Tech Tip: Create A Backup Of Your Important Files

I received a Seagate Backup Plus in order to share my thoughts with Bay Area Mommy readers.

I am one person who loves big storage whether physical or virtual. But for this post, I’ll be talking mainly about virtual storage. For some reason, I feel secure when my computer or gadget has a bigger memory. Maybe because I feel that the more storage I have, the more stuff I can do since I can download all the apps and games I want. But all that memory space can just go to waste if I don’t have a backup of my files. So it’s important to always have another copy of all your important files. Good thing there’s Seagate Backup Plus.

Seagate Backup Plus on Bay Area Mommy

I received the Seagate Backup Plus so I could facilitate a review. I was ecstatic when I saw that Seagate sent me 1 TB! I would have been happy with 500GB, but this is 1TB!!! Now I can save everything on this hard drive and have that security that no matter what happens to my computer or laptop, I still have a copy of my files, music, photos and videos.

Using the Seagate Backup Plus is actually very easy.

The setup instructs you step by step on how to register your product and go n with backing up your files. There is an option for sharing photos and videos on your social networking accounts as well as an option for backing up your photos FROM those social networking accounts.

I love that with this hard drive, you can opt to do your backups automatically where you can set the schedule or just do it manually. It’s also very light and handy so you can take it with you anywhere you need it.

Seagate Backup Plus on Bay Area Mommy

Although I used this initially on a MacBook Pro, I don’t have to worry about getting errors or needing to do another setup should I need to use the Backup Plus on a Windows computer. Nice huh!

It comes in black, red, silver and blue and you can choose the memory size — 500GB, 750GB, or 1TB — depending on your need. With a 2-year warranty included, this is one product you might want to check out.

BUY IT! Price for the Seagate Backup Plus starts at $109.99 (500GB) on the Seagate Website. You can also check for lower prices.


Tech Tip: Create A Backup Of Your Important Files — 39 Comments

  1. I love this! I unfortunately also had to get one, but I got amine a little to late. I wish I would have gotten it sooner to back up all my important things, that I can never get back since my computer crashed. My sons pictures are so valuable to me that I don’t know why i didn’t get this sooner. Great idea!!:)

  2. Our family could use this, we need bigger back up with as many people and files we are creating

  3. This sounds great. I never seem to have enough backup. Either that, or can’t figure out how to use it.

  4. With all the stuff we have on our computers now (books, music, games, as well as the important files and stuff to run all that), this is really important.

    Anyone who doesn’t think about this should talk to my IT computer-worker hubby who didn’t have a back-up of HIS computer that crashed in Dec. That’s right Mr. “I know computers & Know What I’m Doing” didn’t have a back-up since he had first installed everything on his laptop! He spent almost a full week trying to get the virus, or whatever, off his computer so he wouldn’t have to wipe everything. NOPE, he lost everything!
    We now have a separate Backup drive like pictured here, & he is talking about getting another one so we can each have one…

    They are worth it to be able to save everything & the stress if something were to happen to your computer!

  5. Wow! my hubby would love to have this one! 1TB ? This is really cool co’z you can save everything! I think I’ll buy one so that my hubby can save all his files, music, photos and videos. Thanks for the review 🙂
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  6. I would really benefit with a Seagate back-up – have so many things piling up – My computer crashed and I still didn’t get one and I haven’t learned my lesson yet

  7. I should get one one myself cause I am sure tired of loosing my stuff twice since I’ve had 2 computers go bad on me.

  8. I have several Seagate hard drives at work that I use for video editing, they have been very reliable.

  9. sounds like a good system, thanks for including the price..drives me bonkers when i read a review, really like something, go hunt it down and find its waaaayyyy out of my budget.

  10. I definitetly need one of these, I am constantly always running out of room on my laptop and have to delete thing and im constantly always having to back up my data since my laptop has issues lol

  11. i have a seagate and i love it, i store everything on it from pictures to music , to movies, my files , my bills n so on. love it Thanks @tisonlyme143

  12. These are great and definitely important to have. You don’t want to lose all of your music, photos, etc.

  13. Nice review, with all the talk about “the cloud” and online storage; physical drives don’t get enough attention. Audio files, video files, and pictures can take up quite a bit of space, I could definitely use another external drive.

  14. Very helpful review, I keep saying that I need to get a gadget to backup my stuff on, this helped me out so much, thanks

  15. This sounds like a great product, we all know how important it is to have your files backed up. Thank you for sharing this review.