What Does It Take to Create Effective eLearning

One thing that’s really on the rise these days is online education, or as others put it, e-learning. Since people seem to not have enough time to actually enroll in a real in-person class, more and more people are taking advantage of e-learning, working with someone like AJ Hoge so they can go at their own pace and attend their classes at the most convenient time for them.

And since there is an increase in demand for online classes, more and more organizations are offering these classes. Just do a simple google search for online class and you’ll get 1,510,000,000 results! But do you know how much time it takes to actually develop an online class? A LOT!

I used to work as a customer service and communications trainer at a call center. As a trainer, I know how much work and time is required to develop learning resources. There is a need for a project manager, instructional designer, multimedia designer, e-learnign developer and quality assurance.

Being in a similar field before, I have experienced being an instructional designer and a multimedia designer. But as you can see in the infographic below, that’s just half of it! Let me know what you think!

What Does It Take To Create Effective e-Learning - Infographic

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