Star-Spangled Banner At The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is definitely one of the most hyped up annual events.

And I think I’ve seen the highest level of excitement for the Super Bowl this year because the 49ers were in it. My husband even bought us all some 49ers apparel — and required us to wear it last Sunday! LOL

49ers Super Bowl

Hubby and Little One excited for the Super Bowl

So anyway, I like how the Super Bowl started.

Jennifer Hudson singing “America The Great” with the kids from Sandy Hook Elementary School was a great idea. It was heartwarming and I admit I got teary-eyed when the kids were singing. Since I don’t really watch football, the only things I actually pay attention to are the singing of the Star-Spangled Banner, the halftime performance, and of course, the commercials. There were some hits and misses in terms of the commercials (need I comment on the GoDaddy ad?), and the halftime performance of Beyonce was really good. I was excited to see her with Kelly and Michelle together onstage again.

But the singing of the Star-Spangled Banner at this year’s Super Bowl?

Well, I honestly think Alicia Keys did a great job — except maybe the last part. But as a whole, I think she was able to sing it soulfully well. Not a lot of people agree with me though. I just read a Yahoo Music article about how it was one of the worst renditions ever. Some people say it was too slow, that Alicia Keys made it her own to an extreme level. Some people say that celebrities should just sing it in the original way it was composed because it’s not the artist’s song. It’s America’s song. (You can check out the 19th century version of the melody “arranged by G. W. E. Friederich, the music is played as it would have been heard in 1854” by clicking here.) In case you were unable to hear her sing it, here’s a video of Alicia Keys singing the Star-Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl 2013. What are your thoughts on it? Should singers have the artistic freedom to express themselves and their talent when singing it? Or should they stick to how the composer intended it?


Star-Spangled Banner At The Super Bowl — 39 Comments

  1. I didn’t watch it on tv but I think she did a good job too. Society wants to criticize everything people do and the National Anthem is high on the list.

  2. I missed the whole first half of the superbowl and so I didn’t see it. I think I popped in right around the time that the semi blackout occured. The way the announcers were making such a fuss about it you would have thought that there was a bomb on the field. Can you say overkill?

  3. It was slow for my taste, but it’s far better than most of the renditions out there. I’d prefer it to be just plain left alone and sung as written. (Keep in mind that while F. Scott Key wrote the lyrics, it was actually a poem. It was later put to the music of God Save the King/Queen.)

    As for the brouhaha, I’ve read people complaining that it was disrepectful because she was sitting and didn’t have her hand over her heart. Um, hello! She’s playing a grand piano. Sure, she could have hunched over the keyboard, but then she wouldn’t have had the breath support to sing properly. And, oh, yeah, she wouldn’t have been able to have her hand over hear heart since playing the piano is a two handed activity.

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  4. People always are so critical of others. Alicia was picked so there you go. I myself dont watch football and I know others who just watch the commercials etc. Tho football is really big time for so many people – I say go for it if thats what you enjoy.

  5. i loved it i love Alicia Keys but i did not get to watch it i was sick and went to bed early

  6. I thought it sounded beautiful! Why are people so critical of someone else? The fact that she was chosen to sing speaks to itself. Most people like to complain about everything, and they are not happy without putting someone down.

  7. I think she sounded beautiful!!! I think people are upset on here because the Baltimore Ravens won the Superbowl!!!!! YEAH BUDDYYYYYY!!!!!

  8. I’ll take her rendition of the National Anthem over the half-time show that looked like a bunch of hookers. Kids do watch the Super Bowl too.

  9. I don’t watch football. I’m not a fan of hers musically. Basically, I have no idea what any of this is about.

  10. No, I did not care for the way she changed it all and tried a little to hard to make it her style. The Star Spandled Banner should be sang the way it was meant to be, not changed because the person singing it wants to change it. Same as some fantastic Christmas music, too many changes are not good for the song itself. Sorry Alicia.

  11. Sorry for your bad luck kids but the Baltimore Ravens won the Superbowl!!!!! You can take off those 49ers jerseys because WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!

  12. i love her voice and think she is an amazing singer. she did a good job, but i have heard her do better. i liked it.

  13. I didn’t like the way Alicia Keys sang it, too slow. Plus she shouldn’t have cut her hair.

  14. First of all, let me say how jealous I am that you all were gifted 49ers apparel by your husband. My oldest son has always been a Niners fan and I told him that this year, I would join his team (as I used to be a Brett Favre fan and he is now retired – so I was basically teamless); Anyhoo, I was on a “last minute” search for a Women’s 49ers t-shirt, but was unsuccessful (I blame their loss on this! LOL).
    Concerning the singing of the National Anthem, I agree that it should be sung as originally intended – but making it sound “less boring/with more sentiment” doesn’t hurt either – just don’t overdue it. 🙂

  15. I thought Alicia did beautifully. I don’t mind a little switching up as long as they don’t go crazy with it!

  16. I am NOT a football fan – I watch the very beginning and then the half-time (if I stay awake!). I wouldn’t cry if all the “brouhaha” as disposed of!

  17. I thought her voice sounded fantastic and she looked beautiful and classy as well. I mean, that’s a lot better than performers of past Super Bowls. It was a little slow, but I have NO qualms about that. My father and I always place bets against each other for all things Super Bowl. I had a feeling she’d take her time, so I WON! LOL!

  18. Alicia Keys sounded pretty decent to me. I when Whitney Houston sang the Star Spangled Banner she set the bar, and everyone else has been trying to sing as well as she did, but nobody will ever sing it as well as Whitney did.