Sandgrens Clogs Review

Sandgrens Clogs

Sandgrens Clogs Review

I had the opportunity to receive a pair of boots from Sandgrens Clogs for review as part of my 2012 Holiday Gift Guide. Here’s a snippet of what Sandgrens is:

Sangrens (formerly Ugglebo) is the Swedish Clog company that focuses on providing the most beautiful traditional Swedish clogs, high-fashion clogs, comfort shoes and clog boots in the footwear industry. Sandgrens always crafts footwear using the finest leathers, wooden bases, and metal hardware available throughout the world.

Each line is created to the highest standards of fashion and comfort, embodying the concepts of luxury, creativity, sophistication and exclusivity. We are creating exceptional wood clogs that are custom-made, timeless and unique and we are absolutely committed to doing so in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

To facilitate this review, I received the Seattle Boot in Wild Mushroom. The Seattle Boots isn’t like the typical boots you see in stores because these are handmade and they have thick wooden bases. It has 2.65-inch heels and the body is made of Horween Nubuc leather. Here’s a photo of me wearing the boots.

My main concern about these tall boot clogs is the circumference at the calves.

Again let me say that my calves are big. They’re not extra huge but they are pretty big in proportion to my body. Even when I was younger and thinner, people would always notice that I have big hips and calves. What more now that I’ve gained so much weight from my pregnancy almost 2 years ago, right?! So anyway, I was thrilled to see that the boot’s circumference was just right for my calves. Like if it was a half-inch smaller, my veins would have popped out. But these are great.

It looks perfect with skinny jeans because it gives you a casual but elegant look. I haven’t tried them on with a dress yet but I think it would also look great with casual dresses especially now that the temperature’s dropping really low.

Given that the base is made of thick wood, and the fact that I’ve worn clogs in the past that just hurt my feet, I was actually surprised that these weren’t uncomfortable at all. Though it may be a bit on the heavy side, it’s not such a problem. I think the boots were made in such a way that the body of the boots would “carry” the base. So even if I walked a lot in the mall, I didn’t feel like it was heavy at all.

The only thing about these boots is that it may become a bit difficult to put on because it doesn’t have any zippers or stretchable area. Since the foot area is a bit sturdier than the rest of the boot, some people might have a bit of a challenge especially if they have wide feet. But if you’re one who doesn’t have much of a problem with boots because of the foot and your calves are 14″ in circumference, then this is a great buy!

Overall, it’s an awesome product. It’s a bit pricey though at $269 and that’s a lot for most of us during these times. But if that’s not much of an issue for you, then go for it. It’s great to have footwear that’s unique, pretty and comfortable.

BUY IT! These boots are available for purchase at the Sandgrens Clogs website.

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Sandgrens Clogs Review — 10 Comments

  1. I love these, because they are a pull on that doesn’t look “western”…I already have several pairs of western boots, riding boots, dress boots, but nothing like these. Maybe I’ll save up for a pair…lol.. 🙂

  2. I so love clogs and need a couple of new pair. I love the Sandgrens Athens ones!

  3. I like the color and the lower heel on the boot. I never understood why a winter boot would have a high heel. Not too safe in the ice and snow.

  4. The boot’s cute. I would have a bit of a problem though. I own one pair of boots that don’t have a zipper, or laces. I never wear them because they are difficult to put on.