Check & Monitor Your Credit For Free (Plus a $250 Giveaway)

My family is currently looking for a new place to rent and one of the requirements for applying is to have your credit checked. Credit checking also applies to anyone who’s looking to purchase a car, acquire a new credit card, apply for loans, and more. Not every loan company checks your credit, small loan businesses may not, like these Norwegian based small loan lenders Smålån og sms lån i Norge.

If you’re in that situation where you need to check your credit, don’t forget that CreditSesame is a free service that lets you check and monitor your credit score. Most credit services out there are paid services so you’ll definitely save with Credit Sesame!

Oh and you automatically get entered into a $250 Cash giveaway when you sign up for their service!


Check & Monitor Your Credit For Free (Plus a $250 Giveaway) — 24 Comments

  1. We are also in a prep phase to see if we can get a different car soon or maybe see if we can get to consolidate some things and get ready to help pay for a family wedding. The thing is, people often go in to check this just before the sale, the new move, etc…and the best thing is probably to do credit checks at least once a year to see where you stand. Then, you have time to fix any situations and get that number up to allow the new decision to actually come into being.

    Never heard of this one though! Thanks!

  2. This is so important to do. For free. Great, usually they charge you for trying to keep yourself safe.

  3. Thanks for showing me this site….I followed your lead, and I almost wish I hadn’t, but I guess i needed to know. Bad, bad bad.

  4. Free? I like free. I love that I can do this and not have to pay. It should be a law since everything these days seems held against your credit. I wish the scoring system was more consistant from one company to another though.

      • Isn’t it crazy? I mean, we have government in our back pockets for everything. Good grief, we have the NY Mayor saying what people can and cannot drink (sugary sodas) and trying to pass it as law, and yet we cannot get our government to stand up to the credit companies and make them come up with a standardized numbering system and make viewing your report more than once a year or when you get declined, FREE! Ugg, it just infuriates me!

  5. I check my credit report every 4 months. I feel it is very important to do this since it so easy for people to get and use your information.