Internet: How Has It Changed Your Way Of Life?

how has the internet changed you

Do you still remember the days when the internet was nonexistent?

I remember the days when I would need to go to the library to borrow books and look through archives just to find information I need. I remember going to the bank with my mom whenever she needs to pay some bills. I remember pressing the “RECORD” button on my cassette recorder once the radio plays my favorite songs so I can listen to them again and again.

And now because of the internet, I can just do a simple search for the topics I need to know more about and voila! I usually see thousands of results based on the words I enter.

Technically, I know I could live without the internet as long as my basic needs as a human being are there.

But if I lost all access to the internet right now, I might go through withdrawal! LOL! I’m so used to going on Facebook, Yahoo News and my email inboxes so I can keep abreast of the latest news about my friends and the world around me. When you are so used to using the internet, when you get slow service, it can be so annoying. I remember when the internet in my home became faulty and I was without it for a few days. I felt lost. Until I was recommended to do a bit of research into something like internet nebraska, I probably would have been without the internet for a very long time. As much as I did like the provider I was previously with, it was time for a change. It was definitely worth it. Now, I think I might have been spoiled for the past 3 years though because we have a really good internet connection at home. I’m so in love with the speed! My church has a different internet service provider and there are times when I need to listen to or download a song to help us during our music practice. It’s such a hassle when I need to wait 5 minutes to download a song or a file that can be downloaded in less than a minute if I were at home. Maybe ethernet cables could make their internet run faster.

Obviously, I prefer faster internet speed since it helps me be more efficient when I’m doing my blogging tasks especially because it always feels like 24 hours in one day is not enough. So the time I save with really fast internet can help me spend more time for more important things like speding more time with my baby cause I just love seeing him smile. So I guess I can say that the internet has changed my way of life in a huge way in that I became more efficient with my time and resources.

What are some things that you never really do anymore because of the internet?


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  1. My husband and I were just talking about this. It is so crazy how much has changed since I was in High School even with the internet. It’s everywhere.. on our phones.. I miss just being able to hang out with friends not being concerned about your phone or updating your twitter/facebook status. I don’t spend nearly as much time outside anymore which is a bummer but after becoming a blogger, Social media is addicting! Glad you posted about this!

  2. The internet has changed how I do my work in school (college, grad school) compared to when I had to use actual books for my references now I have to use scholarly articles found through academic internet sources–if any of that makes sense!

  3. I miss the world before all of this tech stuff came around. I hardly ever use a dictionary, a stamp or a phone book.

  4. When I was young, when we had nothing to do my borhters, sister and I would grab a rnadom copy of our encyclopedia and look for something cool and/or interesting (OK,we were a little nerdy!). Now, I don’t even own an encycopedia, my grandkids have never used one, and I don’t even use a book form dictionary!

  5. It has just fueled my inner curiosity that much more. I feel like I wanted to know so much when I was young, but I didn’t have the resources or the accessibility. With the internet, those restrictions are gone. Now I have to deal with the risk of falling into some kind of slippery slope straight into information overload.

  6. Before the internet, you used to have to go into the bank and ask for an updated statement, and it cost you to have it. Now my account has never been easier to keep up with.

  7. I know what you mean! I’ve been so spoiled by fast Internet I about lose it when I have to use slow Internet! You’re so right, though, we can definitely live without it but it has truly made things so much easier!
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  8. I love the internet…it’s a vast ray of knowledge at our fingertips but since I’ve discovered giveaways I’m consumed by them. I enjoy entering them and have won things i would’ve never splurged for myself. But I probably spend about two hours entering existing ones. Yikes.

  9. The internet brought some very important people into my life. It’s crazy how much it has changed in just the last ten years or so!

  10. Job search reporting for unemployment benefits have to be submitted online. No more mailing in paper forms. The unemployment office has computers with Internet access available for the people that don’t have Internet access elsewhere.

  11. yes i love it and useful for me, but i have noticed that everything anyone is doing online is not as private anymore. what is the point if them having to know everything about users.

  12. I don’t like that everything is going paperless.We don’t have the same level of privacy anymore. I won’t (until I have to) put certain information out. It boggles my mind that some people literally bear their souls and sell out family for their own gain. Not talking about this post!

  13. We def live in a different world now. Social media does allow me to communicate with family otherwise I may not be able to.

  14. I certainly spend a LOT more time looking at a screen. It also has allowed me to enter LOTS of giveaways and sweeps!

  15. It’s easier now to get information on just about anything. If I need a recipe , a phone number, anything.

  16. When I think back how it used to be it was so much different. I remember our first computer a radio shack in the 80’s things have come so far since then.

  17. I guess I am too young to remember life without the internet! But I can’t imagine how much time we’d spend doing things that the internet makes so fast now!

  18. I love it, it helps my family in so many ways, BUT.. it has it’s drawbacks as well. Remembering when I was am kid and there weren’t even video games, I spent my time outdoors getting plenty of fresh air and exercize. Sadly, SOME parents let their kids sit for hours playing on the computer instead of spending quality time. My husband and I have a 1 hour a day rule. No matter if it’s the TV, a video game, or the computer, kids only get 1 hour per day of screen time.

  19. The internet has probably changed everyone’s life…I can’t remember when I couldn’t shop, pay bills, contact someone, do research, or anything else online…It’s actually made life way more convenient.

  20. I would have to agree with a previous post…the internet has opened up my world. I have also learned so much about the world I live in. I love learning about different countries and cultures. I remember when I used to wake up in the morning and the computer wasn’t my first thought…I miss that 🙂 As of March 14th I will no longer have the internet…willingly having it disconnected so that when I do wake up…I will not be on my laptop but taking better care of me. Not to worry though…there are 2 coffee shops across the street from my flat that have WiFi…this was a great post and question btw and I enjoyed reading the comments 🙂

  21. It sure has changed my life. I get to enter these sweepstakes and giveaways via the computer rather than my filling out forms and postcards and sending them in the mail.

  22. Much easier and faster to find information and find jobs and buy and sell things. It’s just so convenient.

  23. I’m not sure how I would live without the internet. Seems like it’s my life – and that could be a bad thing. I pay bills online, find local restaurants… oh and facebook!

  24. The internet changed everything! Last year we bought a house and couldnt have it installed for over a month! I thought I would probably die…but actually it was really nice to not have it for a while. I did sneak into the library twice to check my email but mostly went cold turkey without being connected for a whole month

  25. I don’t miss going through all of my cookbooks for a recipe when I can find anything I want online!

  26. I love having the internet for keeping in touch, quick look ups, and because I do freelance graphic design and writing for work. But nothing beats actually holding a book in a hand for pleasure reading 🙂

  27. Wow! gosh, before internet gee, I guess we would write notes, letters, and post-its. Can’t even remember those days but thank goodness for the internet life is so much easier now.

  28. OH WOW I’d forgotten all about taping the radio like that I remember trying to time it out perfectly so that I wouldn’t have the DJ’s cutting in on the tape. Internet has definately changed all of our lives even those who don’t use it a lot. I for one have almost forgot how to mail in a bill..last month I was over 3 weeks late on my water bill and the only reason was that it’s my only bill I don’t have come out automatically or that I pay on the internet!

  29. I can’t imagine life without it! It is such an important part of our lives. But it has taken away some of the simple pleasures I enjoyed growing up such as sitting down to talk to someone face to face, or sending a handwritten letter. Catch 22.

  30. I could not live without the internet or my computer. I spend countless hours a day on it entering giveaways and reading blogs that I love. It seems like I can’t get enough done in one day. My fiancee gets mad because I spend all of my time on the computer and little time with him.

  31. I love the easy access to info, I love being able to skype with my 2 older boys away at different univ., I love the easy access to my Grandmother in her nursing home – she’s pretty tech But I miss that my kids will never know the joy of running over to a friend’s house because your Mom’s on the phone and you need to tell them something…or playing until the streetlights come on…I miss being able to turn off work when I leave the office, but instead drag it home to work again at night, or on the weekends..or worse, on vacation!

  32. i miss the days that are without internet….true that you can get in touch with people easier but now things are so impersonal and such a distraction. My grandmothers used to be my pen pals

  33. I LOVE the internet! There are definitely times when I wonder just what the heck I did with my time before there was such a thing. I spend A LOT of time on FB and blogs, and just surfing… But most of all I spend beyond A LOT of time shopping and searching Amazon!! Now that I have had internet I don’t think I could live without it. It’s probably NOT a good thing for young families though. I could see where quality family time would realy suffer!

  34. i cant imagine life without the internet because i grew up with it and it has been a part of my life ever since i remember. i know i could live without it, but it would be a huge change.

  35. The internet came into my life so gradually that I’ve never stopped to think about all of the things it has replaced – when I started reading your post and all the “remember whens”, my first thought was “who doesn’t do those things?” – then I realized that I don’t do them myself anymore, either! It just all came in so seamlessly that I don’t even think about it!

  36. Wow, the internet has changed so many things. I remember if you wanted to buy something, it was either 1) you go to the store or 2) you had the option to send in a catalog order, through the mail. LOL Times, they have changed!

  37. Not just internet, but computers in general. I remember typing a 74-page report for my master’s thesis, on a TYPEWRITER!!

  38. Yes, I too remember the days of recording the radio onto a cassette! Haha..and re-recording over and over. Before that record players. Things have evolved so rapidly. I rarely ever go one day without the internet and if I do I’m thinking what is unchecked in my email LOL

  39. I do not read books as much because I spend too much time on the Internet. I admit that I am addicted to spending too much time on the computer. But I have to say that I have so much fun surfing the Internet. But I do listen to music, catch up with family and friends on Facebook. It is so much easier to me than sitting and talking on the phone. I do not like chatting on phones.

  40. OK, so right now the internet is putting a huge cramp in my life! I have had dial-up speed, at BEST, since last night and I am going nuts, I tell you, nuts. I guess maybe I should let go and turn it off for a while and meditate, but I was having a great IM conversation with my sister when the line “dropped” and I am so angry!!! Arrgh! If it weren’t for the internet I wouldn’t be so non-plussed.

  41. The internet has changed my life and the way I do things in so many ways. I really use it alot for shopping and I love reading news articles. I also get alot of coupons off the internet