Rubiks Stack & Build Blocks Review

Rubiks Stack & Build Blocks

Rubiks Stack & Build Blocks Review

Build towers — and brains! — with this eye-catching block set. Rendered in Rubiks iconic colors, these 3-D shapes put a modern spin on the classic, creative playtime favorite. Made in Montessori forms to promote developmental size and shape understanding, they all pack neatly away into the clear storage box–but you’ll have to figure out which piece to put where in order to fit them all in!

Rubiks Stack & Build Blocks

I had the awesome opportunity to review a set of educational toy blocks from Rubiks. I was really glad that I was sent a toy that can help in my son’s brain development as he continues to explore and discover things around him.

I have mentioned quite a few times before that my mom is an educator. She’s now just training preschool teachers on how they should teach their students but her first love is actually teaching kids. The preschool had a specific schedule for “sensorial activities” and this was my favorite when I was a kid because all we had to do was play with toys. Little did I know that these toys were helping us learn about shapes, textures, sizes, colors, etc.

The Rubiks Stack & Build Blocks has 20 puzzle pieces of blocks in the box.

Some are rectangular, some triangular, and some are cubed. All these blocks can be stacked together in such a way that you form a big cube as seen in the photo above; or your child could just stack them all up as high as he/she can; or you can play with your child by creating a shape with the blocks and letting him/her copy what you just did; or your child can group together the ones that look alike in terms of shape or color. In short, there are countless possibilities on how your child can play with the Rubik’s Stack & Build Blocks. It just depends on what specific concept you want to focus on.

This toy is a great gift idea. Educational but not too expensive.

BUY IT! The Rubis Stack & Build Blocks is available for purchase at Toys R Us or

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Rubiks Stack & Build Blocks Review — 16 Comments

  1. I’ve been looking for some educational toys to add to the kids Christmas gifts. I especially like how they can be packed away into the storage container as opposed to having to dig them out of the toy box.

  2. Great review! I think I am going to order this for my Grandson for Christmas!
    Happy Holidays,

  3. This is the kind of toys that we MUST buy for our children. I am tired about typical “Barbie” dolls, Max Steal or any bellicose toys ! Really those toys are garbage 😛

  4. This is so cool..I love toys that make a child think but are also fun. I will be sharing this one..thank you

  5. These are a great idea for kids. I think it would even help with eye and hand coordination. Thank you so much for sharing this great gift idea