal look, go for heels.

BUY IT! This Adea Classic A-Line Italian Skirt retails at their website for $118.


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Adea Classic A-Line Italian Skirt Review — 9 Comments

  1. This skirt looks so nice. It hangs very well and I like the length. Thanks for review.

  2. I like the length of the skirt. It would pair well with anything. I prefer a skirt over a dress. You can extend your wardrobe easier.

  3. This review is just what I needed.This will be the next thing I buy and add to my wardrobe. I like that it is simple, but elegant, classy and non-formal-how ever you decide to wear it for the day. Love it, love it-I really think this style would look good on anyone-I’ve been thinking alot lately about me & my young daughter going to church-but what to wear is always my hang-up, not anymore thanks for sharing this well need review.

  4. I agree with you, I think A-line skirts look great on almost anyone. I know for me it’s almost always the style I go for.

  5. SUCH a cute skirt – and it looks great with those heels. I bet it travels well with the stretchy fabric and all.