Extend Your Spa Vacation By Taking Some Of It Home

Your time spent relaxing at vacation spas will eventually come to an end and you’ll have to head back to your normal routine. However, those good feelings of well-being and peace don’t have to end when your vacation does. There are several things that you can take home from the spa that will help you to maintain your feelings of calm serenity.

Take Home: Good Habits

Follow these five habits that you learned while enjoying your spa vacation:

  • Hydrate thoroughly. Most people don’t drink enough water. The advice from experts ranges from eight glasses of water to one gallon of water each day. Depending on your activity level and the type of medications you take, you may want to closely monitor the amount of water that you’re drinking.
  • Learn to relax and breathe deeply. Relaxing provides many health benefits and can be done in your own home, with or without the soothing candlelight.
  • Take time to read. There are many experts to back up the benefits of reading. Devote at least some of your down time to this brain exercising activity.
  • Skip large meals and fit in several smaller, lighter meals. If you have spent time at a wellness spa lately, then you may have access to some great recipes. Don’t undo the benefits of your spa days by delving into bad eating habits.
  • Learn how to treat yourself. Bringing home some of those feelings of indulgence can help you to recreate your feelings of renewal. Focus on activities that help you to fully relax or treat yourself to a well-deserved change of pace. Maintain the nutritional and emotional habits that you learned while at the spa.

Take Home: The Spa Atmosphere

You may not be able to take a spa vacation every week, but you can recreate the soothing feelings of comfort and pleasant sensation that you enjoyed while you were there. Use these items to create an at-home spa atmosphere.

  • Essential oils – Whether you infuse them into the air for their aroma or massage them into your skin, essential oils can boost your mood and will provide many other health benefits as well.
  • Candles – The flicker of the flame and the soothing scent of the candles can take you right back to your days of relaxation. Some spas may sell their own brand of candles, so that you can enjoy the scents that were so soothing when you were on vacation.
  • Spa Soaps, Scrubs, and Oils – Many spas today create their own lines of spa products. Some spas even give you the chance to pick your own lavender, sample the organic honey, or press your own essential oils. Taking those luxurious products home with you can help you feel like you’ve never really left the spa.
  •  Thick and Cozy Towels – Wrapping yourself up in a warm towel is the perfect end to a quiet soak. Provide yourself with a giant towel or a luxurious bathrobe for a good, after-soak snuggle.

Take Home: A Reservation

No spa experience is complete without the knowledge that you will be there again. The assurance that another luxurious vacation is in your future will help you to cope with the daily stresses and jobs that make up most of your life. Relax today and look forward to tomorrow.


Extend Your Spa Vacation By Taking Some Of It Home — 18 Comments

  1. All good ideas. Also, take the time to enjoy nature. Look for the beauty in small things, and revel in solitude when you can.

  2. thanks for the tips. i have tried to do some of these, but i find it difficult to keep it up long term.

  3. very valuable tips, i bet its wise to do some spa measures at home, atleast once in 2 weeks.

  4. When my husband’s back and neck hurt him from leaning over a workbench all day I take some river rocks that I got from a river of all places and drop them in hot water and let them heat up. Then, like the rock treatment at the spa I put the hot rocks on his spine. He swears by it and I’ve saved how much money?

  5. Great tips. About how much money do you think one would have to set aside to get something like this done at home?

  6. I’ve eating smaller meals (and more of them) since New Years and I can definitely tell a difference in my energy level. If I could just kick the diet cokes I’d been doing so much better.

  7. Great post! I have fibromyalgia and PCOS so I have alot of pain and sometimes massage is more harm than good, but I am so lucky because my husband has become quite the expert in gentle massage and he spoils me rotten 🙂

  8. I’ve been wanting to try the infusing method for oils to create a more relaxing environment! I think this is a great post to remind me to take time for myself and create a place so I can breathe and be calm for a short duration! Candles and music will also help with that!

  9. I like using Oils at home in my bubbles baths when It is cold outside and I also like using oils after the bubble bath to lock in moisture and I also feel like it is very therapeutic when I do.

  10. All great ideas – and I don’t even go to spas! Maybe a RMT every once in a while, but I find some of the “la la” stuff ridiculous – gold in your facial, anyone? Puleez!

  11. This is great advice. I think the first two tips are very important. most people do not drink enough water and most people do not breath properly either. Thank you for sharing this post.