Stonz Wear Bootie Review

Stonz Wear Bootie Review Stonz Wear Bootie Review

If you’ve read some of my previous reviews on some winter gear, or if you live in this area of the US, you know that it doesn’t really snow here in San Jose. For people here to experience snow, we’d have to drive a couple of hours to, say, Lake Tahoe, to experience a snowy winter. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get cold here.

Having a little boy in the house, I want to make sure that we’re able to keep him warm whenever we need to get out of the house. So I’m really glad I had the opportunity to receive and review a pair of booties for my little one from Stonz Wear.

My husband is my son’s fashion stylist. He always buys clothes and shoes including booties for my son so that they’d have matching outfits at church or at any event we need to attend. But he tells me one of his challenges was finding a pair of really warm booties for my son’s small feet.

He wants the booties to be longer than the usual ones ones you see in stores. Well, when he saw the Stonz booties I received, he liked them right away because of the fact that they’re longer (almost up to my son’s knees) and they’re adjustable. Stonz Wear Bootie review on Bay Area Mommy

Stonz has booties that have a lot of different designs for boys, girls and even booties that are appropriate for either gender.

The one I picked was the Race Car Black Booties which is very cute. Looking through the different designs, it’s actually hard to pick just one bootie that I’d like for my baby!

The booties are made of soft material so you wouldn’t have to worry about your child being uncomfortable in it.  My son really loved wearing the booties that he kept walking and running around in it.

But what I loved most about it is the fact that the booties are adjustable. There are 2 garters — one at the top of the foot and another at the opening of the booties. This way, I know that the booties can be used even when my son’s feet gets a bit bigger or I can use them even with really thick socks.

I say overall this booties is a great buy for your little one this winter!

BUY IT! These Stonz Wear booties are available for purchase for $39.99 at their Website and also on


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  1. These are adorable! Anything adjustable is great for little ones! I also love that I can buy whatever I find lately on Amazon! It is a trusted retailer for me and the customer service is so awesome! Thanks for letting us know about these adorable boots! I’m off to check out the girly ones!

  2. I just loves those boots, I used the same boots different style for my kids for winter when they couldn’t walk. Very warm, durable and easy to take on and off. Great quality.

  3. What a great idea! I often wished when my kids were smaller that we could find booties that were higher up to keep the snow out of their pants.

  4. if they have newborn then i might consider buying them because where i live its always freezing and this would help my baby but also in order to see some snow i will have to drive 2 hrs :/

  5. those boots look so comfy , love the pics and thanks for sharing it with all of us, 🙂

  6. What a great idea! Love that they come up so high! Can definitely use these in Illinois! lol, thanks for sharing

  7. These are perfect for snow and cold weather. I always have trouble keeping shoes on my little guy’s feet, but these look like they would stay put.

  8. Living here in the Northeast and having just received over 2 feet of snow showsme know how perfect these boots will be for New England winters. They cover up well and I’n sure are quality made for long use.

  9. For the price of $39.99 is good for childrens’ boots that are adjustable to grow with your child.

  10. So cute – I don’t think I could use them in Florida – although some days it does get chilly – but these are great for winter places and traveling to the cooler environment…

  11. These are so cute. I know a 2 year-old in the Northeast who STILL has snow in hs backyard that would love them!