Build A Dream: A Playhouse Review

Build A Dream: A Playhouse Review

I had the opportunity to receive a playhouse, specifically the Imagine Wagon, from Build A Dream Playhouses. Here’s a quick description from the manufacturer:

Pile in for a wild ride when Build a Dream Playhouse’s™ Imagine Wagon™ rolls in your driveway. Cruise around your block selling tasty treats or take your friends camping around the world. It’s time you take a vacation with your imagination! Features include
– Spacious interior
– Rear entry double doors
– Fold down dashboard
– Side view cardboard mirrors
– Includes luggage rack, ice cream signs and light bar

The Imagine Wagon™ has 5 cardboard sections that are easily assembled, without adhesives or fasteners, to construct the final product. There are no tools or special skills needed for construction.

a playhouse review

It might interest you to know that there is a playhouse that’s actually environment-friendly.

These are made in the USA and are manufactured out of recycled materials. Both the product and the packaging 100% recyclable. So purchasing a playhouse from Build A Dream does not only benefit us here in the US (since labor is from here), it also benefits the environment because it’s recyclable.

I didn’t even see how it was packaged when it arrived here at our house because my husband got too excited that he decided to open it himself and start putting it all together. I just got surprised when I went to the living room and the Imagine Wagon was already there just waiting for some final assembly.

I would have loved to assemble a playhouse all by myself because I know I would have enjoyed the feeling of knowing which part goes where. My husband says it was quite a challenge to insert some of the tabs into the slots though. He thinks the tabs may be too wide for the slots. I think it may be because Build a Dream wants to make sure that the tabs don’t easily come off so I guess it’s not really much of a problem.

Playing in the Build a Dream Playhouse with my son was so much fun!

Sam couldn’t wait for his dad to finish what he’s doing. So even while my husband was doing the last few folding and inserting, Sam was already inside playing hide-and-seek with me. I like that the board used is very sturdy but not to the point that it would probably hurt my son in case he carelessly bumps into it while running.

Sometimes, Sam would play with the iPad inside the Imagine Wagon and since it’s very spacious inside, I could even fit in there so the two of us can have some fun bonding! If he only already knew how to color different parts, I’m sure he would enjoy the play house all the more!

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a playhouse review

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  1. Is it pretty durable? My toddler is rough & tough on stuff, just want to make sure it doesn’t come apart easily or tear..