Protecting My MacBook With A Functional & Stylish Case


Don’t you just hate it when you accidentally drop your phone, laptop or tablet? I’m sure the first thing you do is check for scratches and see if it’s still working fine — then breathe only after seeing that everything IS fine. I think that kind of reaction (or something similar to it) is just normal considering the amount of money we spent on these tech gadgets.

I had the opportunity to receive a Macbook case and an iPad case from Speck. Speck is one of the brands sold on the Apple website and in Apple stores. That’s actually how I first found out about them. I already own a Speck SeeThru Satin MacBook case but when I saw a friend’s MacBook Air in a Speck SeeThru MacBook case, I fell in love with it! So for this review, I chose Speck’s SeeThru MacBook case in Pool.

Speck Macbook Cases on Bay Area Mommy

It’s not too evident in the photo I took but it’s really a beautiful kind of light green. In case you wanted to see, here are photos of my MacBook with the Speck SeeThru Satin case in Aubergine:

Speck Macbook Cases on Bay Area Mommy

I also received Speck’s MagFolio for iPad 2 case.

It’s a slim-fitting case with a magnet closure. The cover folds into a viewing stand. It uses the sleep/wake function of the iPad 2 so by opening and closing the case, the iPad screen comes on and off. Here are some photos:

Speck iPad case

Overall, I am happy with my Speck cases. They protect my gadgets from my son’s curiosity (read: gadget throwing and dropping) and from accidental coffee or milk spills. Speck cases are great for those of you who have just bought or upgraded to an iPhone 5. Check out the many styles of Speck’s iPhone 5 cases! Just looking at them has gotten me excited for my phone upgrade in January!

BUY IT! Speck cases (phones, tablets and macbooks) are available for purchase at

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Protecting My MacBook With A Functional & Stylish Case — 19 Comments

  1. Great review – my dad is in need of an ipad case. I just might get him this for Christmas!

  2. Saving for an idevices really is hard. But you’ll think twice if you see the prices of their cases and sleeves!

  3. I did not know about this company. I am getting my grand daughter an iPad mini and from this blog, I could go to the site and see that they have some AWESOME covers. I am going to get the iGuy for iPad mini.

  4. I really like these. They would be nice for Christmas gifts this year. We need to protect our iPads and such from damage. It could happen accidentally because of a child or we can do it. This will surely help in that way . I like the aubergine one it is so great a color. Thanks for the review.

  5. I wish I had a mac book to use the see through case boy I love all the colors toooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One day maybe happy holidays

  6. The Speck products are great. I need a new, slim case for my new iPad Mini – I may order one from them.

  7. I’d love to have a protective case for my laptop, I already have a case for my phone. Thank you for sharing this post.