Add Some Color To Your Kid’s Closet With Rainbow Monkey Hangers

Rainbow Monkey on Bay Area Mommy

Add some color to your child’s closet with these Rainbow Monkey Clothes Hangers! I personally like having the same color of hangers in my closet and my husband’s but these colorful hangers would be awesome for the closet of your child!

Rainbow Monkey Designer Children’s Clothes Hangers – Fun, functional, perfect for kids! Each set comes with 6 hangers, one of each color, plus a white hanger can be painted any color! When used, it appears as if the monkey is wearing your child’s shirt. The idea behind these hangers is to give a typically lifeless and ordinary product a long lasting bond and value with a child.

Isn’t it cute that you can actually stack these hangers together like in the photo above? So these aren’t only useful as hangers. You can also use them as decorations for their room.

However, these beautiful hangers will only be made available to the public if they get enough funding. Check out this Kickstarter project HERE and support them in any way you can!


Add Some Color To Your Kid’s Closet With Rainbow Monkey Hangers — 23 Comments

  1. I’ve always thought they should make prettier hangers! These are so adorable, and look so easy for kids to use! I’ll have to help spread the word about them! I hope they do indeed get enough funding!

  2. oh my gosh these are darling! My 4 y/o loves to hang up his clothes he would love these!

  3. they are cute, agreed but I wouldn’t spend the money on them. Now if they had matching pant hangers that would be a winner to me. Then you child could pick out his/her own outfit for the day and you would know that it matches. You know the Granimals theory. 🙂
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  4. omg this is soooo cute i love these , its so colorful and i know my daughter would love these

  5. i don’t even have any hangers for my kids, i just put everything in drawers, but now i want to get some! so cute

  6. These Monkey Hangers are really cute but my grandchildren have all outgrown them. I can see where it would be perfect for a young child though and fun.

  7. Those monkey hangers are beautiful….I do not have any small kids but they will be a great gift for nieces and nephews.

  8. These look so cute! Of course, knowing my girls, they would never be used for hangers… 🙂

  9. These hangers are sooo cute, they are definitely a must have for a child’s closet. Thank you for sharing this post.