Fashion Angels Color Rox Hair Chox Review

Fashion Angels Color Rox Hair Chox Review

As part of my 2012 Holiday Gift Guide, I had the opportunity to receive the Fashion Angels Color Rox Hair Chox for review.  The Fashion Angels website describes this as follows:

Experiment with the haute trend of hair chalking with the new Color Rox Hair Chox kit. This kit includes 5 cool temporary hair “chox” colors in easy to grip holders so your hands don’t get messy. It’s easy to achieve an ultra-hip look that’s in all the fashion magazines at home: simply run the chox through your hair. Dye just the tips of your hair or create ultra-bold streaks. Don’t worry – the color will wash out with your next shampoo! There are also beads, hair rubber bands and a styling tool to help complete your  new hair ‘do. This kit includes 5 hair chalks, hair rubber bands, beads and styling tool for endless possibilities for yourself and your friends.

The Fashion Angels Color Rox Hair Chox is targeted to kids at least 8 years old and costs $11.99 on the website.

These days, lots of kids and tweens love experimenting with their looks. Actually, the same is true even for teens and adults. I remember before I got married, I would always be in front of the mirror trying out different hair styles.

I also got a perm once and had my hair colored quite a few times. I don’t suggest the same thing to younger women though. They say the earlier you expose your hair to harsh chemicals found in hair treatment solutions, the earlier your hair gets damaged. Some people even say that white hair would appear earlier.

Good thing there are alternatives now for people who don’t want to damage their hair. Extensions are very popular now and there are products for younger people such as the Fashion Angels Color Rox Hair Chox. I tested this product on my hair and this is how the pink chalk looks on black hair:

As you can see, the color is still visible even though my hair is really dark. I’m guessing the color would stand out even more for people with light-colored hair. I was also able to style my hair with beads using the beads included in the kit and the styling loop that helps you get your hair into the hole on the beads.

The instructions say that it would be easier for the color to stick to your hair if you dip the chalk in water. If you do this though, it might be a bit messier since the color will also stick to your fingers. Just remember to wash your hands after applying it.

The Fashion Angels Color Rox Hair Chox is a great gift idea if you’re planning to give gifts to any girl that likes to style their hair! And it’s very affordable too!

BUY IT! Fashion Angels Color Rox Hair Chox is available for purchase at the Fashion Angels website and on

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Fashion Angels Color Rox Hair Chox Review — 25 Comments

  1. Wow, that is pretty impressive how well it shows up on dark hair. My fair haired girls would think these are so fun!

  2. This is so cool. Im sure the girls will love doing their hair like this. A great gift for them for Christmas too. To have this done at the hair dressers is costly to have done. I like the fact that it wont damage their hair and be washed out later on.

  3. These look like they would be a lot of fun for my girls. I had been wondering how well they worked. Thanks for the review!

  4. My daughter would love this kit! We dyed her hair with Koolaid last summer and she loved it.

  5. I’ve never had had anything but a perm put in my hair. I’ve always wanted to try color and this looks like fun!!

  6. Wow this looks like so much fun. I know my daughter would love it! And I’m sure I would play with it too.

  7. What an awesome gift for my 13 year-old niece! She loves to play with her hair…

  8. I will be so happy when this fad totally dies out. People look silly with pink, blue, whatever, colored hair. Maybe at Halloween. Every day? No!