Radz Candy + Dispenser Review

Radz Candy + Dispenser

Radz Candy + Dispenser Review

Have you heard of Radz yet? It’s tagged as the world’€™s first interactive candy, toy, and online experience.  Radz collectable toy candy dispensers come with a package of great-tasting, gluten-free Radz candy, a backpack buddy clip, and free access to RadzWorld.com, the online portal where kids can play fun games, watch videos starring Radz characters, and submit fan art.

I love that the Radz is a 3-in-1 product. It has candy that isn’t too bad for kids. It’s a candy dispenser — I’ve always loved candy dispensers when I was a kid! And it’s a backpack clip too! I didn’t give my son much of the candy because, at 19 months old, I think he’s too young to be allowed to eat sweets a lot. So I ended up as the one that ate all the candy. LOL! It’s my first time to try anything that’s gluten-free — and you know how some comedy TV shows or movies say healthy food doesn’t taste good — so I was surprised that I liked it!

The candy comes in a small bag and you’d have to put them inside through a small opening at the back of the dispenser. When dispensing candy, you just need to push the “hair” of the Radz backwards and its tongue will pop out with 1 piece of the candy inside. Here’s a photo of the Radz when it’s closed and another one of it when dispensing the candy.

Radz Candy + Dispenser

What my son loves about the Radz is that, with candy inside, he can play with the dispenser like a shaker.

My son loves musical instruments and anything that produces noise music so you can just imagine his delight when he discovered he could play with the Radz and use it as a musical instrument.

These are awesome stocking stuffers for the holidays so be sure to check them out on Facebook and Pinterest!

BUY IT! Radz dispensers and candy refill packs are available at Burlington Coat Factory and Cracker Barrel and online at CandyFavorites.com and Amazon.com.

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Radz Candy + Dispenser Review — 13 Comments

  1. This is just a cool way to make products attractiv!
    never thought that there was something like this in the market.
    thanks for the review! =)

  2. Oh this is fun! My son would love this…actually any kid would! I have never seen this before! They have so many fun characters too. This would be a fun little gift for the holiday or birthday!

  3. My grandkids would love this. Sounds like fun for them even though they do not need alot of candy. Thank you for sharing

  4. What an adorable toy and candy dispenser, I wouldn’t mind have one for myself lol , just kidding , but I am sure the grandchildren would enjoy it.